Black beau­ty and lifestyle vlog­ger Jen­nifer Olaleye was tar­get­ed by two non-black wom­en on Insta­gram after post­ing a stun­ning image. The two hate­ful wom­en derid­ed Jen­nifer, assert­ing that her con­fi­dence in her dark-skinned beau­ty was con­trived.


Jennifer’s respon­se was classy and suc­cinct, clar­i­fy­ing that her con­fi­dence comes from her being a “child of God.”


She then asked her fol­low­ers to report the women’s pages to Insta­gram so that oth­er black wom­en wouldn’t be sub­ject to their nas­ti­ness. Hun­dreds of fans came out to show love for the beau­ty guru.



Sad­ly, Jen­nifer is right, this is the crazy world we live in — where non-black wom­en can fake their skin col­or with ter­ri­ble spray tans, yet hate a dark-skinned black wom­an for sim­ply liv­ing in her own skin and being con­fi­dent about her inner and out­er beau­ty.

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White wom­en are JEALOUS of us.


you don’t know where black peo­ple get their con­fi­dence from.… haha. white suprema­cy in a nut­shell. ABEG SNOW BIRD! go peck on some wood else­where.

Elsavita Williams

The two b..s are East Indi­an (Indian/Paki). They bleach them­selves to death. Have you ever watched a Bol­ly­wood Movie and seen dark skinned wom­en in it? Ori­en­tal peo­ple also do the same…Bleach, bleach, bleach.


I think they are threat­ened by her con­fi­dence point blank. Inse­cure much, they rely on their looks being the ‘beau­ty stan­dard’ to keep secure. #black­girl­mag­ic

Robin Peagler

Why do we care about what oth­ers think of us? As the expres­sion goes, “what oth­ers think of me is none of my busi­ness”. In oth­er words, the thing that one dis­likes in anoth­er is a reflec­tion of their own issue. #keepin­git100

Boutique Rita
Then they should have kept their inse­cure and envi­ous opin­ions off of Jennifer’s page. They were hop­ing to “put her in her place” and pro­mote the idea that dark-skinned girls (not bira­cial, not very light-skinned) have no rea­son to be con­fi­dent about their phys­i­cal appear­ance. And I won­der why? Some of the­se white wom­en today are shook that white men are bold­ly and open­ly show­ing “real” admi­ra­tion (not fetishiz­ing) of dark-skinned and oth­er Black girls, and it car­ries over into many oth­er areas. They feel threat­ened and just don’t know how to respond to the real­i­ty that the basis of their… Read more »

You have got to be kid­ding me, the­se peo­ple need to STFD and STFU. You go, Jen­nifer Olaleye.

Carolina Sander

Con­fi­dence is a good thing. Let it be. That is great! Can I share this new fake ultra­o­sund design from fake­ababy. This is very fun­ny. Best for gags as well.

Jay O

Not suprised and yet ppl say bw are jeal­ous non blk wmn are watch­ing us!


Wow?? So those broads actu­al­ly had the audac­i­ty to ques­tion her con­fi­dence?? WOW?? HUGE BALLS THEY HAVE!!! Such haters!! Peo­ple who tan needs to take a h0e sit down pill and stop hat­ing on peo­ple of col­or who are attrac­tive and don’t need them to co-sign!!!! Get a life!!! Both those bey­otch­es are for-eva haters of the MELANIN they try to copy each time they put on make-up!!!!


That sen­ti­ment makes me think of why the next pres­i­dent was elect­ed. We were too empow­ered, feel­ing our­selves too much, dis­cov­er­ing our val­ue too fast, and peo­ple could not han­dle it! A mil­lion girls are post­ing self­ies dai­ly and they come on HER page to dis­ap­prove. We can’t even exist with­out crit­i­cism and when we want to say Black Girls Rock, feel­ings get hurt. “What about me??!” 

Then they want our strength!! ?

La Bandita

I agree. It was a strong need to put us back in our place. It was hap­pen­ing on an indi­vid­u­al lev­el as well.

Janet Holmes

The rage they must have felt when look­ing at just a stun­ning­ly beau­ti­ful BLACK DARK wom­an know­ing all the nip, tuck,slice and dice along with the fake tan will nev­er even come close to look­ing like her.


There is no need to try to bring some­one down, with mean words, in order to feel good about yourself.…smells like jeal­ousy and low-self con­fi­dence! There is noth­ing wrong with being a beau­ti­ful, con­fi­dent, black wom­an inside and out­side.

Alive Kincholo

White wom­en will repost the hell out of a choco­late black men pic­tures but hate the hell out of a beau­ti­ful black wom­en. I dont know about the USA, but here in Europe,white wom­en are jeal­ous as fuck because they know African guys usu­al­ly end up set­tling his life with an African wom­en or they just know they basic af com­pare to an african wom­en, either way.


Haha that’s right. Where are you from sis? I am South­ern African, and you’re right, the­se white wom­en are jeal­ous as hell of black wom­en. Even when they have black boyfriends, their men still check us African wom­en out and that piss­es them off!

Deep down white wom­en know they are basic as hell.

Love it! :D


Yes Sis I am Caribbean (liv­ing in the UK) and this white wom­an with an African man kept giv­ing me dirty looks as the per­sian secu­ri­ty guard was chat­ting me up. He was a good look­ing guy (mind you) but ever since their men have been hit­ting on black wom­en hard (yes they do it to me a lot) they HATE it. 

I don’t actu­al­ly care to be hon­est let them seeth with jeal­ousy as our melan­in con­tin­ues to bless us. Cheers to look­ing 20 at 40 ????

