TODAY Show Beauty Expert Deepica Mutyala believes that any woman can style her hair for a quick summer updo in under a minute.  Mutyala attempted to prove her hypothesis by showcasing easy summer styles on women of different ethnicities and hair textures.

While I can’t say any of the styles were particularly impressive (the first model’s style was called “a rope twist”), the styling of the black model’s hair was no doubt the least impressive of the bunch. When asked about the seemingly intentional imperfect styling of the hair, Mutyala replied:

“It’s actually not that trendy to be perfect.”

The insane thing is the model actually had a cute style to start, only to have it horrifically ‘made over’. Take a look for yourself: 

Here’s the official video from The Today Show.

While we commend the TODAY show for their inclusivity in selecting the models for this segment, it’s clear Mutyala’s beauty expertise does not extend to the styling of black women’s hair.

What are your thoughts? Should we give Deepica Mutyala an A for effort or nah?

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72 Comments on "[Video] The TODAY Show Did THE WORST Hair Makeover EVER on a Black Woman"

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All I got to say is this………. SHE CANNOT DO HAIR TO SAVE HER DAMN LIFE!!! What the heck was that????!!!!

Jacqueline Perry

The young lady’s hair was just FINE, before the “stylist” got her hands in it. WHAT was she thinking??? I hope that young lady checked a mirror before she went out……bad enough it was on NATIONAL TV ! !


Hot mess!



MsNae Wrknonmines Perry
MsNae Wrknonmines Perry

Wow, I can’t believe she thought that style was acceptable lol…Can you say HOT MESS Smh


I give her a nah, and a ha ha! It was actually funny, and I think the model thought so too! I think she may have done better had the segment been allowed more time.


It’s as if she wasn’t even trying to make it look good. What happened to that piece on the side she left out? She clearly just gave up in the middle of it.


what the hell did she dooooo


WHY?? And she continues to smile…


What…the heck.

T. Thomas

That was painful to watch! OMG! She has no idea what she’s doing with natural hair…


If she can’t do all hair types, she doesn’t deserve to be called an “expert”. And her demonstration was far from expert worthy… The model’s hair looked better before she messed it up. Shame….


Yes her before look was so much better than the after.

Lori Titilayo Wellman
Lori Titilayo Wellman

that was SO horrid! i’d bet that when the sistah saw how that so-called stylist made her look like she lost her scarf in the cotton field, she wanted to (said like Jill Scott in “Why Did I Get Married”) whoop…dat…A**!!

Shaniqua L.

That would be “Or nah,” on the A for Effort question.


No. She gets no sprinkles. Either you know what you’re doing or you don’t.


Or nah lmao


She gets a nah from me. She is the reason my mom always told me growing up “you can’t let everybody play in your hair!”

Nikki Griffin

nah, she fucked that girl’s hair up if she claims she can do hair she should be able to do hair of all textures.

Ugonna Wosu

The model’s face was like “wtf is she DOING????”


I watched that show…..I remember her saying something about a side pony….I must have turned away because she F’d her hair up! OMG!




This was hilariously bad


It just got worse with every second! I know the woman in the chair was thinking “What the heck is happening?”. And then, when the “stylist” started tugging all roughly at the messy ponytail to make it tighter/fluffier (such a no-no in my opinion, very damaging if done regularaly).


Oooh, Deepica. You might need to turn in your beauty license. IF you have one.


lmao I can’t believe they did this lady like this. That “beauty expert” should be ashamed. That braid on the first girl was terrible. The second style was… as we can all see… an abomination. Idk what she was thinking, but that first hard pull after getting the girls natural hair in the pony tail… D33r L0rt, I knew it was gonna get worse.


I’d be pissed at hell she messed up my hair with that ugly updo. I don’t know any woman of color, black woman specifically who would go out in public with that do!! UG_ A_ LEE!!


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No A for effort – she needs to go learn how to style black hair before landing on a show doing a demo. Even if she was attempting a messy bun the least she could have done was catch the whole head of hair in a higher bun and pull out two ear tendrils….fluff up the bun and keep it moving. Instead she left her looking like she passed through a wind storm…hair all jacked up…smh