All of the­se movies fea­ture black actress­es in promi­nent roles and are play­ing in the­aters nation­wide. So go and check out them out with your friends and fam­i­ly dur­ing the hol­i­days.




An African-Amer­i­can father strug­gles with race rela­tions in the Unit­ed States while try­ing to raise his fam­i­ly in the 1950s and com­ing to terms with the events of his life. — from IMDB

FENCES is direct­ed by Den­zel Wash­ing­ton from a screen­play by August Wilson, adapt­ed from Wilson’s Pulitzer Prize-win­ning play. — from the offi­cial movie site:

Release date: Decem­ber 25, 2016

Notable actors/actresses: Den­zel Wash­ing­ton, Vio­la Davis, Saniyya Sid­ney





HIDDEN FIGURES is the incred­i­ble untold sto­ry of Kather­ine John­son (Tara­ji P. Hen­son), Dorothy Vaugh­an (Octavia Spencer) and Mary Jack­son (Janelle Monáe)—brilliant African-Amer­i­can wom­en work­ing at NASA, who served as the brains behind one of the great­est oper­a­tions in his­to­ry: the launch of astro­naut John Glenn into orbit, a stun­ning achieve­ment that restored the nation’s con­fi­dence, turned around the Space Race, and gal­va­nized the world. The vision­ary trio crossed all gen­der and race lines to inspire gen­er­a­tions to dream big. — from the offi­cial movie site:

Release date: Decem­ber 25, 2016 (lim­it­ed); Jan­u­ary 6, 2017 (every­where in the US)

Notable actress­es: Tara­ji P. Hen­son, Octavia Spencer, Janelle Monáe


3. BEN & ARA — black female direc­tor (Nnegest Likké)



Ben John­son is a strug­gling PhD can­di­date in the school of phi­los­o­phy… He takes a break and vis­its a local art gallery open­ing where he runs into a fel­low PhD can­di­date. Her name is Ara. She is every­thing he is not: a suc­cess­ful, focused stu­dent about to get her doc­tor­ate, and a devout Mus­lim (he’s fer­vent­ly agnos­tic). She has sought some refuge that night in the art gallery as well. By hap­pen­stance (or fate) Ben catch­es her eye… From this first meet­ing, the winds of fate set in and what fol­lows is an unlike­ly romance between two peo­ple from dif­fer­ent worlds who grap­ple with dif­fer­ences in their core beliefs and lifestyle choic­es. They dis­cov­er that when two cul­tures touch each oth­er, the con­se­quences can be mag­i­cal and trag­ic. — from the offi­cial movie site:

Release date: Decem­ber 1, 2016

Actress­es: Con­stance Eju­ma, Akuy­oe Gra­ham





A GIRL LIKE GRACE is a sto­ry of a 17-year-old female grow­ing up in a small, South­ern com­mu­ni­ty where notions of fem­i­nin­i­ty, sex­u­al iden­ti­ty and sur­vival are stark­ly at odds. Grace (Ryan Des­tiny), high school senior, is mourn­ing the sui­cide of her best friend, Andrea (Paige Hurd). Grace’s sin­gle mom, Lisa (Gar­celle Beau­vais), is too pre­oc­cu­pied with her own trou­bles to be the sup­port her daugh­ter needs. So when the bul­lies (led by Raven-Symoné) make Grace the focus of their attacks, Grace turns to the new girl in town, the sex­u­al­ly savvy Share (Mea­gan Good). But Share is out of Grace’s league, and Grace soon learns hard lessons about the dan­gers of drugs and promis­cu­ity. — from the offi­cial movie site:

Release date: Decem­ber 2, 2016

Notable actress­es: Mea­gan Good, Gar­celle Beau­vais, Paige Hurd, Raven-Symone


5. EVERYTHING BUT A MAN — black female direc­tor (Nnegest Likké)



“Every­thing But A Man” fol­lows the sto­ry of a suc­cess­ful but lone­ly career wom­an, who despite all her mate­ri­al suc­cess is a fail­ure when it comes to love. But after a roman­tic encoun­ter with a mys­te­ri­ous, French speak­ing black man from anoth­er cul­ture, his rad­i­cal lifestyle dif­fer­ences shake up her world and chal­lenge her per­spec­tive on love, rela­tion­ships and what it means to be a “strong” wom­an. The film explores the para­dox many mod­ern career wom­en face when hav­ing to think and act like a man in the work world, but still behave like “a lady” at home in order to keep a man. — from the offi­cial movie site:

Release: Cur­rent­ly across New York (check the movie site for sched­ules)

Notable actress­es: Mon­i­ca Cal­houn, Camille Win­bush

Behind the sce­nes:




A time­less sto­ry of human con­nec­tion and self-dis­cov­ery, MOONLIGHT chron­i­cles the life of a young black man from child­hood to adult­hood as he strug­gles to find his place in the world while grow­ing up in a rough neigh­bor­hood of Miami.

At once a vital por­trait of con­tem­po­rary African Amer­i­can life and an intense­ly per­son­al and poet­ic med­i­ta­tion on iden­ti­ty, fam­i­ly, friend­ship, and love, MOONLIGHT is a ground­break­ing piece of cin­e­ma that rever­ber­ates with deep com­pas­sion and uni­ver­sal truths. — from the offi­cial movie site:

Release date: Octo­ber 21, 2016 (still in the­aters now)

Notable actress­es: Naomie Har­ris, Janelle Mon­ae


Which movie(s) will you go see? 


Empow­er­ing wom­en of col­or to break bar­ri­ers. Cherish.Thy.Melanin.

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