With Sui­cide Squad her­ald­ed as one of this summer’s biggest block­busters in film, it’s no won­der fans of the DC Comics-based series have tak­en things up a notch by cos­play­ing their favorite char­ac­ters. Although, the char­ac­ter of Harley Quinn is played by white actress, Mar­go Rob­bie, that doesn’t stop the­se 7 amaz­ing black wom­en from effort­less­ly cos­play­ing the char­ac­ter and slay­ing!
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Source: Kristiana Raca
Source: Kris­tiana Raca

Vilã, Boa de lábia, Psi­co­pata e Sedu­tora. Par­ceira, Mul­her, Aman­te e apaixon­ada pelo Coringa. A sagaci­dade de Harley Quinn foi des­per­tada quan­do Quinzel se apaixo­nou per­di­da­mente pelo Coringa, se tor­nan­do a auda­ciosa Arle­quina, com­pan­heira fiel do Pal­haço mais tene­broso e insano que já exis­tiu. A vivên­cia da vilã é semel­hante a real­i­dade das minas dos bailes espal­ha­dos pelas noites de fluxo de São Paulo. Se o Coringa é loko, a Arle­quinaz é em dobro. O Coringa se acha esper­to, a Arle­quinaz é Sagaz. As Arle­quinaz dos fluxo entra na mente dos vilões, rouba a cena sem deixar vestí­gios e de que­bra deixa os Coringa em choque. Pro­dução Exec­u­ti­va e Direção de Arte: Renata Prado
Styl­ist + Make: Mai­wsi Ayana — By MAIA @maiwsi
Tranças: Pao­la Fer­reira
Fotografia: Luan Batis­ta — Estú­dio Urbano Photo/Design @_estudiourbano #Arle­quinaz #HarleyQuinn #Quinzel #Arle­quina­zL #Arle­quina #MadLove #Esquadrão­Sui­ci­da #SquadSui­cide #Sui­cideSquad­Premiere #Avoz­DasAr­le­quinas #McK­auan #OCoringaChegou #Coringa #ZL #Cidade­Ti­raden­tes #ZonaLeste #Are­volta­DosPal­haços #Funk #Ilove­Baile­Funk #Kauan­CoringaBrazil #Venen­oDe­Co­bra #Funk­TV

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Look­ing good ladies!

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Damn, the­se are amaz­ing. Could you list their Cos­mu­ni­ty han­dles so we can fol­low their cos­play stuff on there?

Eyes Wide Shut

Lov­ing the Harley Quinn cos­play by the­se beau­ti­ful sis­ters. I for one am a suck­er for the clas­sic Harley cos­tume with the black and red dia­mond pat­tern. Not sure about myself rock­ing the LSD blue and pink raver look though.…

Stephanie Lane

Harley Quinn is pos­i­tive­ly one of my most loved char­ac­ter from the late Sui­cide Squad motion pic­ture, we should say that Mar­got Rob­bie has done an awe­some work while depict­ing the char­ac­ter of Joker’s Love intrigue so con­sum­mate­ly. I would love to see her and Jok­er solo motion pic­ture. I am want­i­ng to spruce up like Harley this Hal­loween, have done my prac­ti­cal­ly shop­ping from Ama­zon store includ­ing won­der­ful­ly made Yes Sir sleeve arm jew­el­ry see her pud­din wrist band: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01JILN0VC


I thought the same thing when I watched the film.


That first girl is gor­geous!

Staci Elle

They all look stun­ning


I think it is all cool with cos play­ing but what is it about this char­ac­ter that black wom­en want to copy? When white wom­en such as movie stars dress up as black wom­en; they get labeled racist or it becomes a big issue. If a white per­son says some­thing about black wom­en dress­ing up as a white wom­an; would you be defen­sive? I think there is a prob­lem with dou­ble stan­dard-ing.

Nel Nel

no , many white wom­en cos­play black char­ac­ters and no one cares , look up yoruichi cos­plays online or Cas­ca cos­plays

Chief Presiding Judge
Chief Presiding Judge


Chief Presiding Judge
Chief Presiding Judge
There is no “dou­ble stan­dard”. You’re miss­ing the point and also false­ly equat­ing cos­play with racist stuff like black face and yel­low face. The­se wom­en aren’t dress­ing up as a white wom­an, they’re just wear­ing the cos­tume. If they smeared may­on­naise on their faces then they would be sim­i­lar black face and/or yel­low face. You’re also miss­ing the con­text of black face hav­ing a long racist his­to­ry in this coun­try of being used to demo­nize and mock black peo­ple as well as Hol­ly­wood his­tor­i­cal­ly “white wash­ing” many his­tor­i­cal peo­ple of col­or to take their glo­ry away. To com­pare this rel­a­tive­ly… Read more »
Julie Yazawa
And if there was “enough” black char­ac­ters for all black peo­ple be inspired by, every­one has the right to like and admire what­ev­er char­ac­ter they want to, regard­less of col­or, gen­re, sex­u­al­i­ty, etc. If a black wom­an loves Harley’s char­ac­ter and want to cos­play as her, go ahead and be hap­py! If a white wom­an loves a black char­ac­ter, she should also go ahead and cos­play as her (whitout doing black­face or any­thing like that, obvi­ous­ly). As every­one (black, white, mixed, lati­no, etc) who cos­plays ani­me char­ac­ters, don’t need to be asians to do it (nei­ther do an stereotypical/racist “make… Read more »
You’ve com­plete­ly missed the point. Harley is obvi­ous­ly very pop­u­lar right now due to the release of sui­cide squad and she’s hot in the movie so many wom­en (not just black wom­en) are try­ing to repli­cate her image, but it’s just for fun, nobody is ‘copy­ing’. Dress­ing up as a comic book char­ac­ter of anoth­er race is not even any­where near being an issue. Black peo­ple dress up as superman/ batman/ cat­wom­an all the time and there is zero issue even though they are white char­ac­ters. White celebri­ties dress­ing up as black wom­en is a com­plete­ly dif­fer­ent issue. There are… Read more »
She was bad ass that’s why!!!!! The­se wom­en are dress­ing up as the char­ac­ter, not dress­ing up as her race (white) and paint­ing their faces white. Most times when oth­er races dress up mim­ic­k­ing “blacks” they aren’t dress­ing up as a char­ac­ter but as the race itself. BIG DIFFERENCE! Also there aren’t many of those types of roles played by black wom­en for oth­er races of wom­en to want to cos­play; the only ones I can think of is Storm of X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy and Avatar and the last two of those char­ac­ters were paint­ed blue and green… Read more »
Miranda Taylor-Scott

Wish they would cos­play many of the bet­ter char­ac­ters out there.

Blow Pop

As fan­tas­tic as the­se all are (and they real­ly are espe­cial­ly the last one which is my fav) I believe that you are miss­ing out on one. Insta­gram: kayyy­bear who recent­ly did ss harley as well.