Some of you have probably thought your hair was so bomb while it was relaxed. You probably thought that there was no way that natural hair could look any healthier, grow any longer, or flatter your face any better than your relaxed hair. Until it did! Like some of you, these ladies were certainly surprised when they looked at side by side comparisons of their relaxed and natural hair. Not only did the physical look of their hair change, but the health of their hair drastically changed too. Take a look at 12 ladies who’s hair certainly glowed up!













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My hair grew faster when it was relaxed. I relaxed it every 10 weeks, deep conditioned every week with a deep conditioner that contains Keratin in it and wrapped it and never put any heat. If I wanted to curl it, I put rods in it. Relaxing is bad when you do not take care of it. People think that just because it’s relaxed, you don’t have to care for it like you do when you’re natural. That’s false. You probably have to care for it even more. I am currently natural and will be going back to relaxed because… Read more »
Hadi Waqar

Loved the pictures


To each there own and also just about every race has some type of relaxer but no pressure on them it seems.


True. I work with a lady who is Chinese and she gets some form of a relaxer as well. When I asked her about it, she said that it tamed her natural hair which I assumed was naturally straight. I personally didn’t see a difference but to each their own just like you said.


Yes and lets not forget the curly perm to add the curls if they like/choose without the pressure/judgment.

Queen LeLe

To me, shoulder length and collarbone length hair isn’t long. In my opinion, it’s medium length hair but people do define long hair in different ways. I feel like armpit length and past armpit length is long hair.

Queen LeLe

When I was relaxed, my hair never grew past my shoulders. Now Im 2 years and 8 months natural and my hair is armpit length and its still growing . I will flat iron in December of this year.

My scalp is much healthier now that my my hair is natural, but my hair has a harder time getting length. the hair is tighter so combing causes lots of breakage. not combing causes matting and knots which also leads to breakage. hair my texture has to be stretched most of the time to avoid that mess. stretching takes hours between twisting for a wash, untwisting for a blowout, pressing, flatironing ends and retwisting so the ends don’t knot up. who has hours to waste on hair, and for what? at the end of the day, it’s just hair. i’ve… Read more »

[…] Black Women are Comparing Their Relaxed Hair Health vs Their Natural Hair Health and It’s Eye Open… – You probably thought that there was no way that natural hair could look any healthier, grow … […]


Pictures don’t lie! In addition, I’ve always said there’s a “glow”, a certain kind of happiness you can see in the natural woman’s eyes and face that you just don’t see in the relaxed photos. Natural girls rock!


gorgeous natural hair…healthier looking and just plain ol healthier period.


natural hair has so much character

Sabrina black

It’s great. Love the pictures. More to share.


I remember the first time I dry-blowdried (no cream) my hair. It went down to my waist. Now when it gets blow dried it goes to my shoulders.


If you relax than your hairs texture is changed and natural curl pattern smooths out straight – hence its “relaxed”. Why else would their hair seem thinner? There’s plenty of healthy hair women who still relax.


Relaxers thin your hair out because of the overlapping at the line of demarcation. This also happens with other chemicals like hair bleach. Hair chemicals strip your hair of keratin also. So what happens is with the keratin stripped out and the overlapping where the virgin hair and chemically treated hair meet, eventually your hair will start to break. That’s why you see so many thinned, damaged haired blondes and relaxed heads.


that’s why it’s creamy crack. it twists your brain and makes you disillusioned and addicted.


everyone on here had long hair to begin with. if you had long hair when it was relaxed, it’s probably long in its natural state too.


this post is not about hair length. it’s about hair health. it even says so in the headline.


You weren’t pay attention. Plus most women who go from perm to natural do a big chop and grow their hair all over and go without doing a perm.

Queen LeLe

I had shoulder length hair when I was relaxed now Im natural and my hair is armpit length and still growing .


your hair was still pretty long to begin with.

Queen LeLe

I big chopped when I went natural. I literally started off my hair journey with less than inch of hair. I looked like a boy with my twa. That was in Febraury of 2014.


I also big chopped in feburary 2014 with less than an inch of hair and its armpit length now too. My relaxed hair was collarbone length.

I will NEVER EVER forget the first time I had my natural hair flatironed after 11 months of growth from a TWA. Until then I had NO CLUE how extreme my shrinkage was and nobody else did either because everyone in the salon was in shock along with me. (obviously this was long before the online natural hair community was a thing) The other thing that blew my mind was how soft and full my fiatironed hair was. My relaxed hair was limp and flat and wouldn’t hold a curl to save my life. Not that I needed any more… Read more »

Can we stop the natural vs relaxed? I love both and if you have a good regimen both natural and relaxed can lead to hair growth.


No one is saying the it doesn’t grow. But with natural, it’s fuller, has a lesser chance of breakage, a lot healthier. Stop trying to act like there isn’t any difference.

Truth Only

I was just about to comment the same thing. Natural hair can also look unhealthy and brittle etc if not properly taken care of, same as relaxed hair. Personally, my hair has looked awesome both relaxed and natural, you just have to do it right.


I was just saying this to myself yesterday. My hair never went past halfway down my neck when it was relaxed but I’ve been fully natural for only a year and my hair is collarbone length and healthier than it’s ever been. I have absolutely no regrets about going natural.


i wish i could say the same.


Me neither!

Queen LeLe

Mines never grew past my shoulders now Im 2 years and 8 months natural and it reaches my armpit .

Neil Patrick

very nice , i like that

Lovely Giiirl

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Was thinking of getting a keratin treatment or even a relaxer from being all around these judgmental people here in Madagascar.. We are a mix of Asian and African, and I believe that we all have astonishing features. However, the majority of girls here are so obsessed with maintaining bone straight hair to avoid “looking too african”. Sad but it’s actually happening. I live in the states, and I’m so thankful that curls are embraced because I can’t stand being shamed for them literally everywhere I go. In this country, curly/kinky hair is associated with “craziness” or “ugliness”. It really… Read more »

Beautiful hair! It’s a wonderful transition 🙂

Tiffany Nichole

LOVE! Thanks for the feature guys! Definitely don’t regret going natural!



Can I share this on my blog! Love this!