Yes I’m a Black Woman Who Contours, No I Don’t Do it to Look More Eurocentric

Over the weekend, this meme began circulating on social media. It pictures a black woman — mid contour — reflecting on her actions. The caption says:

“When you’re contouring and highlighting and realize that you’re trying to get more eurocentric features.”

Contouring is a makeup technique that defines and reshapes areas of the face using pencils, creams or powders.



My first reaction to this meme was confusion. I proudly wear makeup and contour on special occasions for an extra glam look, but I’ve never tried to look like anything other than myself. To blanketly state that contouring is about looking more European is gross generalization.

For decades we’ve been conditioned to think that a nose with narrow bridge and small nostrils is exclusive to white women. It isn’t. In fact, Ethiopian and Eritrean women dispel this myth entirely. I admit, some black women do narrow their noses in an attempt to downplay the size. But we have to balance that with an understanding that women of African descent are incredibly diverse in appearance.

Ethiopian woman. Photo: Niall Crotty

Ethiopian woman. Photo: Niall Crotty

Furthermore this meme implies that high cheek bones, a narrow face and full lips — in addition to a slim nose — are Eurocentric features that black women desire. But many already have high cheek bones and full lips, which are a sign of beauty in both African and black American culture. Just look at Sudanese model Alek Wek, Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o or actress Kerry Washington. If anything, there are a million tutorials directing non-black women on how to get these features.


Alek Wek in 2007. Photo: Caroline Torem CRAIG/LFIANA

Lupita Nyong'o (Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)

Lupita Nyong’o (Anthony Harvey/Getty Images)

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington

Sometimes I think people forget what contouring actually does. Like makeup in general, it is a way to enhance what is already on your face. Do some take it overboard? Of course. But contouring is a way to add dimension and balance to your face. Like wigs, weaves, and clothing trends,it’s fun and a way for women to temporarily try different looks. And while a lot of attention is paid to nose narrowing, a lot of contouring focuses on the shape of one’s eyes, chin, cheeks, lips and face.

In my opinion, it’s not a form of self-hate and a this meme seems to lump all black women who contour into that category.

Check out these fierce black girl contours. Eurocentric who?

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Fall Glam by the beautiful @camillearianemakeup 😍😍😍😍

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Ladies, what are your thoughts? 

32 thoughts on “Yes I’m a Black Woman Who Contours, No I Don’t Do it to Look More Eurocentric

  1. I never thought about it this way, but the meme is right, now that you mention it.

    Using Ethiopian and Eritrean women as a counter point doesn’t work b/c the thin noses come from having Arab ancestry. I have long found some black people’s fascination with the looks of Ethiopian and Eritrean women in general to be problematic because it stems from admiration of that mixed heritage (rather than their Africanness), consciously or subconsciously.

    Things are definitely getting better, though, and we are making great strides. However, this doesn’t take away from the truth in the fact that most facial contouring starts of with a line down the center of one’s face to make their nose appear thinner. Where else do you think people got the idea that a thin nose is the ideal? (Hint: not Ethiopia.) Not to mention that 99.9% of famous black women have surgically evolved to have a Michael Jackson nose once they make it big. It’s a real problem and I think the floor should be open for it to be addressed.

    • Exactly. Ethiopians are mixed race. As African as they are, they are NOT pure. I like my nose, as one can see in my avatar its cute and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am a 100% Tswana. Black people need to believe in our own looks and our beauty and embrace it. I get it, its so hard after centuries of European brainwashing. Heck I think many other Africans are cuter than Ethiopians, namely Senegalese, South Africans, Kenyans, Angolans etc etc and these groups do not have a mixed bloodline.

      I honestly believe black women contour to have thinner noses. No amount of denial cancels that fact. Otherwise why change how your own nose looks? Its an inferiority complex, period.

      I like to look as close to how I wake up as possible, even with make-up. Natural is best. Besides, black women don’t need makeup t look cute. We are probably the only race that looks fabulous natural. Other races can’t say the same. No way. They need that make up.

      • “I honestly believe black women contour to have thinner noses. No amount of denial cancels that fact. Otherwise why change how your own nose looks? Its an inferiority complex, period.”–Contouring for a thinner nose is just ONE aspect of contouring. If you are into makeup you would understand that contouring is done to enhance various features of your face, not just your nose. So to say that black women contour to have a thinner nose is not completely accurate.

        Agree an aspect of contouring is to thin the nose, but that’s not the end all to be all of contouring. Also contouring the nose is not just done to thin it, but also done to focus the eye to the specific area of the face called the T-zone. The beauty zone of the face–eyes, lips, cheeks and nose. White women contour the hell out of their thin noses too for that reason. It is a highlighting effect of makeup.

