Fan Blasts Beauty Vlogger Jackie Aina for Discussing Race on Her Channel, ‘Alienating’ White Viewers

Makeup guru Jackie Aina is among a very small number of black woman vloggers with more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube. Rarer still is that she amassed this following as a dark-skinned woman with tightly textured hair (there are persistent complaints that YouTube viewers favor lighter skinned hair and beauty gurus.) While some vloggers preserve their audiences by remaining quiet on controversial topics, Aina has opted to be vocal about issues black women face. This year she has done videos calling out the worst brands for people of color and encouraging people to buy from black-owned beauty brands. On Instagram Aina has posted about cultural appropriation, colorism and police brutality.

In the midst of this her brand has continued to grow, amassing 200,000 followers since August to cross the 1 million mark this month. But one fan’s unsolicited advice is a reminder that many still believe checking one’s identity at the door is the only way to succeed professionally.

“Jackie I love you. But you need to stop talking about race, skin colour, and WOC issues on your channel so much. You can talk about it one [sic] in a while, but not all the time like you do. Or else it will alienate and annoy white girl viewers. Nobody wants to hear about that on Youtube… we already see too much race crap on TV and the news…but Youtube is a chance to escape all that and relax. And you need to reach the white girl audience if you want to go mainstream on YouTube. I can totally see you being the “black Jackyn [sic] Hill”, but you just need to make some improvements. No more race talk, please.”

Jaclyn Hill is a white YouTube beauty vlogger with 3.8 million subscribers.

Aina responded to the comment — left under one of her videos — with a simple “No.”

She posted screenshots of the exchange to Twitter, followed by a screenshot of her 1 million viewers and a picture of herself with an expression that can only be described as “You Mad?”

We appreciate Aina for exemplifying that you can excel professionally while embracing your skin and hair, and speaking on issues of justice.

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42 thoughts on “Fan Blasts Beauty Vlogger Jackie Aina for Discussing Race on Her Channel, ‘Alienating’ White Viewers

  1. I’m a white woman that has followed her on Youtube for the last year. The woman is intelligent and beautiful. I love hearing what she has to say about makeup; I’ve learned a trick or two and she has put me on to several great makeup products & companies. I watched her video “The Worst Beauty Brands EVER For POC!” and found it insightful. She’s 100% right!!! As she notes in the video, I, being a woman of “ivory” toned skin, have never had to worry about makeup brands being far from inclusive in their color range. There is almost always something light enough. But, it seems that is far from true for WOC. Not only is that unfair but it’s bad business. She opened my eyes. As Avi noted below, “please show your white viewers more blackness. Cuz it’s pretty clear we white people don’t have a damn clue.” I hope she keeps speaking up. I think these companies need to keep hearing it! (This is true about a lot of things, not just makeup) I plan to stay subscribed and tuning in!

  2. lmao best response !! Her and Wayne Goss are the only MUA I follow on YT, always creative, professionnal, funny and grounded! And if you look at her comments section you see WW understanding what’s she’s saying and supporting her, so I don’t see where he came from..

  3. “And you need to reach the white girl audience to go mainstream on YouTube.”

    “Mainstream” seems code for “acknowledged positively by white people.” She doesn’t need to reach out to anyone. If they want to watch they can but she has her own audience.

  4. I love her! Her tutorials are incredible, she has a great sense of humor plus she doesn’t take any BS when it comes to issues of race and under representation.

  5. AYY SHES NIGERIAN!!! Just realised after following her on twitter omg!! And yes, good on her for that clapback!

  6. Amen to Jackie. She is my go to guru. The nerve of the twitter comment about “if you wanna make it mainstream you have to stop alienating your white viewers”. Bitch pls go elsewhere if it bothers you cause from what i understand the issue has not been resolved for us to put it to bed and not talk about it. You go Jackie, i’m your #1 fan.

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