After suc­cess­ful­ly tran­si­tion­ing to nat­ur­al hair, and *final­ly* get­ting a sol­id rou­tine down, the last thing most of us want is some clue­less dude all up in our tress­es. And yet a few brave nat­u­rals have allowed their part­ners to par­tic­i­pate in one of the most involved curly hair care tasks — wash day.

As you can see from the videos below some do pret­ty well, oth­ers not so much. They are def­i­nite­ly cute to watch, but also impor­tant. Assum­ing these men have or are going to have chil­dren, learn­ing to man­age nat­ur­al hair is a task they can and should learn. Nat­ur­al hair care can be a fam­i­ly affair! Check it out…

Fam­i­ly vlog­gers The Brown-E Life… that down­ward water stream/shower head action is so impor­tant.


Bree and Steve… who cat­e­go­rized the expe­ri­ence as a ‘fail’


Beau­ty Vlog­ger Tree­topQueen31… she had to give her hus­band a quick les­son on detan­gling dur­ing the wash.


Nat­ur­al hair vlog­ger Lola let her “curi­ous” hus­band attempt wash day… he did a pret­ty good job with the detan­gling!


Lola also wrote about the expe­ri­ence on ForHar­ri­et;

“I had my hus­band wash my hair not too long ago. After that process, we shared an open­ness about my hair that we had not pre­vi­ous­ly had. He is bi-racial, and has curly, coily hair. Some of the com­ments he’s made about black woman and our hair over the years were “ques­tion­able.” He was nev­er cru­el and did not have mali­cious intent, but he per­pet­u­at­ed stereo­types ear­ly on in by refer­ring to his hair as “nap­py” when­ev­er it was frizzy or unruly. 

After wash­ing my hair, my husband’s tone when dis­cussing it or my reg­i­men has com­plete­ly changed. The ques­tions them­selves may be the same, but instead of frus­tra­tion or puz­zle­ment, which made me defen­sive at times, he is hon­est­ly inter­est­ed in what, exact­ly, I’m doing with my hair and what I’m putting in it. He even asks, “Do I need him to watch the baby so you can fin­ish?” (Yes!) His com­pas­sion has helped elim­i­nate the bar­ri­er that’s often present between Black men and women when it comes to accep­tance of our hair. When ques­tions like “are you leav­ing your hair like that?” became “babe I saw a cool pro­tec­tive style on tum­blr I think you would love,” (true sto­ry) It pro­duces hon­esty and dia­logue in a rela­tion­ship where every girl should be allowed to be tru­ly bare and at her best… 

I won’t say that he’s a YouTube hair guru now, but after wash­ing and styling my hair, my hus­band has com­plete­ly changed his tune. He under­stands more about tex­ture and takes his time fin­ger detan­gling our daughter’s hair with pride. For so long, not only have Black women not under­stood our hair, but nei­ther have Black men, and it’s time for that to change. In our house, the only good hair is healthy hair.”

Ladies, does your part­ner par­tic­i­pate in wash day?

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­liste, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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I’m glad husbands/boyfriends washed their hair. Open dia­logue about our hair with them is long over­due.

Sabrina black

Love it.


Shout out the the last hus­band who detan­gled before the wash LOL

Milos Mom

Errrrr.… When I had dread­lock yes because it is hard to mess that up. Now that I have non-mod­i­fied hair, NAY. There are way too many vari­ables. I cringe and pray when I go for my annu­al hair cut at a high-end salon. I sure as heck won’t let any­one else at my hair no mat­ter how much I love them.


Noth­ing more beau­ti­ful than these images. My ex use to do my hair and visa ver­sa.

Karen J

Nice to see my hus­band isn’t the only one. We’ve been mar­ried for 21 years and my hus­band wash­es, blow dries (when I was relaxed), mas­sages and, oils scalp for both myself and our girls’ hair.


So beau­ti­ful to see this lev­el of uni­ty in Black romance!?

Sabrina black

That’s great? I can’t wait to watch these videos. It’s worth a share.


Chile, the swirlers on this blog and on social media are NOT here for pos­i­tive images of black love. All black men are sup­posed to be trash, accord­ing to them. True hap­pi­ness is only with a white KANG. They won’t be here for this.


You need to get a life…

Ebony Allen

I know, right? These videos dis­pel the myth that all black men don’t hate black women.