‘I Don’t Know Where Dark Skinned Girls are Getting This Confidence From’: Black Vlogger Receives Nasty Shade on IG

Black beauty and lifestyle vlogger Jennifer Olaleye was targeted by two non-black women on Instagram after posting a stunning image. The two hateful women derided Jennifer, asserting that her confidence in her dark-skinned beauty was contrived.

Photo: Instagram.com/JenniferOlaleye

Photo: Instagram.com/JenniferOlaleye

Photo: Instagram.com/JenniferOlaleye

Photo: Instagram.com/JenniferOlaleye

Jennifer’s response was classy and succinct, clarifying that her confidence comes from her being a “child of God.”

Photo: Instagram.com/JenniferOlaleye

Photo: Instagram.com/JenniferOlaleye

She then asked her followers to report the women’s pages to Instagram so that other black women wouldn’t be subject to their nastiness. Hundreds of fans came out to show love for the beauty guru.



Sadly, Jennifer is right, this is the crazy world we live in — where non-black women can fake their skin color with terrible spray tans, yet hate a dark-skinned black woman for simply living in her own skin and being confident about her inner and outer beauty.


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40 thoughts on “‘I Don’t Know Where Dark Skinned Girls are Getting This Confidence From’: Black Vlogger Receives Nasty Shade on IG

  1. Confidence is a good thing. Let it be. That is great! Can I share this new fake ultraosund design from fakeababy. This is very funny. Best for gags as well.

  2. Why do we care about what others think of us? As the expression goes, “what others think of me is none of my business”. In other words, the thing that one dislikes in another is a reflection of their own issue. #keepingit100

    • Then they should have kept their insecure and envious opinions off of Jennifer’s page. They were hoping to “put her in her place” and promote the idea that dark-skinned girls (not biracial, not very light-skinned) have no reason to be confident about their physical appearance. And I wonder why?

      Some of these white women today are shook that white men are boldly and openly showing “real” admiration (not fetishizing) of dark-skinned and other Black girls, and it carries over into many other areas. They feel threatened and just don’t know how to respond to the reality that the basis of their “superiority” was never real!

  3. I think they are threatened by her confidence point blank. Insecure much, they rely on their looks being the ‘beauty standard’ to keep secure. #blackgirlmagic

  4. The two b..s are East Indian (Indian/Paki). They bleach themselves to death. Have you ever watched a Bollywood Movie and seen dark skinned women in it? Oriental people also do the same…Bleach, bleach, bleach.

  5. you don’t know where black people get their confidence from…. haha. white supremacy in a nutshell. ABEG SNOW BIRD! go peck on some wood elsewhere.

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