[Pics] Eva Marcille is Loc’ing Her 2-Year-Old Daughter Marley’s Hair and We are In Love

For little black girls hair is a special thing. It kinks, it curls and it looks different than everybody else’s. When mommies send the message early that black girl hair is beautiful, it’s a wonderful thing. Such seems to be the case for actress and model Eva Marcille and 2-year-old daughter Marley Rae. Since March 2016 Marcille has been loc’ing Marley’s hair under the care of trichologist and celebrity stylist Dr. Kari Williams. She wears them in bantu knots, ponytails or freeform and it is absolutely adorable.

Photo: Instagram.com/EvaMarcille

Photo: Instagram.com/EvaMarcille

Photo: Instagram.com/EvaMarcille

Photo: Instagram.com/EvaMarcille

Photo: Instagram.com/EvaMarcille

We are in love.


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17 thoughts on “[Pics] Eva Marcille is Loc’ing Her 2-Year-Old Daughter Marley’s Hair and We are In Love

  1. Am I the only one that thinks locing is not a good idea for a child that age as her hairline will likely be damaged/compromised ???. Its also a long term commitment , a decision that a child cant make for herself at that age. The Baby is adorable though

    • Her hairline won’t be compromised as long as the person doing her hair isn’t it retwisting her locs with all the power of Zeus. I grew up with plenty children with locs; she’ll be just fine.

      If she grows tired of them, her Mama can pay someone to comb her locs out.

    • I agree. Extension braids and locs can be too much for a child’s hair line. Plus everyone has to learn to take care of their real hair.

        • Real hair is the the hair not braided or loced or relaxed that every little Black girl should learn how to wash, comb and style.

          • I think you need to get a little education on what locs and “real hair” are, La Bandita. Lemme school you a lil’ bit–you can take the education or not. Check it: Locs grow out of ones head, point blank period (and not the “faux” locs that are in vogue)–hence REAL. HAIR.

            Got it?

            I know that as much as some of y’all “naturalistas” are obsessed with length, it’s still hard for you to believe that black folks can grow their own waist & hip length hair without effort–but with locs that’s exactly what you see. Furthermore, locs CAN be washed & styled just like any other type of hair–and no, it doesn’t have to be combed in order for it to look nice & well put-together. So put down the bag of cotton & step away slowly, ma’am. To be on a natural hair site, you sure do have a bit of a ways to go before you’re off the plantation…like they say though, “you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make ’em drink.”

            And you have a wonderful, blessed day. ;-)

          • You’re really hostile regarding hair- if you don’t understand let me explain. My hair is not natural completely I just relax less – 3xs a year then twice a year. I know kids that had locs in their real hair, grow up un loc their hair and do not know how to do their hair. It’s the same thing with braiding your REAL hair. Those are styles eventually you have to learn your hair without locs, braids, weaves, wigs. That’s my only point NOT that locs are fake.

    • My Nephew has had his hair locked since he was 3 (he’s now 16). Ask that young man to chop off his locks and be ready for a fight!

      PS. his hairline has never had an issue

    • I don’t think her hairline will suffer but I don’t see that as any different than putting a perm in her hair…she didn’t have a choice and she will not learn how to care for her hair. But to each his own…I think little girls look cute with loc’s but don’t think it’s a good idea.

    • Locs aren’t any more damaging to hairlines (whether child or adult) than natural styles are. With any type of hair, stress on the hairline = no edges. My daughter had locs from ages 2-7, and I also had locs for over 20 years–our edges were fine simply because they weren’t over-twisted or pulled too-tight. I see plenty of loose naturals out here with missing edges due to braids, obsessions with keeping them “laid,” etc.

      As far as their decision, IMO when they’re that young, as a parent I’m in charge of styling their hair period, anyway. Do we let them “decide” whether they want their hair done at all, lol (Because if you leave it up to them, they never would!)

      Last but not least, locs aren’t permanent, contrary to belief. Last year my daughter got tired of them after 7 years–and I took them out. She now rocks a full head of past-shoulder length loose natural hair. :-)

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