2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show at the Grand Palais Featuring: Zuri Tibby Where: Paris, France When: 30 Nov 2016 Credit: C.Smith/WENN.com
Black women killed it at the Victoria’s Secret fash­ion show (see all of the mod­els here), but many were famil­iar faces, includ­ing Leomie Ander­son, Maria Borges, and Joan Smalls. But one of Vic­to­ria Secret’s newest faces, Zuri Tib­by, caught our atten­tion imme­di­ate­ly.

In an indus­try where some black mod­els com­plain, you have to look ‘plucked from an African vil­lage’ or ‘like a white girl dipped in choco­late’ to make it, Tib­by rep­re­sents a refresh­ing cel­e­bra­tion of Black Amer­i­can beau­ty. Here are five facts to know about her.

1. She’s 21 and the first black spokesmod­el for Victoria’s Secret col­lege line PINK.

“It feels real­ly amaz­ing… Join­ing such an amaz­ing brand is such an hon­or. It’s real­ly cool to see every­thing com­ing togeth­er in my career.”

MOOD @vspink

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2. She was dis­cov­ered by an agent while walk­ing around the mall after work. She was just 15 and worked at a kids’ play place. In an inter­view with Yahoo! Style, she recalls:

I was dis­cov­ered when I was real­ly young. I was 15. I was walk­ing around the mall after work and [some­one from my now] agency came up to me. They were kin­da fol­low­ing me around a lit­tle bit. I was a lit­tle scared and shy when they came up to me and gave me their card. I’d nev­er been approached and asked to mod­el before, so it was a shock. They gave me their card, and we set up a meet­ing. Every­thing hap­pened from there…

I was work­ing at a kids’ play­ground. The place that I worked at also had food and stuff. They had a lit­tle café. But the rules were you had to wear socks [inside the café], so my fun­ni­est mem­o­ry of it is chas­ing peo­ple, mak­ing sure they were wear­ing socks at all times. I would chase them with socks in my hands — try­ing to give socks to peo­ple. I worked there for prob­a­bly two months dur­ing the sum­mer.

3. In kinder­garten Zuri, who is now 5′ 10″, was taller than her teacher.

“When I was in kinder­garten, I was taller than my teacher, which was crazy,” she said. “I used to get made fun of a lot for being very tall, lanky, and awk­ward-look­ing. My height was some­thing I was always inse­cure about. Now, in the mod­el­ing indus­try, it’s vital to my career and I’m using it to my advan­tage. It’s some­thing that I’ve grown to love.”


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4. She hails from Flori­da.

Day 3 in cali 💕

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5. She mod­eled with Rihan­na for the singer’s Stance sock line, and she slayed.

Chill­ing with @badgalriri for @stancesocks

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We love this and are excit­ed to see her work the run­way at the fash­ion show. It airs on Decem­ber 5th at 10/9C on CBS.

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Kudos to her, but I have to be honest.…theres noth­ing super shock­ing about her. She’s beau­ti­ful, but to me she still looks like anoth­er Tyra banks or Joan Smalls. That whole dipped in choco­late look..you know the long wavy weave, but brown skin. Noth­ing new…but Im hap­py for her, this isn’t shade. lol

La Bandita

Idk, let the dipped in choco­late girls have their day in the sun.

La Bandita

She’s a cutie pie. And if we can have basic White mod­els (most of them?) we can have basic Black mod­els. Mean­ing, just anoth­er pret­ty face with a great body. If we wait for every Black mod­el to knock us out with their looks we’re nev­er going to have an Black mod­els or any mod­els (many are just ok), but they’re still get­ting paid. The stan­dard is a pret­ty face and a great body. She wins at life. I sup­port her.


Con­grats to her but she looks very basic and aver­age.


“In an indus­try where some black mod­els com­plain, you have to look “plucked from an African vil­lage” …”

My entire being cringed at this… Is that a thing? How does one look “plucked from an African vil­lage”?


That’s so insult­ing.


Exact­ly. I mean I under­stand that she might be frus­trat­ed by all that’s been going in the indus­try but real­ly? “plucked from an african vil­lage”?


More­over, there are plen­ty of girls in “Africa” (in the vil­lage, not in the vil­lage…) who look like her! I’m sooo con­fused… I need answers. lol

Riak Mary

Black girl mag­ic!! You go girl!!


She’s not the first, Sharam Diniz was also a spokesmod­el for pink