How Sway?! This Viral Shrinkage Video is Nearly Beyond Belief

We all know that natural hair shrinkage is quite common, and it’s actually a good thing. Many naturals seek ways to decrease their shrinkage in order to show their true length, but it’s a sign of healthy hair. When the hair is damaged or dry, it lacks elasticity, which means less shrinkage or the hair’s ability to “bounce back” when it’s pulled or weighed down.

Shrinkage can also be extreme, making bra strap length hair look ear length, or waist length hair look shoulder length. But this shrinkage, shared by @healthy_hair_journey on Instagram, is definitely impressive. Check it out:

While the shrinkage makes the woman’s hair look like it’s only a few inches long, it in fact falls way past her shoulders. Natural hair never ceases to amaze.



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17 thoughts on “How Sway?! This Viral Shrinkage Video is Nearly Beyond Belief

  1. Wow! Simply amazing! Shrinkage! It looks short but it’s deceivingly long….My twist measure to my eyebrows but when stretched, it’s to my top lip! Whoo hooo! #shrinkage

  2. I don’t have a shrinkage problem because my natural hair barely grows, I’m tempted to take those vitamins they’re selling on internet.

    • You need to have blood tests to rule out you are not low in iron (haemoglobin and ferritin) or vitamin D. Lots of women are low in iron and/or vitamin D, which is why their hair doesn’t grow.

      Make sure when you have the tests you get the results and ranges as sometimes doctors don’t tell you if you are just below range. Also insist that the doctor tests your ferritin as some don’t do this unless you clearly ask.

      Your haemoglobin level should be over 12 g/100 mL and your ferritin should be halfway in the lab range. Your vitamin D level should be over 30ng/l.

    • @coco20bee:disqus I take Biosil. It makes the hair stronger so it will stay in. Also remember retaining length is the issue. Vitamins are for overall health. Remember not to much too much heat in the hair or leave it out all day.

    • It barely grows because every time you comb it it pops and it has no life span on your head. If you want to wear it kinky try locs it will grow

  3. Yeah, that’s about what mine looks like. :) And that’s about the length it was before I BC’d last year. I love WNGs too much…and with this texture and kind of shrinkage, length becomes more of a hindrance than a help.

  4. welcome to my world. i know nobody asked, but i shrink up like this everytime, but my hair is MUCH THICKER. the comb out is at least an hour, alone.
    (and i know you didn’t ask but dust your ends, hun!)

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