There is a class of black male come­di­ans on Insta­gram who derive laughs from por­tray­ing black wom­en. There is the pop­u­lar Suzan, a crazy and extreme­ly jeal­ous Jamaican girl­friend played by Prince­Marni (627,000 fol­low­ers). There is also the famous Titi, a some­times inse­cure and argu­men­ta­tive black wom­an played by BlameItOnKway (2.3 mil­lion fol­low­ers). While the­se and oth­er Insta­gram come­di­ans (e.g., Quite­Per­ry, Bil­lion­aireMH) have some pret­ty fun­ny skits, one has to won­der what it means that so many black male come­di­ans have to mock and imi­tate black wom­en to go viral.

Prince­Marni as Suzan. Source:

Prince­Marni as Suzan. Source:

The stereo­types the­se come­di­ans play on vary; the wide­ly accept­ed image of “the angry black wom­an”… Our atti­tudes … Our jeal­ous rants … Our hunger for dra­ma. Laughs and social media fame often fol­low.
Blameitonkway at Titi.
Blameitonkway at Titi. Source:

When you out with bae and you see his ex!

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But why? It seems that both in main­stream and black cul­ture, lam­poon­ing black wom­en is a fast way to get laughs. While some of the­se skits are admit­ted­ly kind of fun­ny, the over­ar­ch­ing trend doesn’t have us laugh­ing.  

What say you?


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Well, This is true. While it can be fun­ny, I have to admit, it gets repet­i­tive, bor­ing and bor­der­ing on scratch­ing my nerves and I’m not even amer­i­can. you’ve done well by call­ing the public’s atten­tion. But we should show, in per­son, if we are hurt by this. It’s a stereo­type. There are a lot of stereo­types out there. It can be sim­ply solved by call­ing who­ev­er out on it in per­son and destroy­ing such expec­ta­tions from your cir­cle of peo­ple. There are dif­fer­ent kinds of com­e­dy out there. Let’s not nit­pick this, but be strong about it and praise… Read more »

I think it’s like an inside joke. I nev­er felt offense by it and I nev­er thought they were imi­tat­ing real wom­en, but just mak­ing big­ger char­ac­ter­i­za­tions of the wom­en in their lives. I think it’s a thing that is for us and by us and I’m more con­cerned when men and wom­en of oth­er races are doing this or mak­ing fun of us in oth­er ways.


Thank you. So this arti­cle is basi­cal­ly say­ing that only cer­tain com­e­dy is accept­able and any cre­ativ­i­ty that falls out­side of that is auto­mat­i­cal­ly “coon­ing and buf­foon­ing”. I’m sick of gen­er­al­iza­tions being placed over what a hand­ful of peo­ple are doing, they need to wor­ry about some­thing more sub­stan­tial.

La Bandita

Mak­ing fun of Black wom­en is orginal?


What are you talk­ing about?

La Bandita

None of the hand­ful of peo­ple you speak of are doing any­thing orig­i­nal. Mak­ing fun of Black wom­en have been going on for cen­turies and if you do your research you’d know that yes it’s coon­ing and buf­foon­ing — it’s NOT ORIGINAL. Stop using Black wom­en as punch­ing bags, that’s why there so much bul­ly­ing going on at schools towards Black girls. You’ve nor­mal­ized humil­i­a­tion.

Sim­mer down. You sound as though you’ve been prac­tic­ing to say that to some­one for a while so I’m glad you final­ly got a chance to use your lit­tle para­graph. 1st of all, I don’t use myself as a punch­ing bag. 2nd, it’s fun­ny. 3rd, what research? I don’t need to do research to know that peo­ple are over­re­act­ing about the­se FB come­di­ans. It’s not that seri­ous, and I’m not going to be offend­ed because some­one else thinks I should. There are greater prob­lems going on than being made fun of regard­less of how long “black wom­en have been punch­ing… Read more »
La Bandita

The fact that this had been going on for cen­turies is why indi­vid­u­al­ly you can’t see a pat­tern. If you would pick up a book you’re under­stand the degra­da­tion of the Black wom­en is not a new thing, just a new gen­er­a­tion doing the same old same old.


No, a joke isn’t a joke. Con­stant­ly mak­ing mock­ery of black wom­en using racist and sex­ist stereo­types isn’t fun­ny. The­se are the same men who would be offend­ed if a white man was imi­tat­ing black men and mock­ing them by pre­tend­ing to be gang­sters, stu­pid (low IQ), illit­er­ate etc. They would protest. But it’s ok to do so to wom­en. Black wom­en have to stop tol­er­at­ing misog­y­noir just because it comes from black men (in the form of stereo­typ­ing and mock­ing black wom­en in com­e­dy, degrad­ing them in music videos, prop­a­gat­ing stereo­types about them etc)

Gabrielle Linton

Why does every darn thing have to be gay related..really!!! Sure some of the skits are funny,I have known many a black female that would act they way they are portrayed…so let’s get some female come­di­ans to make fun of the fellers.we all need to light­en up a is harsh enough..and real­ly it’s just like play­ing the dozens…as long as the black men respect wom­en in real life…who cares!!!

