When I first saw Nerissa Irving’s locs, my first question was, “Are these real?” With faux locs currently all the rage (Rihanna’s newest look is butt length faux locs), I had to wonder. But yes, these are the real deal! I also love how Irving tightly curls her locs, adding variety to her style.


Nerissa revealed she has been growing out her locs for 29 years in an interview with BGLH, trimming them consistently so they don’t touch the floor when she walks. Regarding hair care, she concentrates on what she eats and nourishing her locs from the inside out, in addition to products:

I always tell people the products you use are important but what you eat is more important. We tend to forget healthy hair also starts from your belly. I use coconut oil, castor oil, and tea tree oil on my scalp. I wash my hair with my own peppermint shampoo from . If I’m not going anywhere I keep my Locs in a stocking cap to prevent lint from getting in it. I also stay away from twisting/ palm rolling it too much. I believe your hair needs to just be free and wild sometimes and twisting too much will cause breakage. My Locs are freeformed.


Born to a Rastafarian mother in Jamaica, Irving considers her locs a form of freedom, love, natural, and rebels against society’s standard of beauty. As part of her display of beauty against societal beauty standards, Nerissa became the first loc’ed woman to be featured in Playboy. She describes the experience in a positive manner:

It was an amazing experience. I love the skin I’m in and I felt like Playboy gave me the opportunity to kick down that “Rasta girls or natural hair women” won’t get to certain levels. Plus I’m a nudist, so the photo shoot was just perfect for me LOL!  My Locs and skin tone shouldn’t take away my sensuality or sexuality. Black women are beautiful and sexy  in any hairstyle and body type.

For those wanting to grow out their locs, Nerissa has the following advice – “Don’t over think your loc journey. Let you hair live and grow the way it wants. You never know what story it may tell.” Absolutely beautiful! I often feel the same way about natural hair as a whole, listening to your hair and letting it be how it wants to be.

You can learn more about holistic living and Nerissa on her sites, and




Elle is the editor and creative director of the YouTube channel and blog, Quest for the Perfect Curl at Her channel focuses on natural hair, beauty, and fitness. She loves products that smell like dessert, yoga, and glitter. Follow her @qftpc.

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she is lovely, so are her locs


This woman is truly beautiful. I keep telling sisters that we look our best with our own natural hair. This woman to me is beyond stunning. We need to celebrate and embrace that which is unique to us above all other races of women.


Amazing beauty! (her hair is nice too)


Absolutely gorgeous!



Sabrina black

Stunning and fun?? Love it. Worth sharing.


Good for her, but I am so sick of seeing black woman naked in these modeling pix. It’s not a good look or artsy – it’s trashy. There is no reason to be posing naked and/or sexually suggestive.


It’s a play boy magazine and shes a nudist. Sexually suggestive comes with the package de.

Rebecca E

There is nothing wrong with nudity. What is trashy about a body? I am sick of seeing women being shamed for showing their bodies. In your opinion it might be trashy and not “artsy” but is is undeniable that the nude form is beautiful and very much a part of art. Just look at famous art pieces with naked bodies! If you don’t like it don’t look at it.


what a grown woman does with her body is her business. If you don’t like it, go look at something else. It’s very rude to call someone expressing themselves trashy.


Met her in-person once, her skin and hair is so perfect. Couldn’t help but feel mesmerized by her beauty ?


She looks like some kind of ethereal princess! Love it. But there’s no way her locs are freeform. She just doesn’t twist them as often as some others do.

Victoria Owl

Are there different forms of freeform locks? Can you start freeform locks with twist and then just let them be after the initial set of twist? Because I thought freeformed locks looked something like these: Instagram @freeandformed Instagram @mamayashi_designer and Laden Clark
comment image comment image comment image comment image



Marvellous Marv



Freeform locs don’t look like that.


I agree. Its twisted at the roots but still much respect for the length it is at and different styles. She looks effortless. Ladies like this deserve more promotion to show that it can be done and to give people positive inspiration. There is just not enough out here.