Black beauty and lifestyle vlogger Jennifer Olaleye was targeted by two non-black women on Instagram after posting a stunning image. The two hateful women derided Jennifer, asserting that her confidence in her dark-skinned beauty was contrived.


Jennifer’s response was classy and succinct, clarifying that her confidence comes from her being a “child of God.”


She then asked her followers to report the women’s pages to Instagram so that other black women wouldn’t be subject to their nastiness. Hundreds of fans came out to show love for the beauty guru.



Sadly, Jennifer is right, this is the crazy world we live in — where non-black women can fake their skin color with terrible spray tans, yet hate a dark-skinned black woman for simply living in her own skin and being confident about her inner and outer beauty.

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41 Comments on "‘I Don’t Know Where Dark Skinned Girls are Getting This Confidence From’: Black Vlogger Receives Nasty Shade on IG"

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Those haters aren’t white they’re Indian or Pakistani. Never mind them. Most of them lack confidence and are deeply insecure and oppressed. They’re simply jealous of your confidence and can only dream of having that much confidence as you! X


White women are JEALOUS of us.


you don’t know where black people get their confidence from…. haha. white supremacy in a nutshell. ABEG SNOW BIRD! go peck on some wood elsewhere.

Elsavita Williams

The two b..s are East Indian (Indian/Paki). They bleach themselves to death. Have you ever watched a Bollywood Movie and seen dark skinned women in it? Oriental people also do the same…Bleach, bleach, bleach.


I think they are threatened by her confidence point blank. Insecure much, they rely on their looks being the ‘beauty standard’ to keep secure. #blackgirlmagic

Robin Peagler

Why do we care about what others think of us? As the expression goes, “what others think of me is none of my business”. In other words, the thing that one dislikes in another is a reflection of their own issue. #keepingit100

Boutique Rita
Then they should have kept their insecure and envious opinions off of Jennifer’s page. They were hoping to “put her in her place” and promote the idea that dark-skinned girls (not biracial, not very light-skinned) have no reason to be confident about their physical appearance. And I wonder why? Some of these white women today are shook that white men are boldly and openly showing “real” admiration (not fetishizing) of dark-skinned and other Black girls, and it carries over into many other areas. They feel threatened and just don’t know how to respond to the reality that the basis of… Read more »

You have got to be kidding me, these people need to STFD and STFU. You go, Jennifer Olaleye.

Carolina Sander

Confidence is a good thing. Let it be. That is great! Can I share this new fake ultraosund design from fakeababy. This is very funny. Best for gags as well.

Jay O

Not suprised and yet ppl say bw are jealous non blk wmn are watching us!


Wow?? So those broads actually had the audacity to question her confidence?? WOW?? HUGE BALLS THEY HAVE!!! Such haters!! People who tan needs to take a h0e sit down pill and stop hating on people of color who are attractive and don’t need them to co-sign!!!! Get a life!!! Both those beyotches are for-eva haters of the MELANIN they try to copy each time they put on make-up!!!!


That sentiment makes me think of why the next president was elected. We were too empowered, feeling ourselves too much, discovering our value too fast, and people could not handle it! A million girls are posting selfies daily and they come on HER page to disapprove. We can’t even exist without criticism and when we want to say Black Girls Rock, feelings get hurt. “What about me??!”

Then they want our strength!! ?

La Bandita

I agree. It was a strong need to put us back in our place. It was happening on an individual level as well.

Janet Holmes

The rage they must have felt when looking at just a stunningly beautiful BLACK DARK woman knowing all the nip, tuck,slice and dice along with the fake tan will never even come close to looking like her.


There is no need to try to bring someone down, with mean words, in order to feel good about yourself….smells like jealousy and low-self confidence! There is nothing wrong with being a beautiful, confident, black woman inside and outside.

Alive Kincholo

White women will repost the hell out of a chocolate black men pictures but hate the hell out of a beautiful black women. I dont know about the USA, but here in Europe,white women are jealous as fuck because they know African guys usually end up settling his life with an African women or they just know they basic af compare to an african women, either way.


Haha that’s right. Where are you from sis? I am Southern African, and you’re right, these white women are jealous as hell of black women. Even when they have black boyfriends, their men still check us African women out and that pisses them off!

Deep down white women know they are basic as hell.

Love it! 😀


Yes Sis I am Caribbean (living in the UK) and this white woman with an African man kept giving me dirty looks as the persian security guard was chatting me up. He was a good looking guy (mind you) but ever since their men have been hitting on black women hard (yes they do it to me a lot) they HATE it.