La Bandita

Umm… you’re delu­sion­al. They don’t respect Black wom­en in real life. And when they find you attrac­tive they sex­u­al­ly harass so much.

Gabrielle Linton

Why thanks..such an intel­li­gent answer..I guess your cir­cles are very limited,as of your view of black men…or dif­fer­ent types of black wom­en also…get out more.

La Bandita

OR you can learn to respect Black wom­en and girls your­self and not become immune to the humil­i­a­tion that has been going on for cen­turies. Self preser­va­tion is a thing.

Wow what a coin­ci­dent that I would come across this arti­cle when a lit­tle over a week ago I was cursed out by PatD Lucky after call­ing him out on his min­strel show. A cou­ple of oth­er peo­ple ques­tioned his char­ac­ters orig­in, how­ev­er it was my blunt­ness that struck a nerve in him so much so that he blew up my inbox with screen shots of angry black wom­en that were offend­ed by me ask­ing this white man/mixed___ why he mocks black wom­en. His inbox fury didn’t end there. He began to gloat about the income he brings in by… Read more »

I think this goes beyond just black men. Putting them in dress­es is a big part of main­stream enter­tain­ment. Try mak­ing a list of black male enter­tain­ers who HAVEN’T been in dress­es and you will see how wide­spread it is.

Princerella Boutdatcheque
Princerella Boutdatcheque

joan­ne the scam­mer is sup­posed to be a white wom­an cracked out. she says it all the time.

justtwo post
The skits are hilar­i­ous. There’s noth­ing wrong with it in and of itself — it’s noth­ing new and oth­er races DO do this — both men and wom­en dress­ing up as the oppo­site gen­der. I’ve seen skits with black wom­en play­ing as stereo­typ­i­cal black men that are hilar­i­ous as well. HOWEVER, black men por­tray­ing black wom­en gets way more atten­tion than all the oth­ers. That could be because black peo­ple are just fun­nier and in my opin­ion tend to be the best enter­tain­ers and per­form­ers… but it could also be because peo­ple like see­ing black men emas­cu­lat­ing them­selves and also… Read more »

if they are not call­ing us names used for gar­den tolls then they are mock­ing how we look and the things we do to make our­selves feel beau­ti­ful. Yet when we protest about the abuse we recive we are told to be qui­et. The­se are the same males that will become the fathers of our chil­dren but yet have so lit­tle respect for us.


So why make them the father’s of your children?.….Black males are not the only men in this world and by Black wom­en accept­ing this treat­ment it will not get bet­ter for the Black girls com­ing up…Black w o men CAN cut Black men off at the knees.

La Bandita

We don’t want to cut ALL black men at the knees some are excel­lent (mi mari­do). We want them ALL to act mature­ly and be respect­ful.


Joan­ne the scam­mer mocks white wom­en, specif­i­cal­ly those who have just recent­ly entered the world of sub­ur­bia… I guess to an extent she mocks black wom­end who’ve also just entered the “Cau­casian life style” and try act like­how they see oth­er sub­ur­ban wom­en.


But tbh, I hate how the oth­er side of this kind of humour is based in mock­ing the black lgbt+ com­mu­ni­ty


Black wom­en are an easy tar­get, hurt peo­ple hurt peo­ple. The men who dress up as black wom­en, and make fun of us, they are only fol­low­ing a for­mu­la that they know will work. They see the greats doing it, Eddie Mur­phy, Mar­t­in Lawrence, Tyler Per­ry etc., They see the suc­cess they received, so they try to fol­low in their foot­steps. I’m tired of it, because it’s so stereo­typ­i­cal, and it con­tributes to the dis­re­spect of Black wom­en by oth­er races.

Jessica Phillip


Black men need to start doing skits about their down low homo­sex­u­al behav­ior, then let’s see them get unhinged in rage. Let sen­si­tive things about them become a laugh­ing stock and see how they like it. Lets see them pol­ish­ing their guns ready to shoot anoth­er negro over Jor­dans and lets see if they tell black wom­en its just com­e­dy. Its all fun and games when they make fun of some­one else. Bet­ter yet, let a white per­son start imi­tate negro males and see how they harp­ing on and scream­ing about racism. Its stu­pid that black male misog­y­ny still goes… Read more »

Well Black men got away with rap music call­ing Black wom­en bitch­es and hoes and worse for decades now.…with the silence and enabling, and sup­port of Black wom­en and men.…and then there are legions of Black males on youtube doing the same and even worse than rap music to degrade Black wom­en and again, every­one is silent.….sooooo.…I just won­der what’s next?


Black men do it because there is no price to paid for doing it. It’s just that sim­ple.


Every­one makes mon­ey or work from us. Madea movies. You tube bash­ing videos. Etc. I think we con­tribute by giv­ing it atten­tion. We need to ignore it all. Next time a trick dad­dy com­ment comes on, just keep it mov­ing.


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