Make­up guru Jack­ie Aina is among a very small num­ber of black woman vlog­gers with more than 1 mil­lion sub­scribers on YouTube. Rar­er still is that she amassed this fol­low­ing as a dark-skinned woman with tight­ly tex­tured hair (there are per­sis­tent com­plaints that YouTube view­ers favor lighter skinned hair and beau­ty gurus.) While some vlog­gers pre­serve their audi­ences by remain­ing qui­et on con­tro­ver­sial top­ics, Aina has opt­ed to be vocal about issues black women face. This year she has done videos call­ing out the worst brands for peo­ple of col­or and encour­ag­ing peo­ple to buy from black-owned beau­ty brands. On Insta­gram Aina has post­ed about cul­tur­al appro­pri­a­tion, col­orism and police bru­tal­i­ty.

In the midst of this her brand has con­tin­ued to grow, amass­ing 200,000 fol­low­ers since August to cross the 1 mil­lion mark this month. But one fan’s unso­licit­ed advice is a reminder that many still believe check­ing one’s iden­ti­ty at the door is the only way to suc­ceed pro­fes­sion­al­ly.

“Jack­ie I love you. But you need to stop talk­ing about race, skin colour, and WOC issues on your chan­nel so much. You can talk about it one [sic] in a while, but not all the time like you do. Or else it will alien­ate and annoy white girl view­ers. Nobody wants to hear about that on Youtube… we already see too much race crap on TV and the news…but Youtube is a chance to escape all that and relax. And you need to reach the white girl audi­ence if you want to go main­stream on YouTube. I can total­ly see you being the “black Jack­yn [sic] Hill”, but you just need to make some improve­ments. No more race talk, please.”

Jaclyn Hill is a white YouTube beau­ty vlog­ger with 3.8 mil­lion sub­scribers.

Aina respond­ed to the com­ment — left under one of her videos — with a sim­ple “No.”

She post­ed screen­shots of the exchange to Twit­ter, fol­lowed by a screen­shot of her 1 mil­lion view­ers and a pic­ture of her­self with an expres­sion that can only be described as “You Mad?”

We appre­ci­ate Aina for exem­pli­fy­ing that you can excel pro­fes­sion­al­ly while embrac­ing your skin and hair, and speak­ing on issues of jus­tice.

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­liste, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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Julia B.

Speak­ing as a white view­er of hers, I love that she speaks about these top­ics. It’s help­ing me to be more aware of what a big prob­lem shade diver­si­ty in make­up is, as well as how priv­i­leged I am that I can rea­son­ably expect to be able to find a foun­da­tion shade in any brand (includ­ing black beau­ty brands such as Black Opal and Black Up!).

Jimi C.

AYYYYY she’s a black woman. Peri­od, point blank.

Beverly Kesse

Being a Black youtu­ber is hard and its impor­tant to have peo­ple like Jack­ie who are will­ing to talk about issues like race; because although youtube is a place to escape, it is also a place to real­ize the prob­lems that Black youtu­bers face!!


Amen to Jack­ie. She is my go to guru. The nerve of the twit­ter com­ment about “if you wan­na make it main­stream you have to stop alien­at­ing your white view­ers”. Bitch pls go else­where if it both­ers you cause from what i under­stand the issue has not been resolved for us to put it to bed and not talk about it. You go Jack­ie, i’m your #1 fan.

Peachez Foreveer

AYYYYYYY!!!! I didn’t know that either lol!! Nai­ja Rep­re­sent!!


AYY SHES NIGERIAN!!! Just realised after fol­low­ing her on twit­ter omg!! And yes, good on her for that clap­back!


I love her! Her tuto­ri­als are incred­i­ble, she has a great sense of humor plus she doesn’t take any BS when it comes to issues of race and under rep­re­sen­ta­tion.


Why would she or any­one else of col­or need to be the black ver­sion of some­one white?


“And you need to reach the white girl audi­ence to go main­stream on YouTube.”

“Main­stream” seems code for “acknowl­edged pos­i­tive­ly by white peo­ple.” She doesn’t need to reach out to any­one. If they want to watch they can but she has her own audi­ence.

Sabrina black

Great. What an audac­i­ty.

ss (short & sweet)

Been watch­ing her videos since she was lilpump­kin­pie.


lmao best response !! Her and Wayne Goss are the only MUA I fol­low on YT, always cre­ative, pro­fes­sion­nal, fun­ny and ground­ed! And if you look at her com­ments sec­tion you see WW under­stand­ing what’s she’s say­ing and sup­port­ing her, so I don’t see where he came from..

