Why Do So Many Black Male Comedians Go Viral by Mocking and Imitating Black Women?

There is a class of black male comedians on Instagram who derive laughs from portraying black women. There is the popular Suzan, a crazy and extremely jealous Jamaican girlfriend played by PrinceMarni (627,000 followers). There is also the famous Titi, a sometimes insecure and argumentative black woman played by BlameItOnKway (2.3 million followers). While these and other Instagram comedians (e.g., QuitePerry, BillionaireMH) have some pretty funny skits, one has to wonder what it means that so many black male comedians have to mock and imitate black women to go viral.


PrinceMarni as Suzan. Source: https://www.instagram.com/princemarni/

Source: https://www.instagram.com/princemarni/

PrinceMarni as Suzan. Source: https://www.instagram.com/princemarni/

The stereotypes these comedians play on vary; the widely accepted image of “the angry black woman”… Our attitudes … Our jealous rants … Our hunger for drama. Laughs and social media fame often follow.

Blameitonkway at Titi.

Blameitonkway at Titi. Source: https://www.instagram.com/blameitonkway/

When you out with bae and you see his ex!

A video posted by BlameItOnKway (@blameitonkway) on

But why? It seems that both in mainstream and black culture, lampooning black women is a fast way to get laughs. While some of these skits are admittedly kind of funny, the overarching trend doesn’t have us laughing.  

What say you?



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92 thoughts on “Why Do So Many Black Male Comedians Go Viral by Mocking and Imitating Black Women?

  1. Well,
    This is true. While it can be funny, I have to admit, it gets repetitive, boring and bordering on scratching my nerves and I’m not even american. you’ve done well by calling the public’s attention. But we should show, in person, if we are hurt by this. It’s a stereotype. There are a lot of stereotypes out there. It can be simply solved by calling whoever out on it in person and destroying such expectations from your circle of people. There are different kinds of comedy out there. Let’s not nitpick this, but be strong about it and praise the positive sides of the ‘stereotypical’ black woman. It may make people laugh, but it garners unwanted admiration from the European-americans (white people) to the point of them wanting to be like us and appropriate our mannerisms in their comedy. Like the fact that we are go-getters, we persevere and are not easily fooled. We should find ways to capitalize on it and make it our strength in a good way. This is how we can reduce negative notions.

    This may garner attention, but at least it makes us aware, so we don’t accept some norm that prevents us from speaking out.

  2. I think it’s like an inside joke. I never felt offense by it and I never thought they were imitating real women, but just making bigger characterizations of the women in their lives. I think it’s a thing that is for us and by us and I’m more concerned when men and women of other races are doing this or making fun of us in other ways.

    • Thank you. So this article is basically saying that only certain comedy is acceptable and any creativity that falls outside of that is automatically “cooning and buffooning”. I’m sick of generalizations being placed over what a handful of people are doing, they need to worry about something more substantial.

          • None of the handful of people you speak of are doing anything original. Making fun of Black women have been going on for centuries and if you do your research you’d know that yes it’s cooning and buffooning – it’s NOT ORIGINAL. Stop using Black women as punching bags, that’s why there so much bullying going on at schools towards Black girls. You’ve normalized humiliation.

          • Simmer down. You sound as though you’ve been practicing to say that to someone for a while so I’m glad you finally got a chance to use your little paragraph. 1st of all, I don’t use myself as a punching bag. 2nd, it’s funny. 3rd, what research? I don’t need to do research to know that people are overreacting about these FB comedians. It’s not that serious, and I’m not going to be offended because someone else thinks I should. There are greater problems going on than being made fun of regardless of how long “black women have been punching bags” or whatever mess you are talking, like us being shot by police for no reason or the fact that we have a racist president in office. If you don’t find these guys funny, kick rocks and move on, aint nobody telling you to watch them. PRIORITIES

          • The fact that this had been going on for centuries is why individually you can’t see a pattern. If you would pick up a book you’re understand the degradation of the Black women is not a new thing, just a new generation doing the same old same old.

  3. No, a joke isn’t a joke. Constantly making mockery of black women using racist and sexist stereotypes isn’t funny. These are the same men who would be offended if a white man was imitating black men and mocking them by pretending to be gangsters, stupid (low IQ), illiterate etc. They would protest. But it’s ok to do so to women. Black women have to stop tolerating misogynoir just because it comes from black men (in the form of stereotyping and mocking black women in comedy, degrading them in music videos, propagating stereotypes about them etc)

  4. Why does every darn thing have to be gay related..really!!! Sure some of the skits are funny,I have known many a black female that would act they way they are portrayed…so let’s get some female comedians to make fun of the fellers.we all need to lighten up a bit..world is harsh enough..and really it’s just like playing the dozens…as long as the black men respect women in real life…who cares!!!

