Kimberly Houzah was shopping at a Victoria’s Secret in Quintard Mall in Oxford, Alabama when a black woman was caught shoplifting. Instead of doing the sensical thing and removing the woman caught shoplifting, store management ordered all black women in the store to leave, despite the fact they had arrived separately and did not know each other. Management did not check their bags or accuse them of stealing, simply asked them to leave.

Houzah, a nurse, videotaped the incident and can be heard sharing contact information with another incredulous black woman who was asked to leave. She remains calm throughout the humiliating encounter but eventually breaks down in tears. At one point she says, “I never never would have thought in America that that would happen to me.”

Watch below.


Victoria’s Secret has issued an apology on its Facebook page;

“We take the experience of our customer at the Quintard Mall very seriously and have reached out to her directly to express our sincere apology. What happened at our store should not have happened and does not represent who we are or what we stand for. The store associate involved in this matter is no longer employed with the company. Victoria’s Secret is adamant that all customers regardless of race be treated with dignity and respect at all times.”


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Black People (mostly men) commit a grossly disproportionate amount of crime


There is no way on God’s green earth can anyone make me leave an establishment just because i share the same ethnicity with a thief! They would have to physically remove me, hence a lawsuit and that would go for the humiliation. I will first call the police and make sure the news media is aware of what happened. Why in the world would she leave? That’s so ridiculous!

Chocolate swirl

Fellow black beauties please patronize Nubian skin. They have fab lingerie. It’s black owned too.


i dont understand why she started crying. these white folks put you out the store, literally, and you’re hurt because you can’t spend your money there…? why?


She’s not crying because she can’t spend her money. It is not unusual to cry when you’re angry. Plus, what the manager did is humiliating. Crying is a completely reasonable reaction.


sounds like she was crying bc she couldnt spend money there “i come here all the time, my mom shops here. i can buy anything i want” she touched on being black & racism (and quickly moved on from it) much less than spending money. If it was racism that bothered her, she wouldve stressed that particular issue, no?

Jenny Alexis
She said that she can buy anything in there that she wants, not because she’s mad that she can’t spend money there but because she’s getting thrown out for no reason. There’s no reason for her to steal anything because she has shopped there before and her mother has too. She can buy anything in there that she wants. She doesn’t have to steal. That’s basically what’s she’s saying. Not in a prissy “Do you know who I am? I can afford this whole store” type of way, but a “what do i have to steal for? i can afford… Read more »

She cried because her ego was humiliated publicly. How did you miss that?


again, why cry when faced with racism? it doesn’t make sense. racism is nothing new. we have dealt with it since we came here. she didn’t do anything wrong & she knows it. she has the biggest lawsuit on her hands. don’t get mad, cry, or whatever. we need to start flexing our power and bowl ALL OF THEM over.


Why do you insist on putting down someone’s natural reaction to being insulted, ostracized and humiliated? Your judgment is misplaced, save your vitriol for the store associate who put her in that position, not a victim of racism for simply reacting to racism.


Save your opinion for somebody who asked for it.


Oh grow up, when you comment on the internet you’re gonna get responses whether you like them or not.

The FACT of the matter is this. RACISM has been here for hundreds of years & despite what people may think or want, it’s NEVER going anywhere. Period. After this entire time and after knowing this, some people are not well equipped to handle it. Why is it shocking? Because it happened to her? Did she think it wouldn’t? This is America & she live in one of the most backwards states in the US. So yes, I am confused when people run away with their tail in between their legs when this is an everyday occurance that will continue… Read more »

What a joke. It’s usually white kids and young adults robbing these stores blind because they know they can get away with it!!!

Chocolate swirl

In college, there was a group I knew the black girls in the group distracted the attendants while the white girls shoplifted. They share whatever they looted too. Smh. They always laughed about how foolish they are to only monitor blacks.


Had a very racist experience at an Anthropologie in Savannah, but never had a problem at any of their locations in my area. I believe in lodging a complaint to corporate. They can only monitor bad managers so much, but it is their responsibility to act accordingly should a manager or other staff member at one of their locations get out of line. Kudos to Victoria’s Secret for firing the racist trash. They could have turned a blind eye.

justtwo post

That’s not kudos! What are you talking about? That’s cleaning up your own mess. They should be clearing the people they hire. Look them up on social media, give them a questionnaire – find out who they’re dealing with! They don’t get a pat on the back for cleaning up their mess! White people need to get it through their heads that racism is UNACCEPTABLE. It’s not a light thing. They need to be preventative and get rid of that mentality and if they can’t, hire black people. It’s that simple.


Good that VS fired the racist employee. That’s exactly how to handle these kinds of incidents which are probably going to increase under the new presidential administration.

justtwo post

THEY BETTER SUE THEM, and I’m DEFINITELY boycotting them. We should be supporting our own ANYWAY. I’ve been posting blackowned lingerie alternatives all over the place. There’s Nubian Skin, Nude Barre, Aimanosi Lingerie, Suzy Black, Just My Jammies, dbleudazzled, and My Little Vixen.