I’m a white woman that has fol­lowed her on Youtube for the last year. The woman is intel­li­gent and beau­ti­ful. I love hear­ing what she has to say about make­up; I’ve learned a trick or two and she has put me on to sev­er­al great make­up prod­ucts & com­pa­nies. I watched her video “The Worst Beau­ty Brands EVER For POC!” and found it insight­ful. She’s 100% right!!! As she notes in the video, I, being a woman of “ivory” toned skin, have nev­er had to wor­ry about make­up brands being far from inclu­sive in their col­or range. There is almost… Read more »



How can you tell some­one what they need to talk about on their YouTube chan­nel, espe­cial­ly if the advice was unso­licit­ed? If you don’t like what some­one is talk­ing about then unsub­scribe! Point blank and sim­ple

Arie Monroe
Ok new favorite per­son! Black women need a voice too. I’m tired of always being told to basi­cal­ly shut up and take what we get. Black women are gor­geous and we are chang­ing the game! Folks stare at us cause they can’t get enough! She is beau­ti­ful and she is being her­self! Movies and media always want to por­tray us as sad, ugly, unhap­py, angry, either over­sexed or under­sec­re­tary, peo­ple that can’t get won­der­ful lov­ing rela­tion­ships and that are preg­nant and liv­ing in the ghet­to and danc­ing around for atten­tion. That’s anoth­er rea­son I like Bey­on­cé, cause her music motives… Read more »
La Bandita

You my lady friend are no longer Black male iden­ti­fied. Your next step is to become a fem­i­nist, haha.


Love her. Per­fect response. While I don’t always agree on her take on race rela­tions, I 100% appre­ci­ate her talk­ing about them.


I’ve nev­er watched her in you tube but may now start just because she is stay­ing true to her­self!


Yes please please show your white view­ers more black­ness. Cuz it’s pret­ty clear we white peo­ple don’t have a damn clue. We need to see more black­ness. We need to be depro­grammed.
Love, a white woman.


I love her reply. Haha­ha­ha. Seri­ous­ly though how can some­one even fix their mouths to tell any­body to NOT alien­ate white women or peo­ple! Please. She need to take a seat at the table! Girl bye!

BROOKLYN All Day.....
BROOKLYN All Day.....

a bitch ass house negro, that’s who, if you didn’t notice it was a black male.….….…..can’t hang with them types.

Meow Mix

I think you’re con­fused by who wrote the mes­sage.

Jaclyn Hill, the one who wrote the mes­sage is a white woman.


The per­son who wrote the mes­sage referred to Jaclyn Hill i.e “you could be the next Jaclyn Hill if you would just…”
Jaclyn did not write the mes­sage.


The com­ment seems to be from some­one named Abra­ham he just men­tioned Jaclyn

La Bandita

It was a Black man named Abra­ham.

Tina Bryan



How can you tell some­one to dis­re­gard their race and peo­ple alike, AND tell her to become a knock-off, White YouTube? I’m con­fused.

April B

Is he seri­ous! I just can’t. I don’t watch a lot of YouTube but I’ve been sub­scribed to Jack­ie for sev­er­al years. I enjoy watch­ing her and I love that she is out­spo­ken. We need MORE vlog­gers like her.

Peju Ayemojuba

What I think is more frus­trat­ing and peo­ple are not acknowl­edg­ing is that this mes­sage seemed to be post­ed by a black male (or at least a non-white male) like seri­ous­ly? we now live in a soci­ety where non-whites are con­stant­ly uproot­ing white indi­vid­u­als who don’t even need uplift­ing since the whole entire sys­tem caters to them already!!!

I’m real­ly just hop­ing that non-white indi­vid­ual was just a white troll who was dis­guis­ing him/herself as being black…

Riak Mary

He’s bira­cial. Mixed peo­ple are always like this when it comes to black strug­gles. they stay play­ing both sides, switch­ing sides and then when actu­al black issues come up, they run. SMH

BROOKLYN All Day.....
BROOKLYN All Day.....

He black but he Bi-Racial got a white par­ent so they over look race issues no mat­ter the truth pre­sent­ed, that’s why I can’t rock with them types. They try to play the black broth­er with me but when it comes to race and stand­ing up for our peo­ple, they stay on that mas­sa ish.


He told “Us” this about him.. 

He comes from a fam­i­ly( he was taught) to sup­press his black­ness to make oth­er peo­ple( white peo­ple) feel com­fort­able. Sad­ly, there’s tons of black peo­ple out there like him.

Bryanna Greene

I love Jack­ie! It amazes me how peo­ple want peo­ple of col­or to share their emo­tions and points of view when it comes to things. Some of these beau­ty brands have been around for decades yet their shades range from marsh­mal­low to snow caps smh.

The Cryptic Beauty

It’s aston­ish­ing how peo­ple think they have to rights to tell some­one how to con­duct their business/life. Speak for your­self and mind your man­ners.


IDU how some­one go onto some­one elses blog and tries to tell them what to do? Like… who are you?

La Bandita

That’s what the world does to Black women. Every­one and their cousins in law believes they have a say.


Which is why I fol­low and sup­port her


I love it! Go Jack­ie! I love her chan­nel and she can talk about what­ev­er she wants. Its her plat­form.


I have to say that tone he took to tell her to stop address­ing racial issues was as if he was her boss. What right does he give him­self to tell her how to man­age HER own youtube chan­nel? There are lim­its to peo­ple-pleas­ing, if he wants to close his eyes to these issues then he should unsub­scribe and move on…she won’t miss him.

Riak Mary

Awww so lit­tle white girls will get mad when we talk about issues that we face and how our skin colour effects most things we do every­day. You can start com­plain­ing when our skin colour doesn’t effect our lives every­day because we don’t get to choose whether or not we want peo­ple to judge us with skin colour in mind. Go lis­ten to Tay­lor Swift or watch Nik­ki Tuts you igno­rant fuck.There’s heaps of white yts out there. Jack­ie keep doing your thang gurl!!

Waameeka AheVonderae


Lily Seymour

We will see what the future holds for this beau­ty diva!