Some of you have prob­a­bly thought your hair was so bomb while it was relaxed. You prob­a­bly thought that there was no way that nat­ur­al hair could look any health­i­er, grow any longer, or flat­ter your face any bet­ter than your relaxed hair. Until it did! Like some of you, these ladies were cer­tain­ly sur­prised when they looked at side by side com­par­isons of their relaxed and nat­ur­al hair. Not only did the phys­i­cal look of their hair change, but the health of their hair dras­ti­cal­ly changed too. Take a look at 12 ladies who’s hair cer­tain­ly glowed up!













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To each there own and also just about every race has some type of relax­er but no pres­sure on them it seems.


True. I work with a lady who is Chi­nese and she gets some form of a relax­er as well. When I asked her about it, she said that it tamed her nat­ur­al hair which I assumed was nat­u­ral­ly straight. I per­son­al­ly didn’t see a dif­fer­ence but to each their own just like you said.


Yes and lets not for­get the curly perm to add the curls if they like/choose with­out the pressure/judgment.

Queen LeLe

To me, shoul­der length and col­lar­bone length hair isn’t long. In my opin­ion, it’s medi­um length hair but peo­ple do define long hair in dif­fer­ent ways. I feel like armpit length and past armpit length is long hair.

Queen LeLe

When I was relaxed, my hair nev­er grew past my shoul­ders. Now Im 2 years and 8 months nat­ur­al and my hair is armpit length and its still grow­ing . I will flat iron in Decem­ber of this year.

My scalp is much health­i­er now that my my hair is nat­ur­al, but my hair has a hard­er time get­ting length. the hair is tighter so comb­ing caus­es lots of break­age. not comb­ing caus­es mat­ting and knots which also leads to break­age. hair my tex­ture has to be stretched most of the time to avoid that mess.  stretch­ing takes hours between twist­ing for a wash, untwist­ing for a blowout, press­ing, flatiron­ing ends and retwist­ing so the ends don’t knot up. who has hours to waste on hair, and for what? at the end of the day, it’s just hair.  i’ve come to… Read more »

[…] Black Women are Com­par­ing Their Relaxed Hair Health vs Their Nat­ur­al Hair Health and It’s Eye Open… – You prob­a­bly thought that there was no way that nat­ur­al hair could look any health­i­er, grow … […]


Pic­tures don’t lie! In addi­tion, I’ve always said there’s a “glow”, a cer­tain kind of hap­pi­ness you can see in the nat­ur­al woman’s eyes and face that you just don’t see in the relaxed pho­tos. Nat­ur­al girls rock!


gor­geous nat­ur­al hair…healthier look­ing and just plain ol health­i­er peri­od.


nat­ur­al hair has so much char­ac­ter

Sabrina black

It’s great. Love the pic­tures. More to share.


I remem­ber the first time I dry-blow­dried (no cream) my hair. It went down to my waist. Now when it gets blow dried it goes to my shoul­ders.


If you relax than your hairs tex­ture is changed and nat­ur­al curl pat­tern smooths out straight — hence its “relaxed”. Why else would their hair seem thin­ner? There’s plen­ty of healthy hair women who still relax.


Relax­ers thin your hair out because of the over­lap­ping at the line of demar­ca­tion. This also hap­pens with oth­er chem­i­cals like hair bleach. Hair chem­i­cals strip your hair of ker­atin also. So what hap­pens is with the ker­atin stripped out and the over­lap­ping where the vir­gin hair and chem­i­cal­ly treat­ed hair meet, even­tu­al­ly your hair will start to break. That’s why you see so many thinned, dam­aged haired blondes and relaxed heads.


that’s why it’s creamy crack. it twists your brain and makes you dis­il­lu­sioned and addict­ed.


every­one on here had long hair to begin with. if you had long hair when it was relaxed, it’s prob­a­bly long in its nat­ur­al state too.

Queen LeLe

I had shoul­der length hair when I was relaxed now Im nat­ur­al and my hair is armpit length and still grow­ing .


your hair was still pret­ty long to begin with.

Queen LeLe

I big chopped when I went nat­ur­al. I lit­er­al­ly start­ed off my hair jour­ney with less than inch of hair. I looked like a boy with my twa. That was in Febrau­ry of 2014.


I also big chopped in febu­rary 2014 with less than an inch of hair and its armpit length now too. My relaxed hair was col­lar­bone length.


You weren’t pay atten­tion. Plus most women who go from perm to nat­ur­al do a big chop and grow their hair all over and go with­out doing a perm.


this post is not about hair length. it’s about hair health. it even says so in the head­line.

I will NEVER EVER for­get the first time I had my nat­ur­al hair flatironed after 11 months of growth from a TWA. Until then I had NO CLUE how extreme my shrink­age was and nobody else did either because every­one in the salon was in shock along with me. (obvi­ous­ly this was long before the online nat­ur­al hair com­mu­ni­ty was a thing) The oth­er thing that blew my mind was how soft and full my fiatironed hair was. My relaxed hair was limp and flat and wouldn’t hold a curl to save my life. Not that I need­ed any more rea­sons… Read more »

Can we stop the nat­ur­al vs relaxed? I love both and if you have a good reg­i­men both nat­ur­al and relaxed can lead to hair growth.

Truth Only

I was just about to com­ment the same thing. Nat­ur­al hair can also look unhealthy and brit­tle etc if not prop­er­ly tak­en care of, same as relaxed hair. Per­son­al­ly, my hair has looked awe­some both relaxed and nat­ur­al, you just have to do it right.


No one is say­ing the it doesn’t grow. But with nat­ur­al, it’s fuller, has a less­er chance of break­age, a lot health­i­er. Stop try­ing to act like there isn’t any dif­fer­ence.


I was just say­ing this to myself yes­ter­day. My hair nev­er went past halfway down my neck when it was relaxed but I’ve been ful­ly nat­ur­al for only a year and my hair is col­lar­bone length and health­i­er than it’s ever been. I have absolute­ly no regrets about going nat­ur­al.

Queen LeLe

Mines nev­er grew past my shoul­ders now Im 2 years and 8 months nat­ur­al and it reach­es my armpit .


Me nei­ther!


i wish i could say the same.

Neil Patrick

very nice , i like that

Lovely Giiirl

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Was think­ing of get­ting a ker­atin treat­ment or even a relax­er from being all around these judg­men­tal peo­ple here in Mada­gas­car.. We are a mix of Asian and African, and I believe that we all have aston­ish­ing fea­tures. How­ev­er, the major­i­ty of girls here are so obsessed with main­tain­ing bone straight hair to avoid “look­ing too african”. Sad but it’s actu­al­ly hap­pen­ing. I live in the states, and I’m so thank­ful that curls are embraced because I can’t stand being shamed for them lit­er­al­ly every­where I go. In this coun­try, curly/kinky hair is asso­ci­at­ed with “crazi­ness” or “ugli­ness”. It real­ly… Read more »

Beau­ti­ful hair! It’s a won­der­ful tran­si­tion :-)

Tiffany Nichole

LOVE! Thanks for the fea­ture guys! Def­i­nite­ly don’t regret going nat­ur­al!



Can I share this on my blog! Love this!