Black Mother Creates Instagram Account Dedicated to Her Daughters’ Incredible Natural Hair Journeys

A New York mother has an Instagram account devoted to pictures of her daughter’s gorgeous natural hair, and we are loving it! She is a mother of one son and four daughters, all of whom are working their way to healthy hair.

njb7nyc 2

Here is one daughter, with tailbone length hair (when stretched).

And here is another — a toddler — well on her way to catching up with her sister above.

njb7nyc 1

The mother regularly posts their hairstyles and regimens on her page.  Here is a snapshot of how she cares for the older daughter’s hair:

Hair Routine: For those asking… For these particular braids because her hair is so thick, I blow dried her hair pictured here so that the braiding process could be easier on my hands. Please note that her hair was washed last week with the @inahsinaturals wash day line. So this is a transition from last weeks wash. The hair from last weeks wash day was not stretched and after washing , she just wore it out and then rocked simple large plaits until I was ready to style her hair yesterday. I sprayed Aphogee heat protectant on her hair and blow dried in sections. I applied the @inahsinaturals Island Breeze hair whip to her scalp and length for the cornrows.

njb7nyc 9

And here are some shots of the sister and toddler with matching hairdos.

njb7nyc 3

njb7nyc 11

njb7nyc 6

If you thought that was all, check out the third daughter in the following pictures.

njb7nyc 10

njb7nyc 13

How adorable!!

njb7nyc 14

You can find the family on Instagram: @njb7nyc!



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11 thoughts on “Black Mother Creates Instagram Account Dedicated to Her Daughters’ Incredible Natural Hair Journeys

    • Are you trying to be shady? If not, carry on. If so, cut out that passive aggressive bullshit. Their hair is BLOWDRIED in these pictures, so of course it’s going to look straighter. In fact, my 4c hair looks pretty similar to that after a good blow drying.

      The thing that pisses me off is, you couldn’t express yourself like a person with adequate communication skills. You could totally be upfront about your concern about type 4 naturals getting left out. But no, you have to be childish and petty about it. If you can’t even be upfront on the internet, which is the least confrontational form of communication, then how do you even handle real life?

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