What happens when you merge Kwanzaa and the Buy Black movement? You get Brooklyn’s Kwanzaa Crawl, the brainchild of comedian and writer Kerry Coddett. In an interview with the New York Daily News, she says the event, in its first year, is a way to turn pro-black words into action;

“We’re always looking to bring the community together and inspire people to take an active role in the things that happen in their community… So this is just another one of our initiatives. We think it’s important that we support the small black-owned businesses that support us, that hire us.. We’re tired of being shot. We’re tired of police brutality. We’re tired of complaining, and we’re tired of protesting. This event is one of those things that encourages people to be mobile and do something and learn who their congressmen and city council members are. They’re all out here supporting this.”

On December 26, the first day of Kwanzaa, attendees traveled to 17 black-owned bars and restaurants throughout Brooklyn. And the turnout was incredible with more than 1600 people coming out.

Attendees gather in Restoration Plaza for Kwanzaa Crawl
Credit: New York Daily News
Attendees get wristbands for Kwanzaa Crawl
Credit: New York Daily News


Go to New York Daily News for more photos from the event and Kwanzaacrawl.com for more information about Kwanzaa Crawl.

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Sabrina black

I love this unity. It just proves we are supportive?


Wish I was there!


Me too!


This is BEAUTIFUL!!! We so need to do more stuff like this. Wish I was still in NY to participate.