Chocolate swirl

I love Nubian skin but I’ll look up the rest

Mouse bites

Not only am I shocked, but I’m also embarrassed by this incident. I used to go to the Quintard Mall as kid growing up in Anniston, AL. The reason this happen is because there is alot of racial tension in that area. There are barely any jobs since all the factory jobs went overseas.

Kudos to Victoria Secret for stepping in swiftly and terminating the people who are responsible for this. VS isn’t at fault here, but the racist management. VS doesn’t deserve a boycott, not for this anyway.


BOYCOTT! Anyway their product are overpriced and their perfumes smell like cheap perfumes

Funny I was in in the grocery store and the Hispanic worker was watching all the Black people very closely……I was off to the side waiting and eating my blowpop when this White lady came in with a backpack and just started grabbing stuff, not even looking at what she was stuffing her bag with and then just existed….the worker didn’t see a thing of course, and I watched it all just eating my blow pop……………. and never went back…..Trump has all these bastards riled up even more than they were before and they are getting BOLD……….Be safe but don’t… Read more »
I can’t tell you the amount of times living in London I’ve witnessed white males and females in stores just helping themselves to stuff and leaving without paying for a damn thing yet security and shop assistants alike feel they need to scrutinise the black shoppers. Once I decided to approach the manager of a shop after I’d just witnessed a white male take half a shelf full of stuff and leave. The manager didn’t seem too bothered so I said to myself you know what I’m not saying It always amazes me when Black people act like they don’t… Read more »
Chocolate swirl

The other day at tesco the alarm went off while a white man walked off. No one chased him if he was black. We know …..

DeBorah Lenette Pollitt
DeBorah Lenette Pollitt
Be sure to sure to WRITE every one in her supervisory line in the chain of command up to and including the highest person in customer relations. She failed as a manager. And humiliated you two. While she is entitled to have her own ideas about the honesty of black people, as a paid representative of Victoria’s Secret she is Not entitled to act out her prejudices at work. Unless there are consequences for her behavior she’s unlikely to change it. Stick with the facts, without documentation things don’t exist, And writing is the most effective way to respond because… Read more »

Victoria secret sent out an apology. The employee was fired allegedly. This is a disgrace and absolutely humiliating for these two patrons. Everyone should write Victoria secrets corporate. And boycott.


If they have acted efficiently and took disciplinary action as to sack the employee,then they are showing they are not standing for racism and have acted there is no reason to write them if they have acted already..the actions of this employee is of no surprise to me since black people are always dealt an unfair hand.


Why boycott? They fired the employee. Plus economic impact of blacks at VS is small. So it would be useless.


This is so outrageous. Betcha somebody voted Trump and figured they’d play their Trump card in Trumps America. SIck.

Why “In America” would you have never thought this would happen to you? “in America” this would be the FIRST place it would happen to EVERY black person. LOL! I really hope Victoria’s Secret will respond with an apology to you, the other black woman and all of their Black customers with respect to this incident. They have a huge responsibility to the African American community. An African American model TYRA BANKS brought billions of African American dollars to their business just from being the most beautiful and successful Victoria’s Secret model on their payroll. So if they don’t want… Read more »
justtwo post
Who cares about “if?” It already happened! DO you not understand that we live in a racist country and that Victoria’s Secret and all of these other businesses have a responsibility to CLEAR the people they hire as well as train them? YOU NEED TO RAISE YOUR STANDARDS FOR YOURSELF AND FOR YOUR PEOPLE. YOU DO NOT GET TO MAKE MISTAKES WITH THINGS LIKE THIS AND COME BACK FROM IT. WE ARE BOYCOTTING THEM. IT’S OVER. WE SHOULDN’T BE SUPPORTING WHITE BUSINESSES AT THIS JUNCTION ANYWAY! TOO MANY PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY VOTED FOR TRUMP AND LOOK AT THE IMPACT… Read more »
Oscar Madison

Do you actually think that racists are incapable of concealing their racism in a job interview, application, questionnaire, etc.? The problem was brought to the attention of corporate. Corporate dealt with it swiftly and issued an apology. Had they not responded as such then you would have standing to boycott etc. It’s not reasonable to expect the Victoria’s Secret corporation to end racism in America. To say they don’t get to make mistakes and come back from it is absolutely ridiculous.

justtwo post
We would have the “standing” to boycott? You must be really dense – WE ARE BOYCOTTING YOU. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD. IT’S 2016 – IF YOU’RE WHITE AND YOU WANT OUR MONEY, CLEAN UP YOUR COMMUNITY. YOU WOULD THINK AFTER CENTURIES YOU WOULD HAVE RID YOUR COMMUNITIES OF THIS FILTHY MENTALITY BUT NO, YOU PEOPLE ARE STILL JUST AS LAZY AND ENTITLED AS YOU WERE DURING SLAVERY TIMES. THAT IS OVER AND DONE WITH. TIME IS UP. You push anti-black/pro-white propaganda in your media and when your people are called out on it, you don’t want to hear about… Read more »
DivaStyle Coach

SO sorry this happened to you. I shared this post and I hope that store either reassigns or outright REMOVES that employee. Three unrelated women in a store who happen to share skin tone / color does NOT a crime make. Time to boycott that particular store, and if VS Corporate doesn’t do the right thing with a quickness, boycott ALL of their stories!

justtwo post

Again with the “if” like you don’t understand 60% of white Americans are overt racists in this country. Why would you be giving your money to them? Explain that to me.