        • Ok, but I have seen so many Youtube videos of black women contour and thin their noses in a way that does not in any way shape or form resemble their real noses. So yes its completely an inferiority complex to paint something on your nose to make an illusion that its thinner than it really is. Its self hating point blank period, and please, lets not do that whole ‘white women do it too’. White women have thin noses generally, thinner than ours.

          I’m glad I don’t follow trends, because black female trends is playing catch up to white women and its embarrassing as hell. You will never catch me doing that nonsense. We have all types of noses, from blade thin to very broad flat noses. Asians have similar flat wide noses. We are not the only races that have that type of nose.

          Even gay black men do it, the drag queens etc. Its claimed they do it to ‘soften’ their masculine features and what not. Black women read that to mean because they have the same noses, they are masculine, so they contour the hell out of them.

          I just find is so sad.

    • Spot on! The writer and the rest of these black women need to find another justification for this practice. To throw in Ethiopia is just silly.

    • “Not to mention that 99.9% of famous black women have surgically evolved to have a Michael Jackson nose once they make it big.”–You had me until this. That is the most ridiculous thing in your post. Numbers like this, you would need to back verifiable data. I understand your overall point, but this took the cake lol.

      • Well, first, there is something called figurative language that I assumed people would know about before reading my comment. 99.9% isn’t meant to be a scientific number- it’s a tool to make the point that a ridiculous majority of famous black women have had their noses done. Remember, this is a comment section on a blog, not an academic paper. Second, all you have to do it look at famous black women to see this trend. They all have the Michael Jackson nose and you just have to look at photos of them when they first came out to tell the difference. (Note: this is overall- white women do it, too.) Not to mention that I have yet to meet a black woman who actually has that nose naturally in real life. It would be pretty ironic if this rare nose is only possessed by those who make millions in the entertainment industry.

    • While I can’t speak for Habesha Ethiopians, the majority of Ethiopians mostly Oromos and Somalis do not have an Arab or foreign ancestry.
      People seem to only picture them when talking about Ethiopia.

      • I agree. Just like there are Egyptians with more african features and Egyptians that appear to have more features corresponding to the other middle eastern countries.

      • Yes, to this. That actually lends to the other part of what bothers me about the fascination (I didn’t go into detail because wasn’t the main topic of the post): because the association of Ethiopians with being exceptionally beautiful is really reserved for those who have Arab ancestry. I don’t see people falling all over for dark skinned, kinky-haired Ethiopians. It’s the mixed ones with the curly hair. Kinda like how everybody goes gaga over the light-skinned Indians and act like South India doesn’t exist.

  2. I saw this meme on instagram and I agreed with it but now I’ve realised that my nose is quite thin and it’s in the middle. It’s not broad or thin. There are some black people with noses like that so it doesn’t matter. Yes a lot of black people have the broad noses and they’re perfect but some like myself are different and don’t have the typical black person nose.

  3. I used to be ashamed and think that I was wanting to be more Eurocentric every time I did my nose but now I’ve realised that it’s not a big problem unless you have some self loving issues and actually want to be more Eurocentric but I’m happy with who I am, it took a couple of years but I’m happy now.

  4. Although all the points in this piece are very very true i just wanted to point out that I follow the woman who originally created this meme on twitter and it was meant to be a joke- she even made sure to tweet out that the meme was a joke. She herself is Somali so she knows better then anyone how certain features like narrow noses and high cheekbones are most definitely not just white. Its only now that people have rediscovered it and clearly have taken it out of context and created this debate. But amazing piece it is always important to remember that we as black people are unbelievably diverse!

  5. Very well written. And I agree, the diversity of women in Africa and the diaspora is too great to lump us all in the category: big nose, lips and wide unshapely head. That being said, I sometimes wonder whether these memes are posted purely to get a rise ut of others…

  6. first i’m very sorry for my bad inglish , i’m just a black beautiful women who want to respond to this . when a white women do conturing to have big lips or when a white girls do squat to have big butt like black women . anybody say something. conturing is just be more beautiful. black women are very beautiful. white people are very jealous. don’t listen what white people say. if you are black you can do conturing. and white girls can do squat or putt injectections to have big lips . we are one life why people juged other people. leave our life. enjoy damn

  7. So much fingerpointing and projecting goes on when it comes to who wants to be or look white. Even if someone is doing it to make themselves look more white it is no different than a weave or relaxer. It hurts no one and isn’t a big deal.
    When it comes to highlighting and contouring, many black women NATURALLY have 2 shades of skin on their face just from how the sun hits us and our high cheekbones. Highlights and contours are just a way to enhance that.

