Fan Blasts Beauty Vlogger Jackie Aina for Discussing Race on Her Channel, ‘Alienating’ White Viewers

Makeup guru Jackie Aina is among a very small number of black woman vloggers with more than 1 million subscribers on YouTube. Rarer still is that she amassed this following as a dark-skinned woman with tightly textured hair (there are persistent complaints that YouTube viewers favor lighter skinned hair and beauty gurus.) While some vloggers preserve their audiences by remaining quiet on controversial topics, Aina has opted to be vocal about issues black women face. This year she has done videos calling out the worst brands for people of color and encouraging people to buy from black-owned beauty brands. On Instagram Aina has posted about cultural appropriation, colorism and police brutality.

In the midst of this her brand has continued to grow, amassing 200,000 followers since August to cross the 1 million mark this month. But one fan’s unsolicited advice is a reminder that many still believe checking one’s identity at the door is the only way to succeed professionally.

“Jackie I love you. But you need to stop talking about race, skin colour, and WOC issues on your channel so much. You can talk about it one [sic] in a while, but not all the time like you do. Or else it will alienate and annoy white girl viewers. Nobody wants to hear about that on Youtube… we already see too much race crap on TV and the news…but Youtube is a chance to escape all that and relax. And you need to reach the white girl audience if you want to go mainstream on YouTube. I can totally see you being the “black Jackyn [sic] Hill”, but you just need to make some improvements. No more race talk, please.”

Jaclyn Hill is a white YouTube beauty vlogger with 3.8 million subscribers.

Aina responded to the comment — left under one of her videos — with a simple “No.”

She posted screenshots of the exchange to Twitter, followed by a screenshot of her 1 million viewers and a picture of herself with an expression that can only be described as “You Mad?”

We appreciate Aina for exemplifying that you can excel professionally while embracing your skin and hair, and speaking on issues of justice.

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42 thoughts on “Fan Blasts Beauty Vlogger Jackie Aina for Discussing Race on Her Channel, ‘Alienating’ White Viewers

  1. Awww so little white girls will get mad when we talk about issues that we face and how our skin colour effects most things we do everyday. You can start complaining when our skin colour doesn’t effect our lives everyday because we don’t get to choose whether or not we want people to judge us with skin colour in mind. Go listen to Taylor Swift or watch Nikki Tuts you ignorant fuck.There’s heaps of white yts out there. Jackie keep doing your thang gurl!!

  2. I have to say that tone he took to tell her to stop addressing racial issues was as if he was her boss. What right does he give himself to tell her how to manage HER own youtube channel? There are limits to people-pleasing, if he wants to close his eyes to these issues then he should unsubscribe and move on…she won’t miss him.

  3. What I think is more frustrating and people are not acknowledging is that this message seemed to be posted by a black male (or at least a non-white male) like seriously? we now live in a society where non-whites are constantly uprooting white individuals who don’t even need uplifting since the whole entire system caters to them already!!!

    I’m really just hoping that non-white individual was just a white troll who was disguising him/herself as being black…

    • He told “Us” this about him..

      He comes from a family( he was taught) to suppress his blackness to make other people( white people) feel comfortable. Sadly, there’s tons of black people out there like him.

    • He black but he Bi-Racial got a white parent so they over look race issues no matter the truth presented, that’s why I can’t rock with them types. They try to play the black brother with me but when it comes to race and standing up for our people, they stay on that massa ish.

    • He’s biracial. Mixed people are always like this when it comes to black struggles. they stay playing both sides, switching sides and then when actual black issues come up, they run. SMH

  4. Is he serious! I just can’t. I don’t watch a lot of YouTube but I’ve been subscribed to Jackie for several years. I enjoy watching her and I love that she is outspoken. We need MORE vloggers like her.

  5. How can you tell someone to disregard their race and people alike, AND tell her to become a knock-off, White YouTube? I’m confused.

  6. I love her reply. Hahahaha. Seriously though how can someone even fix their mouths to tell anybody to NOT alienate white women or people! Please. She need to take a seat at the table! Girl bye!

  7. Yes please please show your white viewers more blackness. Cuz it’s pretty clear we white people don’t have a damn clue. We need to see more blackness. We need to be deprogrammed.
    Love, a white woman.

  8. Love her. Perfect response. While I don’t always agree on her take on race relations, I 100% appreciate her talking about them.

  9. Ok new favorite person! Black women need a voice too. I’m tired of always being told to basically shut up and take what we get. Black women are gorgeous and we are changing the game! Folks stare at us cause they can’t get enough! She is beautiful and she is being herself! Movies and media always want to portray us as sad, ugly, unhappy, angry, either oversexed or undersecretary, people that can’t get wonderful loving relationships and that are pregnant and living in the ghetto and dancing around for attention.

    That’s another reason I like Beyoncé, cause her music motives and basically says you can get what you need and be successful and beautiful while doing it. I once had a guy tell me she was a bad roll model for women cause she portrayed women in a sexual manner that was not Christian do to how she lead men to sin cause of lust on the eyes! I listened to his argument and politely dismissed it. Why should a woman have to tone down her shine to make someone else feel comfortable. Especially when a woman can cover herself head to to except her eyes and some man will still have something to say about how her eyes are to sultry or tempting.

    I’m glad she being herself! Love her attitude and her style!

  10. How can you tell someone what they need to talk about on their YouTube channel, especially if the advice was unsolicited? If you don’t like what someone is talking about then unsubscribe! Point blank and simple

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