[Pics] Jessica White Shows Off Her Curls, Says She’s Considering Modeling With Her Natural Hair in 2017

Models like Ebonee Davis and Maria Borges have spoken publicly about the significance of modeling with natural hair. And now it looks like Jessica White might also trade in her signature long, straight locks for her textured tresses on the runway. White stated via Instagram that she is thinking about wearing her natural hair to work in 2017.

“Today I’m #tb to the all natural jypsy .. thinking about wearing my natural hair for work starting next year.”

Photo: Instagram.com/iamjypsywhite

Photo: Instagram.com/iamjypsywhite

Photo: Instagram.com/iamjypsywhite

Photo: Instagram.com/iamjypsywhite

We would love to see Jessica with natural hair on the runway. Her hair is gorgeous and we’d love to see what kinds of natural styles she would rock.

21 thoughts on “[Pics] Jessica White Shows Off Her Curls, Says She’s Considering Modeling With Her Natural Hair in 2017

  1. I wonder if black women will give some credit to mixed race and latina models who have rocked the natural curly look for awhile now. Most of the ads and commercials on tv nowadays feature women of color with curly hair (albeit a looser texture than 4s) but I think seeing brown women with a head full of curls being mainstream is inspiring a lot of black women to wear curly weaves or rock their own hair.

    • First of all realize which curly hair textures are promoted as the “most beautiful”. Kinky hair is generally not extolled as beautiful and black women have been rocking natural hair for the longest, however, the mainstream (white) promotes a certain type of natural as better, more acceptable. So let’s not forget that. Lots of black women go natural with the hopes that their hair will look a certain way (looser curled), and get disappointed when it doesn’t turn out that way. And then have to learn to love and accept their hair as it is DESPITE what the media shows.

      • I wouldn’t say that black women have been rocking natural hair the longest, IMO. That has not been my personal experience. Most black women i have known throughout life have never worn their natural hair. On the flip side, I have rarely met a mixed race black or Latina with curly hair that didn’t wear their natural hair. It is true that the media is perpetuating this looser curl pattern, but I think it’s better than nothing. I find way more black women wearing their own hair or weaves that look like curly fros more than ever, and I contribute that to seeing women of color on tv with big curly hair ( albeit that it is not typically 4) . It’s in style now, and I’m glad it is.

        • You’re also assuming that all women with looser curls are mixed or Latina. And that is also what black women aspire to negating that not all women want those textures/ curl size. While also invalidating others experiences bcause you are ignorant to their experiences.The whole basis of this seems to have a lot of internalized racism. Not to mention the Post truth used to validate what you are saying. Listen more.

        • As a dark-skinned black woman who has black ancestry as far as the eye can see – I have 3b hair. I have ALWAYS felt comfortable wearing my hair naturally curly as long as I kept the curls defined (basically, putting product in it). I never felt like my hair was “unacceptable”… unless I didn’t put the product in and my hair got frizzy and didn’t look like the “acceptable” type of hair. I didn’t care, but other folks sure did and they didn’t hesitate to tell me “you have good hair – why let it look ‘nappy’? Seeing other black women with kinky/curly/nappy/rebellious/carefree hair is what allowed me to say – I will wear my hair however I want. Some days I put in product – sometimes I will twist, sometimes, i pick it out into an afro.

          When have loose curls NOT been acceptable? You are doing a whole lot of erroneous extrapolating here. Most BLACK WOMEN who have gone natural and truly embraced their unique beauty do so because they were able to take their cues from other brave black women. Not because Halle and JLo wear their hair curly.

          • Thanks for this succulent response and explanation. People like Tinytim need to be shut down when it comes to bastardizing our history. I’m sick of seeing people like her who adhere to white supremacy at all cost get away with this.

      • Whatever. We have different opinions. But I feel that a lot of black girls nowadays are wearing natural hair or wearing tightly curled weaves bc of the latinas and mixed race representation in the media today. the big curly fro is mainstream, and we cannot denounce the people that help make it possible. Do tighter coiled women get far less media attention than looser textures? Yes. Is it completely unfair? Absolutely. But you cannot deny that walking into a target or seeing a model on a magazine rack or looking through countless insta accounts of women with big huge curly hair has not inspired SOME black women to ditch the relaxer and weaves for something that looks closer to that aesthetic

        • I as a mixed raced woman would love to get and give the credit but in my opinion we aren’t quite there yet. I mean there were more Afros and trends around the kink in the 70s. Now if those years come back hair-wise I would start talking about who we should give credit to for the growing natural hair trend. I think that euro-friendly corporate-manufactured standards of beauty are still very out there and that they are still just giving us a bone to get us to stop calling them racist. That’s my personal opinion. At least in the 70s white people were getting themselves perms to have hair like us. The only instances where they do it today is for avant-garde fashion shoots. We are moving forward, I agree with that, but aren’t there yet.

          • I don’t think you’ll see white people in large numbers getting perms and such to try to have hair like black folks again. Not unless appropriation stops getting policed so hard. I’m not for or against it; I just think your standard of measurement for progress won’t hold water these days.