  8. I always thought contouring was started by drag queens to make their masculine features look more feminine. I think many women have evolved from looking 2d with one shade of makeup. some people can be excessive but no one is trying to look white.

  9. To the writer: ‘Ethiopian and Eritrean women’??? Really? I bet my life savings you have no trace of either. In fact, the majority of black American and Caribbean are from NOT from either as well. And you know that. If a black person of the transatlantic slave trade has European features, it’s most likely due to a non consensual sexual act in their ancestral past involving someone of European decent. Only 25% of black Americans are purely of African decent.

    Yes all features originated from Africa, but not the areas of Africa where people were dragged to these parts. So stop the nonsense. Contouring your nose doesn’t ‘enhance’ your nose, it thins your nose PERIOD. And as a distinctive feature of the race, which I am proud of, I ALWAYS skip contouring of my wide-set negroid nose.

    So do whatever makes you feel better. But that Ethiopian and Eritrean reference is a silly stretch. Try another justification.

    • I cannot find in the article where it states that African Caribbeans and Americans are descended from Ethiopians or Eritreans. However my daughter’s father who is of Igbo origin told me that Igbos and well read are in fact descendants of Ethiopians.

      • As a Nigerian and an Igbo person I can whole heartedly say that that is a BIG Iie lmao maybe the Fulani in the north but igbos in the south no.

  10. This article is awesome. Thanks for sharing, Portia!

    The way I see makeup, hair, and fashion is that they all should be fun and done in moderation. As we all know from those amazing special effects makeup artists who morph their faces and hairlines to look like different celebrities, makeup at its max can indeed transform one’s features. When I’m wearing my makeup my aim is to enhance, not change, my features.

    I’ve tried contouring once for a special event which included contouring my nose. But that entire night, I didn’t feel comfortable taking pictures because I’d cringe when I’d see the slim nose I had crafted that night, as opposed to my naturally wider nose. Since then I haven’t contoured my face when I’m doing my own makeup; although I’d love to try it again sometime (this time, NOT contouring my nose nor jawline at all). I love seeing my wider nose, full lips, large forehead, and high cheekbones the way I was blessed naturally. I strongly believe those features are what should shine on my best/most important nights.

    I agree with +SimplePseudonym in mentioning that many Northern Africans (i.e. Eritreans, Ethiopians, etc.) are ethnically mixed with Arab. Although they are culturally and geographically African, one should not confuse them as an example for what non-mixed African physical features are.

    HOWEVER, I know some people from the Igbo tribe in Nigeria who have have pointy (but not narrow) noses. Their noses look wide from the front (with slightly flared nostrils) and pointy from the side (with a narrowed bridge). Please note, though, this feature is not represented in the majority of Africans.

    In case you’re wondering, I’m 100% Nigerian, Igbo to be exact. And the people whom I’ve seen are also pure Igbo, from the Eastern part of Nigeria.

    IG: maghairng

  11. What I would like to know is, does all that contouring makeup stay on your face all day? I wonder because sometimes I forget I have eyeliner on and rub my eyes. Along with blowing my nose and sweating, at the end of the day I have very little makeup still on my face. It just seems an awful lot of trouble to go through for a few hours of looking different.

    Why change the shape of your nose with makeup if you are happy with your looks? I think that’s a contradiction right there. Makeup should enhance what you have not totally change your features so that you are unrecognisable without it.

    • I don’t even know why this topic is an issue-I don’t know ANY black women who contours who does it to look European as straight noses are indicative of people with African roots also not just a feature that hails from white roots-if someone wants to slim their nose through makeup that doesn’t necessarily meany you want to be white.

        • There are Africans,many of whom have straight noses-not all black people have flat or broad noses,so if someone wants their nose to look slimmer,shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing or wanting to be ‘white’.

  12. African people have diveristy genetic different than other people living in the World,so too people of African dispora have inherited these African characteristics!
    Some black women have slanted eyes or almond eyes! My eyes tend to be very long and almond shaped so this make me Chinese or want be Asian?
    We have slanted eyes and almond eyes,because these are our African Genetic diversity!

  13. I’m sorry but countouring your face is not enhancing what you already have but “creating” new features especially the nose. Most of time the nose before and after contouring are totally different, how can you say this is enhancing. Do whatever you want but accept what you do, dont try to deny it. Maybe you dont try to look like a white woman but you still want to change your features. Yes thin straight nose does exist in Africa but this is not the common feature, Ethiopian and Eritrean are not a good example.

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