A cou­ple days ago Clau­dia Jor­dan post­ed a pho­to of smil­ing black lit­tle girls of var­i­ous skin tones with the cap­tion

“Baby girls— you are beau­ti­ful in ALL shades. KNOW THiS as a FACT and NOT an opin­ion. ????????????”

Photo: Instagram.com/claudiajordan
Pho­to: Instagram.com/claudiajordan

But of course there were fans who tried to ‘All Lives Mat­ter’ the moment. So Jor­dan set the record straight.

Photo: Instagram.com/theshaderoom
Pho­to: Instagram.com/theshaderoom


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5 Comments on "Claudia Jordan Checks Fan Who Tried to ‘All Lives Matter’ Her Tribute to Black Girls"

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Pretty Nikki

The­se Are Days of Awakening.The one race on this plan­et that ben­e­fit­ed off of every race should be thank­ful no oth­er races feel as angry as they do about race. Because the pass evi­dent­ly haunts their off spring to even have the nerve to get upset for acknowl­edg­ing the beau­ty of your race it’s our birth right. Get Over African Amer­i­can lov­ing their stan­dard of Beau­ty!




That is the epit­o­me of white female enti­tle­ment. They can’t stand for the spot­light to go off them even for a sec­ond. If wom­en of oth­er races were fea­tured as much as them they would be his­to­ry and they know it, so they need to keep tabs on who tries to share the spot­light.

I just knew it had to be a white wom­an, the most inse­cure wom­an on the plan­et by far, despite the spot­light she’s in. Deep down white wom­en know they don’t deserve nor have earned that spot­light.

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Sabrina black