        • “But I feel that a lot of black girls nowadays are wearing natural hair or wearing tightly curled weaves bc of the latinas and mixed race representation in the media today.”–WRONG! The natural hair movement has been on going for over 20 years. It’s a throwback to the 70’s black power movement and a rejection of the perm and weave that have run havoc on black women’s hair, pocket and spyche. In addition, there have always been natural hair black women, just because you never saw them, does not mean they did not exist.

          Furthermore, straight hair white women are the standard of beauty, not curly/kinky natural hair black women, so natural hair black women were not promoted or given the same amount of exposure in the mass media. So like with everything else in this white supremacy run world, black women that wanted to get further in the entertainment industry/media, coorporate world, school, get a job, get a date, or just live, succumbed to the ASSIMILATION/IMITATION of the white standard of beauty.

          Finally, the media HAS ALWAYS PROMOTED natural mixed race or latina women over black natural hair women because they fit white supremacys standard of beauty aesthetic closer. Those types of women were and are still being used as an eraser/replacement of black women. The black natural hair movement going on now, has NOTHING to do with following natural hair mixed or latina women. If that was the case, black women would have never needed to turn to perming or weaving straight hair unto their head en mass IN THE FIRST PLACE since mixed race & latina women with natural hair, have ALWAYS BEEN more palatable in the mass media. So not only is your reasoning of how the natural hair movement came about in the black community inaccurate, but it’s LOGICALLY FLAWED!!!

          You are wholly ignorant and confused about what sparked the natural hair movement in the black community. I’m here to tell you from my own testimony (16 years) as well as many other black women that have gone natural, mixed race women & latina women wearing their natural hair had NOTHING to do with it. If you don’t know the history of the natural hair movement, do not interject or create one to boost your fragile ego. Stop basterdizing black people’s history.

          One more thing, don’t come at me with that BS, that you said SOME BW need to give credit to mixed race & Latina women for making them go natural, because this is still ignorantly promoting colorism and the erasure of black women. It is a shame that you, knowing full well in their attempt to appease to us, the insidious nature of white supremacy still rears it’s ugly head with the disgusting practice of whitewashing/erasing/replacing BW in any way, shape, or form deserves a thank you. No, white supremacy does not get or deserve any f**cking credit or thank you for continuing to do what they do best–erase us. You are joke.

          • Ok. Thanks for the long winded response. I can understand your pov. But just here me out on this one, The article is a about a model named Jessica white who is known for her long straight weaves. Without a doubt she works with mixed race and Latina models with natural curly hair. Without a doubt she has been seeing big curly hair become mainstream. Hell, She may have lost out on jobs for not having that natural look. What I’m trying to say is that Jessica White more than likely has been influenced by the mixed race ame Latina models in the industry who have been rocking the natural trend. She no longer feels it necessary to white wash her image with straight weaves. She sees her coworkers wearing their curls and still booking jobs, so she’s hopping on that band wagon too. Good bc she has pretty hair and should show it off.

          • And thanks for this imaginative, illogical, ridiculous and absurd theory.

            You are so clueless that it’s downright tragic.

          • Let me keep this short: black women made natural hair become more mainstream by wearing their hair in its natural state. Black women don’t owe mixed race or non black women recognition for trends we start.

            And no jessica white nor any other black woman won’t credit you for anything.

            You mixed race and non blacks can’t stand to see black women shine without trying highjack it. Grow up you’ll live.

            I hope i was clear enough because you seem as simple as you are attention thirsty. .

          • And another thing. Maybe due to age we have diff perspectives about why people go natural or try to emulate natural hair. Your journey sounds like a more spiritual and personal one. My black gfs journeys are not quite that deep. One of my friends wears curly weaves simply bc her fav artist,Lion babe wears a huge curly wig. One fades her hair so no need for relaxers and another loves a YouTube vlogger named sunkissed Alba and has stopped flat ironing her hair to achieve a curly look. I have never heard them mention going natural bc of some anti white supremacists agenda or a new black power movement. They just see other people rocking a a hairstyle they like and try to copy them.

          • Your ignorance is astounding. Let me help you out–Keep your ridiculous theories confined to your anecdotal friends and stop imposing them on the rest of us black women.

            You are tragic.

        • What an embarrassing, uneducated response! ????? No hate, cause some of my family is mixed race, but I’ve absolutely NEVER been inspired by mixed/Latinas, nor have I ever seen them held up as bastions of the natural hair movement, which predates current history, btw. Try the 60s for a start, a time when black people looked deeply into their identities as BLACK people and expressed it outwardly even in their appearance.

          You sound like the white women that hop in natural hair posts talking about how they have natural hair too but they’re excluded from the movement. Just because people YOU know are like that doesn’t speak to black women at large. Embracing natural hair is embracing OUR indentities as BLACK women. The backgrounds aren’t even compatible for comparison in the first place.

    • Yeah, you sound like an a z z promoting colorism. Most ads promote straight blond hair and blue eyes it only helps that group being promoted.

    • Black women were inspired to rock their natural hair by other black women.
      So you can sit your delusional mulatto as s down with that BS.

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