A New York moth­er has an Insta­gram account devot­ed to pic­tures of her daughter’s gor­geous nat­u­ral hair, and we are lov­ing it! She is a moth­er of one son and four daugh­ters, all of whom are work­ing their way to healthy hair.

njb7nyc 2

Here is one daugh­ter, with tail­bone length hair (when stretched).

And here is anoth­er — a tod­dler — well on her way to catch­ing up with her sis­ter above.
njb7nyc 1

The moth­er reg­u­lar­ly posts their hair­styles and reg­i­mens on her page.  Here is a snap­shot of how she cares for the old­er daughter’s hair:

Hair Rou­tine: For those ask­ing… For the­se par­tic­u­lar braids because her hair is so thick, I blow dried her hair pic­tured here so that the braid­ing process could be eas­ier on my hands. Please note that her hair was washed last week with the @inahsinaturals wash day line. So this is a tran­si­tion from last weeks wash. The hair from last weeks wash day was not stretched and after wash­ing , she just wore it out and then rocked sim­ple large plaits until I was ready to style her hair yes­ter­day. I sprayed Aphogee heat pro­tec­tant on her hair and blow dried in sec­tions. I applied the @inahsinaturals Island Breeze hair whip to her scalp and length for the corn­rows.

njb7nyc 9

And here are some shots of the sis­ter and tod­dler with match­ing hair­dos.
njb7nyc 3
njb7nyc 11

njb7nyc 6

If you thought that was all, check out the third daugh­ter in the fol­low­ing pic­tures.
njb7nyc 10

njb7nyc 13

How adorable!!
njb7nyc 14

You can find the family on Instagram: @njb7nyc!


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This is so awe­some.

Youngin girl

That is some big hair she got. It’s beautiful??Good job to the mom.


Too sweet! I love that the Mom is teach­ing her daugh­ters to love and care fir their nat­u­ral hair.

Lindsay Greene

They all have won­der­ful­ly gor­geous hair, just amaz­ing!!


I love their insta page. The mom actu­al­ly cares to inform you on what she does with her daugh­ters hair in each cap­tion


beau­ti­ful shiny 2c hair …


Wrong answer. Nice try, but not even close. You need to study the hair chart again, for the cor­rect answer.

Mercy Iyere
Are you try­ing to be shady? If not, car­ry on. If so, cut out that pas­sive aggres­sive bull­shit. Their hair is BLOWDRIED in the­se pic­tures, so of course it’s going to look straighter. In fact, my 4c hair looks pret­ty sim­i­lar to that after a good blow dry­ing. The thing that piss­es me off is, you couldn’t express your­self like a per­son with ade­quate com­mu­ni­ca­tion skills. You could total­ly be upfront about your con­cern about type 4 nat­u­rals get­ting left out. But no, you have to be child­ish and pet­ty about it. If you can’t even be upfront on the… Read more »

#goals. Gor­geous

Khalilah KJ Curls

This new gen­er­a­tion of Black girls is beau­ti­ful!



A back­hand­ed com­pli­ment isn’t the best way to adver­tise your brand.

Purgatory Perhaps

Every gen­er­a­tion of Black girls is beau­ti­ful!