RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL - AUGUST 09: Gabrielle Douglas of the United States poses for photographs with her gold medal after the medal ceremony for the Artistic Gymnastics Women's Team on Day 4 of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games at the Rio Olympic Arena on August 9, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Photo by Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)
Gabrielle Dou­glas — August 9, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Pho­to by Lau­rence Griffiths/Getty Images)

The Sum­mer Olympics may be over, but the neg­a­tive com­ments about Gab­by Dou­glas’ edges still linger. (Just last week, we shared a video in which Car­di B, of Love & Hip Hop, defend­ed the gymnast’s hair.)
It is nor­mal for 4C hair to “bead up” in the pres­ence of sweat or mois­ture.  There is noth­ing ugly or wrong about one’s nat­u­ral­ly tex­tured hair­line. This post is for those who need a reminder that their edges ARE in fact per­fect­ly fine!

That good hair. — @chari_luv


Don’t you just love how our edges curl up!? I just let my hair be, don’t know why I ever strug­gled with “lay­ing em down!” - @cravingyellow


Let’s talk edges! … I have a genet­i­cal­ly indent­ed hair­line. No amount of Cas­tor Oil can make it change. I’ve learned to accept it and no, I don’t sleek down my baby hairs. .. It just depends on your genes! (I get mine from my mama!) — @cravingyellow

craving yellow 2

Because #black­girl­mag­ic #black­girl­srock #black­women #afro #nat­u­rals #bighair­dont­care — @iamabongwe



What’s not to love about our edges?


Empow­er­ing women of col­or to break bar­ri­ers. Cherish.Thy.Melanin.

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[…] Edge Gang (FEG).  I think I’m going to trade­mark that, we need a fan­cy hand sign or some­thing. These ladies are in FEG and rep­re­sent­ing #FEG­Na­tion. Mat­ter of fact this is my hair­line every time I approach with a brush, edge-con­trol […]


Thank you! I have always been a black girl com­fort­able with her nat­ur­al edges. I don’t use gel or edge wax. I’m com­fort­able with the tight curls God put there!

Queen LeLe

My mom has an obses­sion with laid edges. She has 4a hair like me except her hair is fin­er and wavier than mines. Every time I put my hair in a bun she tells me I need to brush it some more and lay down my edges. Although I like laid edges , my edges are beau­ti­ful even when its frizzy and curly.

Queen LeLe

I dont have 4c hair but this is beau­ti­ful. Kinky edges are beau­ti­ful and dont have to be “laid to the gods”. I just wished you show­cased black women with short 4c hair as well. All of these women have long hair and I know that kinky hair black women with long hair get a pass just because their hair is long.

bumper UK

I have nev­er under­stood the obses­sion that women have with ‘lay­ing their edges’. From the com­ments here, it is obvi­ous­ly a big thing in the States and many parts of the caribbean.


To each her own, but some­times I think laid edges can look contrived–just anoth­er case of want­i­ng our hair to be some­thing it’s not. Every one of those pic­tures is beau­ti­ful, glo­ri­ous nat­ur­al tex­ture!


Now i remem­ber why i unsub­si­dized smdh what about those of us who’s hair­line is nat­u­ral­ly that way WITHOUT GEL


Unsub­si­dized?? Seems like edges are the least of your prob­lems.


Oh and these ladies actu­al­ly have beau­ti­ful edge lines because they aren’t con­cerned about such destruc­tive prac­tices as “lay­ing” them.


Jesus Eff­ing Christ. This is such a face-palm moment. Noth­ing against these gor­geous ladies…their hair is to die for. But of all the things Gab­by is doing and accom­plish­ing (and sweating/working her @ss off for), do you real­ly think she gives a care about some freak­ing edges??? Of all the things to nit­pick, the black com­mu­ni­ty wants to focus on — and remain focused on — EDGES???? How the h3ll does this even blip on the impor­tance radar????

Sabrina black

It’s pret­ty. I love 4, 5, 6, and 7. Kinky hair is just as pret­ty. There’s noth­ing wrong.


i gen­er­al­ly hate the feel­ing and tex­ture of gel on my head/hair. it irri­tates me. i have nev­er liked that laid down edges look. just brush it.

Kim Patterson

Thank you, thank you, thank you for shar­ing this. No amount of eco-styler, edge wax or what­ev­er else will keep my baby hairs down, and see­ing this arti­cle actu­al­ly makes me hap­py that I’m not the only one with an untame­able hair­line and that it’s actu­al­ly okay!

Noelle Jefferson



My tex­ture refus­es to “lay down” for any length of time no mat­ter how many prod­ucts I use, Moth­er Nature is just not hav­ing it :)!


I nev­er lay my edges down

Deborah Watson

Thank you for this




Excel­lent! I get tired of “lay­ing down” the edges! We are the only race obessed with it. Turn down.(edges) for WHAT?!


YAAASSS! I’ve nev­er embraced laid edges. Per­son­al­ly, I like my hair­line the way it is and nev­er felt the need to manip­u­late it with gel and a brush. Respect the fuzzy halo!

Patricia Heath

this is great! it’s tak­ing it to the next lev­el of accep­tance of our nat­ur­al hair. wish it wasn’t such a long, slow, drawn out jour­ney, but any­way, baby steps.


Why can’t peo­ple just embrace both, why does it have one or the oth­er??


Not only embrace but cel­e­brate edges! :-)


Yeah, cel­e­brate all edges lol I’m not slick­ing mine down, they pret­ty much do that on their own smh. I don’t usu­al­ly com­ment on this site and they don’t have the hair icons any­more which I real­ly enjoyed, cel­e­brat­ing ALL tex­tures so it’s become a bit much for much, a lit­tle too divi­sive for me.


I’m one of those peo­ple that think “beedy­bees” are cute. I love the way the hair curls into such tight lit­tle balls. We are tru­ly men­tal­ly flucked to have a prob­lem with our nat­ur­al curl pat­tern. That’s all that is–little balls of curls. Real­ly sad we don’t love it.


I adore this post.

Milos Mom

Love this post. I have nat­ur­al hair and the last thing I want to do is “lay” my edges, I refuse to. 

And I wish more hair styl­ist (braiders etc) would take this into account and cre­ate styles that are not tor­tur­ous on ones edges.


I bet them same chicks talk­ing about her edges don’t even have any..


THANK YOU for this. I know what it’s like to lose edges and then grow them back. And when I do get beady-bees (usu­al­ly in the back left cor­ner of my nape and only when my hair’s a cer­tain length) I usu­al­ly brush or comb them out. But I’ll be DAMNED if I’m going to put on a table­spoon of gel and break out the baby tooth­brush in order to have 1b edges on a 4b puff. It’s just not. that. seri­ous.


“.…1b edges on a 4b puff”! Haha­ha­ha! Girl you SAID it!

Claudette UK

I love this! Our hair doesn’t want to be slicked down or con­trolled. Let it do what it does nat­u­ral­ly. Isn’t that one of the points of being nat­ur­al. Our hair isn’t unruly and shouldn’t be treat­ed like it. I hate see­ing women brush­ing down their hair and dis­cussing which gel is the best for ‘lay­ing’ their edges. Leave your edges alone!


There’s always some­thing to hate on/criticise when it comes to black women. Just get­ting ridicu­lous now … Edges!!! Smh