Lifestyle vlog­ger and nat­ur­al hair guru Taren Guy is known for her gor­geous larg­er than life curly mane. Her huge afro has been her sig­na­ture look through the years and she was one of the first nat­ur­al hair vlog­gers to become quite pop­u­lar on YouTube. Late­ly, Taren’s fol­low­ers haven’t seen much from her regard­ing her nat­ur­al hair. Her last hair tuto­r­i­al was months ago and she hasn’t been dis­cussing hair much on her social media accounts. On Mon­day we learned why.

Taren announced that she has offi­cial start­ed her jour­ney to free form locs. Free form locs are grown out organ­i­cal­ly with­out re-twist­ing or parts. Taren shared that she has been think­ing about loc­ing her hair for a very long time, but only recent­ly had the courage to pull the trig­ger.

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In a YouTube video, Taren explains that she decid­ed to loc her hair because her big curly afro was heav­i­ly asso­ci­at­ed with her image and who she is as a per­son. As a result, she became depen­dent on that image and felt as if she always had to wear her hair out in it’s per­fect shape. Even on days when all she want­ed to do was throw her hair in a bun, she pushed through those feel­ings and begrudg­ing­ly styled her sig­na­ture curls.

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Singer Cal­ma Car­mona is Taren Guy’s free form loc inspi­ra­tion. Pho­to:


After a while, Taren said she real­ized that she was using her hair a crutch and depend­ed on it for so many things, like finan­cial gain, self esteem, and how “present” she felt when she walked into a room. Her hair had become a tool to gain val­i­da­tion in oth­ers’ eyes. It was time for her to detach from her hair in a healthy way.

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Spir­i­tu­al­ly, Taren chose to loc her hair because she didn’t want to sim­ply cut it off. She want­ed to keep it because she believes that your hair is a reflec­tion of you and gives off ener­gy. She also believes that hair tells a sto­ry and by loc­ing her hair, she would be pay­ing homage to her old life while look­ing for­ward to growth and the future.

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Choos­ing the kind of locs she want­ed wasn’t easy. She spent a long time con­sid­er­ing which kind of loc, which loc tech­ni­cian, and which prod­ucts she would begin her jour­ney with. How­ev­er, half way through the process, she had what Oprah calls an “ah-ha” moment. She noticed that she was start­ing to fall back into her old habits regard­ing hair and even­tu­al­ly decid­ed that free form locs would suit her per­son­al­i­ty and spir­i­tu­al jour­ney much bet­ter. Thus Taren start­ed her own free form locs from a twist out. Because she want­ed her locs sep­a­rat­ed, less mat­ted, and hates parts, start­ing from a twist out was her best bet. Accord­ing to Taren, this deci­sion was her best yet and she’s excit­ed to con­tin­ue her jour­ney.

“I’ve nev­er felt this beau­ti­ful ever in my life and I actu­al­ly feel beau­ti­ful. It’s the ulti­mate free­dom for me. It just makes sense,” she said.

Check out the video below.

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I’m so hap­py that she’s shar­ing this very inti­mate trans­for­ma­tion with us


[…] gaps exist because we don’t change our­selves to con­form. One of my favorite nat­ur­al-hair gurus, Taren Guy, has recent­ly decid­ed to start free-form-lock­ing her icon­ic ’fro. She has been hon­est that not […]

Sabrina black

This is great. Love her locs. I’m so glad nat­ur­al hair is grow­ing in num­bers. I see it alot.




I fol­low her on fb and I love the look.