A couple days ago Claudia Jordan posted a photo of smiling black little girls of various skin tones with the caption

“Baby girls— you are beautiful in ALL shades. KNOW THiS as a FACT and NOT an opinion. ????????????”

Photo: Instagram.com/claudiajordan
Photo: Instagram.com/claudiajordan

But of course there were fans who tried to ‘All Lives Matter’ the moment. So Jordan set the record straight.

Photo: Instagram.com/theshaderoom
Photo: Instagram.com/theshaderoom


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5 Comments on "Claudia Jordan Checks Fan Who Tried to ‘All Lives Matter’ Her Tribute to Black Girls"

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Pretty Nikki

These Are Days of Awakening.The one race on this planet that benefited off of every race should be thankful no other races feel as angry as they do about race. Because the pass evidently haunts their off spring to even have the nerve to get upset for acknowledging the beauty of your race it’s our birth right. Get Over African American loving their standard of Beauty!




That is the epitome of white female entitlement. They can’t stand for the spotlight to go off them even for a second. If women of other races were featured as much as them they would be history and they know it, so they need to keep tabs on who tries to share the spotlight.

I just knew it had to be a white woman, the most insecure woman on the planet by far, despite the spotlight she’s in. Deep down white women know they don’t deserve nor have earned that spotlight.

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Sabrina black