TODAY Show Beauty Expert Deepica Mutyala believes that any woman can style her hair for a quick summer updo in under a minute.  Mutyala attempted to prove her hypothesis by showcasing easy summer styles on women of different ethnicities and hair textures.

While I can’t say any of the styles were particularly impressive (the first model’s style was called “a rope twist”), the styling of the black model’s hair was no doubt the least impressive of the bunch. When asked about the seemingly intentional imperfect styling of the hair, Mutyala replied:

“It’s actually not that trendy to be perfect.”

The insane thing is the model actually had a cute style to start, only to have it horrifically ‘made over’. Take a look for yourself: 

Here’s the official video from The Today Show.

While we commend the TODAY show for their inclusivity in selecting the models for this segment, it’s clear Mutyala’s beauty expertise does not extend to the styling of black women’s hair.

What are your thoughts? Should we give Deepica Mutyala an A for effort or nah?

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72 Comments on "[Video] The TODAY Show Did THE WORST Hair Makeover EVER on a Black Woman"

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That model smiled like a real champion lol! She deserves an award for those acting skills. I would have looked so annoyed.


She should not only be ashamed but she needs to apologize to that model and to everyone that watched that show.. that was terrible and she should never be able to do hair as long as she lives..


So this is why that Indian lady had all those black girls on her youtube channel teaching her about black hair. She got bashed for this awful looking hairstyle. I literally laughed out loud when she was done. Like that poor woman.

Tyler Hutchinson

Omg ??? the way she was yanking her hair

Janesha Doe

It’s a cute style if she’s about to go workout or make a quick run to the gas station….otherwise, no ma’am.


Yes thats right this is bodily harm. It’s bloody awful!


I don’t know who decided that bed hair looks good. It doesn’t look casual, it looks a mess.

Jaye Howard

Just watched that hair brutality again… ABSOLUTELY AWFUL…

Jaye Howard

That so-called “stylist” was WACK!!!! She NEVER should have attempted to style that woman’s hair if she didn’t know what she was doing… (as evidenced by the video tape!!!) #SitDown


I’m sorry but that natural hair do turned into a natural hair don’t. The models hair was great before the socall make over. It’s obvious she needs more skills working with natural hair.


The model took it like a champ but the “stylist” is clearly a hack!


I think maybe an ‘E’ for ‘effort’ lol she should be arrested for that ???

ticha st.fleur

Lol poor lil girl.she prbly reading thru the comments right now.if she acted a fool on national television everyone was gonna brand her as a crazy black woman but because she just laughed it off after that “stylist” tried to scalp her with her bare hands u wanna call her stupid.its a no win situation lol.


NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! She jacked homegirl’s hair UP!!! ?????


Lmao that was horrible

Linda Brown Smith

That hair do is a hair don’t. It looks downright stupid.

Marhya Martin

She can’t put a pony tail in the right way maybe if she didn’t have them nails on she would have done better she could’ve gave the Asian girl a bun in under 60seconds 2 braids for the black girl done a second twist in the white girls hair and put the tails in a ponytail with a bun and the hell with her own hair …. But she didn’t and should not have a license


This woman just wanted to get ‘face time’ on TV. Well she got it……..horrible stylist. She did a poor job on all of the models. But the black female has a really nice, cute style before this idiot started grabbing, tugging and just totally mangling her hairstyle. Next time maybe the producers on the ‘Today Show’ will properly research the ‘fake’ stylist they bring on the show. Embarrassing and disrespectful.


I felt bad for the model, with the way she kept pulling that part she put in the elastic band. I doubt that it was comfortable. The front part being pulled down sure didn’t work. Had she left the front how it was, it wouldn’t have been too bad. I don’t think she knew how to do textured, natural, hair. It’s a different animal than straight hair and trying to treat it like straight hair just doesn’t work.

Panther Charleston

OMG. I feel so bad for the stylist. But what super kills me is ain’t nothing about that stylist 60 seconds. Honey, she probably spent 60 minutes beating her own face. And, yes, all those styles were a mess. She probably would have been better off by twisting the brown sister’s hair and letting the white sister’s hair do the side-hang. And the Asian sister, she left all that scalp showing. Mercy me. If that’s talent, they need to book me next week.

S Michelle Brown

Indeed, all three hairstyles were a hot mess!!

Ugonna Wosu

According to the model, the stylist and her practised the style before and got it right. Unfortunately, they only gave a few segments to work on a TV segment. This led to a nervous, rushed, sloppy job. The stylist meant no harm.

April Smith

To be fair all of her hairstyles were terrible not just the one mentioned.


Wow wth was that.. thats a perfect reason why i DO NOT LET ANYONE TOUCH MY HAIR.


Smh.. Okay, so now that she fucked up my girl’s beautiful hair, a REAL hairstylist who SPEACIALIZES IN NATURAL HAIR needs to find that clown and school her on how to properly style it.

Mikelle Rogers

First off what is with black people letting other people touched there f****** hair! Then she just sat there looking dumb as f*** with a smile on her face. She look like she just rolled out of bed after tossin, turnin and sleeping on her hair all night….Thats just straight up disrepectful to bring her on national TV and do something like that. Was this black woman under the impression that she knew what the f*** she was doing!???


she probably HAD to smile –‘

Karma Houdini

This was actually embarassing to watch…and all of the models’ “hairstyles” looked crazy, she just messed the black woman’s up the worst. I’ve seen better twisted ponytails on my 8 year old neice after an hour on the playground.


if you can’t do it, stay in ya lane!


I watched this thinking it was going to be as bad or worse than that Buzzfeed makeovers video in which they truly jacked up the black girl’s hair. Honestly, it wasn’t. It was a 4-minute segment on national TV and after spending so much time gathering the back up into a puff, she missed a layer. Yes, I agree it was the worst of the three, and the Asian model’s hair wasn’t that much better. But to go from that to “she can’t do black women’s hair!” is a bit of a stretch IMO.