In a bid to show that we can be joy­ful despite our chal­lenges, many black wom­en have labeled them­selves ‘care­free black girls.’ We wear flow­er crowns and nose rings, we sport tat­toos and post pic­tures online of us frol­ick­ing on beach­es and in flow­ery fields. Some­times it seems that the care­free label is a way to push back again­st the ‘angry black wom­an’ nar­ra­tive that reigns in media and cul­ture. But, at its heart, being care­free involves not giv­ing a damn what oth­ers think. And that is Ser­e­na Williams in a nut­shell.


The ten­nis star is the lat­est cov­er girl for Fader Mag­a­zine, and in a video accom­pa­ni­ment to her inter­view she makes clear that she will show emo­tion as she pleas­es.

“Some­times you’ll see the tears, some­times you’ll see the anger, some­times you’ll see that but I nev­er feel like because I’m black I have to say ‘Don’t let them see me do that.’ I am who I am and I don’t apol­o­gize for my col­or, for my sex or for any­thing.”

This is sig­nif­i­cant because through­out her career Ser­e­na has been blast­ed for being too emo­tion­al and even unsports­man­like for her habit of express­ing vis­i­ble frus­tra­tion dur­ing dif­fi­cult games. Many have right­ly assumed that this cri­tique falls heav­ier on her because she is both black and a wom­an. It is good to know that she is unboth­ered by the opin­ions and will con­tin­ue to play ten­nis in a man­ner she sees fit.

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Spot on … but in terms of hair, she’s looks much more pret­ty with her hair nat­u­ral — imo.


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