I don’t actually care to be honest let them seeth with jealousy as our melanin continues to bless us. Cheers to looking 20 at 40 ????

Riak Mary

This is dumbest thing ever those non black women said. What a bunch of worthless people. SO we’re supposed to be sad and depressed all the time or what??? I wanna slap the shit outta them.


This is like MAC lipstick jealousy

Lisa C. Jenkins

OK My Beautiful Black Women … Calm Down. Breathe. Relax. Chill. We don’t own any explanations to anyone concerning our confidence, beauty, intelligence, etc., and there’s nothing fake about it. Just be you and do you. Nobody can do that better than you. #BeEncouraged ?

Just Some Girl
When it comes to anything natural hair related, I have noticed your blog is usually quite high on Google. I used to come here quite a bit, had your site bookmarked, but eventually I unbookmarked you and stopped visiting. I did however end up here again today following a link, and see the reasons why I stopped visiting persist. Now please, hear me, but know that I mean no offense… Your blog is not a safe space for me as a black woman, and given the state of the world, I feel the need for safe spaces now more… Read more »
Good point. I stopped following some blogs because this very thing made their comments sections overrun by racists, but all the bloggers cared about was traffic, not their readers. So I started saying the racists can have them, and I didn’t go back. You can block now, but that still requires you to read the negative comments first, likely made by people who never visit the sites again, so you still have to take in a ton of negativity anyway. Plus, no one needs to hear how folks hate us everyday. It’s not demoralizing for me, but it is for… Read more »
ss (short & sweet)
Well said @Just Some Girl. We can’t verify the race, gender or identity of Alskis and Iamneen. How do we even know they were “white women”? What we do know is that this post spawned a lot of vitriol from BGLH readers against women of other colors. Why did it take something ugly to get JenniferOlaleye on here? She should be on BGLH for her wonderful IG, blog/vlog and accomplishments NOT because of mean spirited comments! I’m starting to get depressed reading this site. It used to be about “celebrating the dopeness of Black hair”, but now it’s showcasing “dopes”… Read more »
La Bandita

Once the site is sold to or owned by a White company Black women positive issues about Black women go down, down, down.

Cind me marie
Hey Just some girl, I posted a comment similar to yours a while back and basically stated the same thing you said. I made it known that I too use to visit this website faithfully, especially about my natural hair, but lately it’s been very negative. I feel like, instead of talking about something that’s going to empower me and uplift me, I have to be reminded (me as a dark skinned person) that my kind is still worthless and unworthy of respect and love. Very damaging to my self esteem at times. Besides, I can only image who ever… Read more »

Those Instagram accounts are fake, they we’re used to create trolled content to boost social media stories like this, to increase SEO rankings on key word searches such as racism.


Yet these women get their lips and butts pumped full of fillers while wearing “boxer braids”. I wonder if those pages were run by trolls. It wouldn’t surprise me if a black man was running them honestly.


Most of these women who are talking about us are jealous and wish they could be like us.


We have black males to thank for this. They gassed these non black females heads up and they feel threatened when they see we don’t need black male approval to be beautiful. I’m so tired of this.


This! ^


Don’t be tired sis. Do you. The best revenge is to be happy, stay healthy and love that melanin glow that keeps you looking youthful. And watch as they get bitter, skin cracking prematurely and their bile eating them up. I lap that s**t up.

Bridgette Route

Always have been and always will be jealous. Nothing new there.


The hate from White women is pure jealousy. It’s odd how all these people want a tan, from laying out, going to a tanning salon, to purchasing a tanning bed to use in the home, spray-on tans, tanning pills with Carotene, tanning oils, gels and lotions, to try to get my natural skin color. Confidence comes from within and women need to stop tearing down one another, just because someone feels good about themselves. Be proud to be YOU.


Let’s not forget the botoxed lips, the cheek implants and butt implants


Sadly , this day and age women are taught to tear each other apart.


Let me take my petty behind to IG and harass these heauxs!


Tried…couldn’t find their pages. SMH


She should have blocked them. She’s a gorgeous woman and doesn’t need to be challenged just because of her skin complexion.

Hella Hella

Those nonblack women look part black to me. Who cares if someone else finds themselves attractive or not??? Some people have way too much time on their hands.


What on earth? She was minding her own business and those two women decided to post that on her page? Let me get on Instagram and report them as well if their pages are still up.

I checked and of course they deleted their pages. Lol! Cowards.