With Suicide Squad heralded as one of this summer’s biggest blockbusters in film, it’s no wonder fans of the DC Comics-based series have taken things up a notch by cosplaying their favorite characters. Although, the character of Harley Quinn is played by white actress, Margo Robbie, that doesn’t stop these 7 amazing black women from effortlessly cosplaying the character and slaying!
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Source: Kristiana Raca
Source: Kristiana Raca

Looking good ladies!

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Damn, these are amazing. Could you list their Cosmunity handles so we can follow their cosplay stuff on there?

Eyes Wide Shut

Loving the Harley Quinn cosplay by these beautiful sisters. I for one am a sucker for the classic Harley costume with the black and red diamond pattern. Not sure about myself rocking the LSD blue and pink raver look though….

Stephanie Lane

Harley Quinn is positively one of my most loved character from the late Suicide Squad motion picture, we should say that Margot Robbie has done an awesome work while depicting the character of Joker’s Love intrigue so consummately. I would love to see her and Joker solo motion picture. I am wanting to spruce up like Harley this Halloween, have done my practically shopping from Amazon store including wonderfully made Yes Sir sleeve arm jewelry see her puddin wrist band: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01JILN0VC


I thought the same thing when I watched the film.


That first girl is gorgeous!

Staci Elle

They all look stunning


I think it is all cool with cos playing but what is it about this character that black women want to copy? When white women such as movie stars dress up as black women; they get labeled racist or it becomes a big issue. If a white person says something about black women dressing up as a white woman; would you be defensive? I think there is a problem with double standard-ing.


That happens when white women are chosen to play people of color. WHITE WASHING & BLACK FACE (black face: someone white or of a lighter complexion is painted dark/black to play a REAL dark skinned person). When the character isn’t REAL the ‘race’ of the character is fluid. Hence, what you see here.

Nel Nel

no , many white women cosplay black characters and no one cares , look up yoruichi cosplays online or Casca cosplays

Chief Presiding Judge
Chief Presiding Judge


Chief Presiding Judge
Chief Presiding Judge
There is no “double standard”. You’re missing the point and also falsely equating cosplay with racist stuff like black face and yellow face. These women aren’t dressing up as a white woman, they’re just wearing the costume. If they smeared mayonnaise on their faces then they would be similar black face and/or yellow face. You’re also missing the context of black face having a long racist history in this country of being used to demonize and mock black people as well as Hollywood historically “white washing” many historical people of color to take their glory away. To compare this relatively… Read more »
Julie Yazawa
And if there was “enough” black characters for all black people be inspired by, everyone has the right to like and admire whatever character they want to, regardless of color, genre, sexuality, etc. If a black woman loves Harley’s character and want to cosplay as her, go ahead and be happy! If a white woman loves a black character, she should also go ahead and cosplay as her (whitout doing blackface or anything like that, obviously). As everyone (black, white, mixed, latino, etc) who cosplays anime characters, don’t need to be asians to do it (neither do an stereotypical/racist “make… Read more »
You’ve completely missed the point. Harley is obviously very popular right now due to the release of suicide squad and she’s hot in the movie so many women (not just black women) are trying to replicate her image, but it’s just for fun, nobody is ‘copying’. Dressing up as a comic book character of another race is not even anywhere near being an issue. Black people dress up as superman/ batman/ catwoman all the time and there is zero issue even though they are white characters. White celebrities dressing up as black women is a completely different issue. There are… Read more »
She was bad ass that’s why!!!!! These women are dressing up as the character, not dressing up as her race (white) and painting their faces white. Most times when other races dress up mimicking “blacks” they aren’t dressing up as a character but as the race itself. BIG DIFFERENCE! Also there aren’t many of those types of roles played by black women for other races of women to want to cosplay; the only ones I can think of is Storm of X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy and Avatar and the last two of those characters were painted blue and green… Read more »
Miranda Taylor-Scott

Wish they would cosplay many of the better characters out there.

Blow Pop

As fantastic as these all are (and they really are especially the last one which is my fav) I believe that you are missing out on one. Instagram: kayyybear who recently did ss harley as well.