TODAY Show Beau­ty Expert Deep­i­ca Mutyala believes that any wom­an can style her hair for a quick sum­mer updo in under a min­ute.  Mutyala attempt­ed to prove her hypoth­e­sis by show­cas­ing easy sum­mer styles on wom­en of dif­fer­ent eth­nic­i­ties and hair tex­tures.

While I can’t say any of the styles were par­tic­u­lar­ly impres­sive (the first model’s style was called “a rope twist”), the styling of the black model’s hair was no doubt the least impres­sive of the bunch. When asked about the seem­ing­ly inten­tion­al imper­fect styling of the hair, Mutyala replied:

It’s actu­al­ly not that trendy to be per­fect.”

The insane thing is the mod­el actu­al­ly had a cute style to start, only to have it hor­rif­i­cal­ly ‘made over’. Take a look for your­self: 

Here’s the offi­cial video from The Today Show.

While we com­mend the TODAY show for their inclu­siv­i­ty in select­ing the mod­els for this seg­ment, it’s clear Mutyala’s beau­ty exper­tise does not extend to the styling of black women’s hair.

What are your thoughts? Should we give Deep­i­ca Mutyala an A for effort or nah?

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71 Comments on "[Video] The TODAY Show Did THE WORST Hair Makeover EVER on a Black Woman"

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Jaye Howard

Just watched that hair bru­tal­i­ty again… ABSOLUTELY AWFUL…


I don’t know who decid­ed that bed hair looks good. It doesn’t look casu­al, it looks a mess.


Yes thats right this is bod­i­ly harm. It’s bloody awful!

Janesha Doe

It’s a cute style if she’s about to go work­out or make a quick run to the gas station.…otherwise, no ma’am.

Tyler Hutchinson

Omg ??? the way she was yank­ing her hair


So this is why that Indi­an lady had all those black girls on her youtube chan­nel teach­ing her about black hair. She got bashed for this awful look­ing hair­style. I lit­er­al­ly laughed out loud when she was done. Like that poor wom­an.


She should not only be ashamed but she needs to apol­o­gize to that mod­el and to every­one that watched that show.. that was ter­ri­ble and she should nev­er be able to do hair as long as she lives..