Oh to be a fly on the wall.

While filming for Ocean’s 8 on Saturday, Rihanna gave some major side eye to co-star Sarah Paulson after the actress held one of Rih’s faux-locs in her hand.


Now we’re not sure if this is a scene from the movie or if it was a real-life interaction, either way Rih is making the face all black women make when someone touches our hair because it is so ‘cool’, ‘funky’ or (my favorite) ‘FUN!’

How would you caption this photo?

Black Girl With Long Hair

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She does look uncomfortable, or annoyed. I think when someone who isn’t close to you, touch or play with your hair without asking it makes you question why they are doing it? People don’t realize that It’s inviting themselves into your personal space without regard for how you feel. It’s rude.


Thats not even her own hair


Did you even read “Rih’s faux-locs?”


This brings back fond memories when a senior staff member was so fascinated by my hair she touched it. She seemed a little surprised when I didn’t like it, citing personal space preferences.


They love treating our hair like its an animal at the zoo. Can you imagine if we did it to them, instant lawsuit!


am i the only one who doesn’t mind when someone touches my hair…. I’m actually flattered/relived they want to touch my hair… rather than see it as nasty and dirty…. (lol as long as they dont smush it!)

Tj Rotich

im the same as well…but touch my cheeks and start cooing,i may bite you.


How do you know where their hands have been or what negative energy they have flowing in them. It’s just rude to put your hand on someone without their consent.


Don’t touch my hair or comment about it either!

Justice S

I like Sarah Paulson but Rihanna looks pissed.She is looking right at her hand like,oh hell no.


gives this article the side eye. shee honestly just looks like she’s blinking… or looking at her shirt.
not everything is about race yall in lots if cultures stroking or playing with someone’s hair is seen as endearing


Don’t touch people, including their hair, without their consent. Don’t appeal to “other cultures” to justify it. Obviously within African-American culture, it’s not seen as “endearing.”


It’s intrusive! We are not pets. Don’t touch is nor our hair! Period.

LittleBabyBug Jones
i would not say that we don’t see hair touching endearing. we just don’t like it when white people, especially white strangers, touch our hair, or strangers in general. but it IS an endearing gesture if it’s someone you consider family or like kin. One of the ways i knew i was “in” with my husband’s family was when they felt comfortable enough to let me do their hair and take their braids out, and help them with their kids’ hair; and i felt comfortable enough for them to run their fingers through mine. Hair can be seen as an… Read more »

Exactly. People need to stop acting like everyone is their friend, like they’d want someone putting their hands in THEIR hair. It’s a question of entitlement.

sonya .

You sound like a white person… this website isn’t for you.


You touch my dam hair I’ll have the urge to break your fingers. Its that simple. I’m nobody’s personal petting zoo.






So much shade.




Ima give you til the count of 1 to get your hands off my hair.