    • Umm… you’re delusional. They don’t respect Black women in real life. And when they find you attractive they sexually harass so much.

      • Why thanks..such an intelligent answer..I guess your circles are very limited,as of your view of black men…or different types of black women also…get out more.

        • OR you can learn to respect Black women and girls yourself and not become immune to the humiliation that has been going on for centuries. Self preservation is a thing.

  5. Wow what a coincident that I would come across this article when a little over a week ago I was cursed out by PatD Lucky after calling him out on his minstrel show. A couple of other people questioned his characters origin, however it was my bluntness that struck a nerve in him so much so that he blew up my inbox with screen shots of angry black women that were offended by me asking this white man/mixed___ why he mocks black women. His inbox fury didn’t end there. He began to gloat about the income he brings in by mocking black women and took pleasure over the assumption that my questioning his character was fueled by empty pockets. A burger flipper is what he calls it. It was an immature exchange of words but pretty much answers our question. Most of these comedians know that mocking or disrespecting black women is and always has been a lucrative business that is well received by the masses because we are the most disrespected and unprotected person in America.

    By the way, you don’t have to relate to a stereotype to be offended. Right now half of America is offended by Donald Trump’s stereotype of Blacks, Mex-icans and Mu-slims and some of you who are telling black women to chill are just as offended as the rest of America so why stifle black women for a concern we have within our own community.

  6. I think this goes beyond just black men. Putting them in dresses is a big part of mainstream entertainment. Try making a list of black male entertainers who HAVEN’T been in dresses and you will see how widespread it is.

  7. The skits are hilarious. There’s nothing wrong with it in and of itself – it’s nothing new and other races DO do this – both men and women dressing up as the opposite gender. I’ve seen skits with black women playing as stereotypical black men that are hilarious as well. HOWEVER, black men portraying black women gets way more attention than all the others. That could be because black people are just funnier and in my opinion tend to be the best entertainers and performers… but it could also be because people like seeing black men emasculating themselves and also like fixating on and making fun of black women. The fact that so many black male comedians are doing this is problematic. There are other ways to be funny, and as a comedian you have to take everything into account and know when things aren’t tasteful. As funny as the skits are, in the bigger context of things, now is not the time to be making those jokes, at least not on the internet. If I was with a bunch of my black friends hanging out at some kind of party or something and they played skits like that I wouldn’t mind, but this isn’t something that should be shared with people of other races at this point.

  8. if they are not calling us names used for garden tolls then they are mocking how we look and the things we do to make ourselves feel beautiful. Yet when we protest about the abuse we recive we are told to be quiet. These are the same males that will become the fathers of our children but yet have so little respect for us.

    • So why make them the father’s of your children?…..Black males are not the only men in this world and by Black women accepting this treatment it will not get better for the Black girls coming up…Black w o men CAN cut Black men off at the knees.

      • We don’t want to cut ALL black men at the knees some are excellent (mi marido). We want them ALL to act maturely and be respectful.

  9. Joanne the scammer mocks white women, specifically those who have just recently entered the world of suburbia… I guess to an extent she mocks black womend who’ve also just entered the “Caucasian life style” and try act likehow they see other suburban women.

  10. Black women are an easy target, hurt people hurt people. The men who dress up as black women, and make fun of us, they are only following a formula that they know will work. They see the greats doing it, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence, Tyler Perry etc., They see the success they received, so they try to follow in their footsteps. I’m tired of it, because it’s so stereotypical, and it contributes to the disrespect of Black women by other races.

  11. Black men need to start doing skits about their down low homosexual behavior, then let’s see them get unhinged in rage. Let sensitive things about them become a laughing stock and see how they like it. Lets see them polishing their guns ready to shoot another negro over Jordans and lets see if they tell black women its just comedy.
    Its all fun and games when they make fun of someone else. Better yet, let a white person start imitate negro males and see how they harping on and screaming about racism.

    Its stupid that black male misogyny still goes on where black women are the butt of jokes for profit. Its disgusting.

    Stop giving these black male attention. Do not buy their stuff and do not attend their pathetic concerts and definitely do not watch their low IQ videos. These pathetic so called men are literally biting the very hand that feeds them. SMH

  12. Well Black men got away with rap music calling Black women bitches and hoes and worse for decades now….with the silence and enabling, and support of Black women and men….and then there are legions of Black males on youtube doing the same and even worse than rap music to degrade Black women and again, everyone is silent…..sooooo….I just wonder what’s next?

  13. Everyone makes money or work from us. Madea movies. You tube bashing videos. Etc. I think we contribute by giving it attention. We need to ignore it all. Next time a trick daddy comment comes on, just keep it moving.

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