Riak Mary

This is dumb­est thing ever those non black wom­en said. What a bunch of worth­less peo­ple. SO we’re sup­posed to be sad and depressed all the time or what??? I wan­na slap the shit out­ta them.


This is like MAC lip­stick jeal­ousy

Lisa C. Jenkins

OK My Beau­ti­ful Black Wom­en … Calm Down. Breathe. Relax. Chill. We don’t own any expla­na­tions to any­one con­cern­ing our con­fi­dence, beau­ty, intel­li­gence, etc., and there’s noth­ing fake about it. Just be you and do you. Nobody can do that bet­ter than you. #BeEn­cour­aged ?

Just Some Girl
When it comes to any­thing nat­u­ral hair relat­ed, I have noticed your blog is usu­al­ly quite high on Google. I used to come here quite a bit, had your site book­marked, but even­tu­al­ly I unbook­marked you and stopped vis­it­ing. I did how­ev­er end up here again today fol­low­ing a link, and see the rea­sons why I stopped vis­it­ing per­sist. Now please, hear me, but know that I mean no offense… Your blog is not a safe space for me as a black wom­an, and given the state of the world, I feel the need for safe spaces now more… Read more »

Good point. I stopped fol­low­ing some blogs because this very thing made their com­ments sec­tions over­run by racists, but all the blog­gers cared about was traf­fic, not their read­ers. So I start­ed say­ing the racists can have them, and I didn’t go back. You can block now, but that still requires you to read the neg­a­tive com­ments first, like­ly made by peo­ple who nev­er vis­it the sites again, so you still have to take in a ton of neg­a­tiv­i­ty any­way. Plus, no one needs to hear how folks hate us every­day. It’s not demor­al­iz­ing for me, but it is for some.

ss (short & sweet)
Well said @Just Some Girl. We can’t ver­i­fy the race, gen­der or iden­ti­ty of Alskis and Iamneen. How do we even know they were “white wom­en”? What we do know is that this post spawned a lot of vit­ri­ol from BGLH read­ers again­st wom­en of oth­er col­ors. Why did it take some­thing ugly to get Jen­nif­er­O­laleye on here? She should be on BGLH for her won­der­ful IG, blog/vlog and accom­plish­ments NOT because of mean spirit­ed com­ments! I’m start­ing to get depressed read­ing this site. It used to be about “cel­e­brat­ing the dope­ness of Black hair”, but now it’s show­cas­ing “dopes”… Read more »
La Bandita

Once the site is sold to or owned by a White com­pa­ny Black wom­en pos­i­tive issues about Black wom­en go down, down, down.

Cind me marie
Hey Just some girl, I post­ed a com­ment sim­i­lar to yours a while back and basi­cal­ly stat­ed the same thing you said. I made it known that I too use to vis­it this web­site faith­ful­ly, espe­cial­ly about my nat­u­ral hair, but late­ly it’s been very neg­a­tive. I feel like, instead of talk­ing about some­thing that’s going to empow­er me and uplift me, I have to be remind­ed (me as a dark skinned per­son) that my kind is still worth­less and unwor­thy of respect and love. Very dam­ag­ing to my self esteem at times. Besides, I can only image who ever… Read more »

Those Insta­gram accounts are fake, they we’re used to cre­ate trolled con­tent to boost social media sto­ries like this, to increase SEO rank­ings on key word search­es such as racism.


Yet the­se wom­en get their lips and butts pumped full of fillers while wear­ing “box­er braids”. I won­der if those pages were run by trolls. It wouldn’t sur­prise me if a black man was run­ning them hon­est­ly.


Most of the­se wom­en who are talk­ing about us are jeal­ous and wish they could be like us.


We have black males to thank for this. They gassed the­se non black females heads up and they feel threat­ened when they see we don’t need black male approval to be beau­ti­ful. I’m so tired of this.


This! ^


Don’t be tired sis. Do you. The best revenge is to be hap­py, stay healthy and love that melan­in glow that keeps you look­ing youth­ful. And watch as they get bit­ter, skin crack­ing pre­ma­ture­ly and their bile eat­ing them up. I lap that s**t up.

Bridgette Route

Always have been and always will be jeal­ous. Noth­ing new there.


The hate from White wom­en is pure jeal­ousy. It’s odd how all the­se peo­ple want a tan, from lay­ing out, going to a tan­ning salon, to pur­chas­ing a tan­ning bed to use in the home, spray-on tans, tan­ning pills with Carotene, tan­ning oils, gels and lotions, to try to get my nat­u­ral skin col­or. Con­fi­dence comes from with­in and wom­en need to stop tear­ing down one anoth­er, just because some­one feels good about them­selves. Be proud to be YOU.


Let’s not for­get the botoxed lips, the cheek implants and butt implants


Sad­ly , this day and age wom­en are taught to tear each oth­er apart.


Let me take my pet­ty behind to IG and harass the­se heauxs!


Tried…couldn’t find their pages. SMH


She should have blocked them. She’s a gor­geous wom­an and doesn’t need to be chal­lenged just because of her skin com­plex­ion.

Hella Hella

Those non­black wom­en look part black to me. Who cares if some­one else finds them­selves attrac­tive or not??? Some peo­ple have way too much time on their hands.


What on earth? She was mind­ing her own busi­ness and those two wom­en decid­ed to post that on her page? Let me get on Insta­gram and report them as well if their pages are still up.

I checked and of course they delet­ed their pages. Lol! Cow­ards.