[Video] All Black Women Kicked Out of Victoria’s Secret Store After One Caught Shoplifting

Kimberly Houzah was shopping at a Victoria’s Secret in Quintard Mall in Oxford, Alabama when a black woman was caught shoplifting. Instead of doing the sensical thing and removing the woman caught shoplifting, store management ordered all black women in the store to leave, despite the fact they had arrived separately and did not know each other. Management did not check their bags or accuse them of stealing, simply asked them to leave.

Houzah, a nurse, videotaped the incident and can be heard sharing contact information with another incredulous black woman who was asked to leave. She remains calm throughout the humiliating encounter but eventually breaks down in tears. At one point she says, “I never never would have thought in America that that would happen to me.”

Watch below.


Victoria’s Secret has issued an apology on its Facebook page;

“We take the experience of our customer at the Quintard Mall very seriously and have reached out to her directly to express our sincere apology. What happened at our store should not have happened and does not represent who we are or what we stand for. The store associate involved in this matter is no longer employed with the company. Victoria’s Secret is adamant that all customers regardless of race be treated with dignity and respect at all times.”


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77 thoughts on “[Video] All Black Women Kicked Out of Victoria’s Secret Store After One Caught Shoplifting

  1. Be sure to sure to WRITE every one in her supervisory line in the chain of command up to and including the highest person in customer relations. She failed as a manager. And humiliated you two. While she is entitled to have her own ideas about the honesty of black people, as a paid representative of Victoria’s Secret she is Not entitled to act out her prejudices at work. Unless there are consequences for her behavior she’s unlikely to change it. Stick with the facts, without documentation things don’t exist, And writing is the most effective way to respond because a phone call is intercepted by a secretary who job is to gate keep between you and management. Managers seldom blow off a customer who has taken the time to write a letter, which rarely happens these days. Good luck. Remember, the incident happened to you, but it wasn’t about you. That behavior grew out of something in her head.

  2. Funny I was in in the grocery store and the Hispanic worker was watching all the Black people very closely……I was off to the side waiting and eating my blowpop when this White lady came in with a backpack and just started grabbing stuff, not even looking at what she was stuffing her bag with and then just existed….the worker didn’t see a thing of course, and I watched it all just eating my blow pop……………. and never went back…..Trump has all these bastards riled up even more than they were before and they are getting BOLD……….Be safe but don’t take their shit either.

    • I can’t tell you the amount of times living in London I’ve witnessed white males and females in stores just helping themselves to stuff and leaving without paying for a damn thing yet security and shop assistants alike feel they need to scrutinise the black shoppers. Once I decided to approach the manager of a shop after I’d just witnessed a white male take half a shelf full of stuff and leave. The manager didn’t seem too bothered so I said to myself you know what I’m not saying It always amazes me when Black people act like they don’t know these prejudices exists, the sister got a wake up call as to how we are viewed. We all get our wake up call at some point.

      • The other day at tesco the alarm went off while a white man walked off. No one chased him if he was black. We know …..

  3. Not only am I shocked, but I’m also embarrassed by this incident. I used to go to the Quintard Mall as kid growing up in Anniston, AL. The reason this happen is because there is alot of racial tension in that area. There are barely any jobs since all the factory jobs went overseas.

    Kudos to Victoria Secret for stepping in swiftly and terminating the people who are responsible for this. VS isn’t at fault here, but the racist management. VS doesn’t deserve a boycott, not for this anyway.

  4. THEY BETTER SUE THEM, and I’m DEFINITELY boycotting them. We should be supporting our own ANYWAY. I’ve been posting blackowned lingerie alternatives all over the place. There’s Nubian Skin, Nude Barre, Aimanosi Lingerie, Suzy Black, Just My Jammies, dbleudazzled, and My Little Vixen.

  5. Good that VS fired the racist employee. That’s exactly how to handle these kinds of incidents which are probably going to increase under the new presidential administration.

  6. Had a very racist experience at an Anthropologie in Savannah, but never had a problem at any of their locations in my area. I believe in lodging a complaint to corporate. They can only monitor bad managers so much, but it is their responsibility to act accordingly should a manager or other staff member at one of their locations get out of line. Kudos to Victoria’s Secret for firing the racist trash. They could have turned a blind eye.

    • That’s not kudos! What are you talking about? That’s cleaning up your own mess. They should be clearing the people they hire. Look them up on social media, give them a questionnaire – find out who they’re dealing with! They don’t get a pat on the back for cleaning up their mess! White people need to get it through their heads that racism is UNACCEPTABLE. It’s not a light thing. They need to be preventative and get rid of that mentality and if they can’t, hire black people. It’s that simple.

  7. What a joke. It’s usually white kids and young adults robbing these stores blind because they know they can get away with it!!!

    • In college, there was a group I knew the black girls in the group distracted the attendants while the white girls shoplifted. They share whatever they looted too. Smh. They always laughed about how foolish they are to only monitor blacks.

  8. i dont understand why she started crying. these white folks put you out the store, literally, and you’re hurt because you can’t spend your money there…? why?

    • She’s not crying because she can’t spend her money. It is not unusual to cry when you’re angry. Plus, what the manager did is humiliating. Crying is a completely reasonable reaction.

      • sounds like she was crying bc she couldnt spend money there “i come here all the time, my mom shops here. i can buy anything i want” she touched on being black & racism (and quickly moved on from it) much less than spending money. If it was racism that bothered her, she wouldve stressed that particular issue, no?

        • She said that she can buy anything in there that she wants, not because she’s mad that she can’t spend money there but because she’s getting thrown out for no reason. There’s no reason for her to steal anything because she has shopped there before and her mother has too. She can buy anything in there that she wants. She doesn’t have to steal. That’s basically what’s she’s saying. Not in a prissy “Do you know who I am? I can afford this whole store” type of way, but a “what do i have to steal for? i can afford to buy anything in the store.” type of way. She’s basically defending herself by saying that she’s a paying customer and has been one for a while.

      • again, why cry when faced with racism? it doesn’t make sense. racism is nothing new. we have dealt with it since we came here. she didn’t do anything wrong & she knows it. she has the biggest lawsuit on her hands. don’t get mad, cry, or whatever. we need to start flexing our power and bowl ALL OF THEM over.

    • Why do you insist on putting down someone’s natural reaction to being insulted, ostracized and humiliated? Your judgment is misplaced, save your vitriol for the store associate who put her in that position, not a victim of racism for simply reacting to racism.

      • The FACT of the matter is this. RACISM has been here for hundreds of years & despite what people may think or want, it’s NEVER going anywhere. Period. After this entire time and after knowing this, some people are not well equipped to handle it. Why is it shocking? Because it happened to her? Did she think it wouldn’t? This is America & she live in one of the most backwards states in the US. So yes, I am confused when people run away with their tail in between their legs when this is an everyday occurance that will continue until this country burns to the ground.

  9. There is no way on God’s green earth can anyone make me leave an establishment just because i share the same ethnicity with a thief! They would have to physically remove me, hence a lawsuit and that would go for the humiliation. I will first call the police and make sure the news media is aware of what happened. Why in the world would she leave? That’s so ridiculous!

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