For lit­tle black girls hair is a spe­cial thing. It kinks, it curls and it looks dif­fer­ent than every­body else’s. When mom­mies send the mes­sage ear­ly that black girl hair is beau­ti­ful, it’s a won­der­ful thing. Such seems to be the case for actress and mod­el Eva Mar­cille and 2-year-old daugh­ter Mar­ley Rae. Since March 2016 Mar­cille has been loc’ing Marley’s hair under the care of tri­chol­o­gist and celebri­ty styl­ist Dr. Kari Williams. She wears them in ban­tu knots, pony­tails or freeform and it is absolute­ly adorable. 


We are in love.

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She’s such a cutie!


Am I the only one that thinks loc­ing is not a good idea for a child that age as her hair­line will like­ly be damaged/compromised ???. Its also a long term com­mit­ment , a deci­sion that a child cant make for her­self at that age. The Baby is adorable though

Locs aren’t any more dam­ag­ing to hair­lines (whether child or adult) than nat­ur­al styles are. With any type of hair, stress on the hair­line = no edges. My daugh­ter had locs from ages 2–7, and I also had locs for over 20 years–our edges were fine sim­ply because they weren’t over-twist­ed or pulled too-tight. I see plen­ty of loose nat­u­rals out here with miss­ing edges due to braids, obses­sions with keep­ing them “laid,” etc. As far as their deci­sion, IMO when they’re that young, as a par­ent I’m in charge of styling their hair peri­od, any­way. Do we let them… Read more »

I don’t think her hair­line will suf­fer but I don’t see that as any dif­fer­ent than putting a perm in her hair…she didn’t have a choice and she will not learn how to care for her hair. But to each his own…I think lit­tle girls look cute with loc’s but don’t think it’s a good idea.


My Nephew has had his hair locked since he was 3 (he’s now 16). Ask that young man to chop off his locks and be ready for a fight!

PS. his hair­line has nev­er had an issue


Nope, I agree. She should’ve wait­ed and let the child decide if that’s what she wants.

La Bandita

I agree. Exten­sion braids and locs can be too much for a child’s hair line. Plus every­one has to learn to take care of their real hair.


Locs ARE “real hair.”

La Bandita

Real hair is the the hair not braid­ed or loced or relaxed that every lit­tle Black girl should learn how to wash, comb and style.

I think you need to get a lit­tle edu­ca­tion on what locs and “real hair” are, La Ban­di­ta. Lemme school you a lil’ bit–you can take the edu­ca­tion or not. Check it: Locs grow out of ones head, point blank peri­od (and not the “faux” locs that are in vogue)–hence REAL. HAIR.  Got it? I know that as much as some of y’all “nat­u­ral­is­tas” are obsessed with length, it’s still hard for you to believe that black folks can grow their own waist & hip length hair with­out effort–but with locs that’s exact­ly what you see. Fur­ther­more, locs CAN be washed… Read more »
La Bandita

You’re real­ly hos­tile regard­ing hair- if you don’t under­stand let me explain. My hair is not nat­ur­al com­plete­ly I just relax less — 3xs a year then twice a year. I know kids that had locs in their real hair, grow up un loc their hair and do not know how to do their hair. It’s the same thing with braid­ing your REAL hair. Those are styles even­tu­al­ly you have to learn your hair with­out locs, braids, weaves, wigs. That’s my only point NOT that locs are fake.


Her hair­line won’t be com­pro­mised as long as the per­son doing her hair isn’t it retwist­ing her locs with all the pow­er of Zeus. I grew up with plen­ty chil­dren with locs; she’ll be just fine. 

If she grows tired of them, her Mama can pay some­one to comb her locs out.


LOVE those ban­tu knots!!


Her hair looks so nice ????


That’s beau­ti­ful!


Too cute.….….

Rae Webb

Her hair is absolute­ly beau­ti­ful!