What are you basing your statistics on please?

justtwo post

That is based on the number of them who voted for Trump. Anyone who would vote into power someone who has been instigating violence against black people is an overt racist to me. I don’t care what lies and rationalizations they want to come up with. They don’t care about black lives so they shouldn’t be getting black money.


Not an accurate statistic. If its 60% of whites (not sure it’s exactly 60) that is just of the counted votes. From what I read its more like 25% of the white people in the USA voted for him. I like the idea to support smaller (than VS) businesses though!


I actually don’t shop at Victoria’s Secret – but I will defend the right of ANY grown woman to shop wherever she pleases and NOT to be accused of something she did not do.

Jewell Singletary

Nubian Skin is a GREAT alternative to VS! Not only do they make undergarments for women of various different skin tones but they are also BLACK OWNED!!!! check em out ladies!


A reason to boycott Victoria’s Secrets until Victoria secrets apologizes and puts in training for their store managers not to judge customers by the color of their skin.


You have read the company policy right? They already have training in place. Just like you have training in place for restaurants, but still have people spitting in food or worse.

justtwo post

Yea because spitting in someone’s food is the same as acts of discrimination and racism. Girl bye. I feel bad for you white people if the majority of you think like this because you are in for a rude awakening. I’m done, and a lot of black people I know are DONE. They would have to go FAR above and beyond what they’re willing to to rectify this. WE’RE NOT CHEAP ANYMORE. WE’RE NOT DOING THAT ANYMORE.


I’m so sorry that happened to you. I wish I was there with you. I would have given you a hug. I know that doesn’t fix racism, but maybe it would have made you feel more loved and more human.


people still buy that garbage? their clothing is vulgar


Call AND WRITE the Victoria Secret DISTRICT MANAGER, then call and write a letter to the Corporate Manager. Then send that same letter of complaint to Better Business Bureau look for that Victoria Secret and paste your complaint letter!

Ole'School Soul
I’m not focusing on the manager’s sins…I’m focusing on the shoplifter for creating this mess to begin with…Making us look bad again. Being in this place & time I’m not really surprised by this racial injustice. Every prejudiced case & story sickens me because I hate hate. I hate what the manager did, there’s no excuse…but I’m hating the shoplifter even more. I hate her sin. I hate her sinful pettiness to steal some drawers. I hate the fact that her crime put a target on all of those other innocent ladies’ backs. I hate the fact that everytime one… Read more »
I work in retail and white people steal ALL the time. It would be ridiculous if I saw a white person steal and told all the other white people leave. What’s wrong is that the actions of one are made representative of all black people. It’s society’s problem. There are going to be people that steal of all races, good people of all races, bad people of all races. That’s just life. It’s like that stereotype of Asians being bad drivers. If I saw an Asian person drive bad I might be like “wow, those Asian drivers man.” But tons… Read more »
Lorie V.
But why isn’t it their fault? They did wrong & there are consequences & their bad actions hurt more innocent people than themselves. Cause & effect…stupidity from a. triggered b. & hurt the c. the innocents ones. Shoplifter left an aftermath & should get shamed for it…maybe if we start shaming the bad folks they’ll stop. I’m tired of a few people messing up things for everybody too, it’s not fair to us. Just do right, it’s easy! I mean nobody is even focusing in on the shoplifter now…she started it by acting stupid. She set herself up & us.… Read more »

Who’s glorifying what you said……smh…..internalized racism is a bitch……I’ve worked in retail and all groups steal……respectability politics will not shield you from racism or racists.

Lorie V.
Lis racism wasn’t the main thing that set me off in this story, the lady who stole did & she stole drawers. I just don’t like to see people mess up…especially my own. Yes all groups steal but down here on this prejudiced Earth a black person’s sins weigh more than a white persons. And no being angels 100% of the time won’t protect us from racism & prejudice…but we can still live right for each other’s sake, that’s my point. I don’t feel like it’s internalized racism for calling out my own people, “the ones who do steal etc… Read more »
La Bandita

So you decide your actions on what White People think about you, so they are basically mind controlling you.

2nd you want us to racially shame the girl. Her getting arrested is not enough. You don’t see her as an individual who did a bad thing, but as a color that did a bad thing and you’re worried about how it affects you – not really about the girl.

Third, if you REALLY care you would go seek out the shop lifting girl and speak wisdom into her. Instead you’re bashing upstanding citizens that just wanted some hair care tips.

La Bandita

You’re not Black. You still blaming a entire race for what one person did. When we call ALL White people racist then you want to be seen as an individual. We are individuals. We don’t need to racial shame the Black girl, because she was taken into police custody.

Lorie V.
Prejudiced white people don’t see us as individuals & that’s what I want my black people to start realizing especially the young ones, before they decide to do something wrong. Their actions affect all of us, family, friends etc whether they intended to or not. It’s not the same for white people & no it’s not fair. But that’s what we have to start teaching them. It’s not racial shaming to call out our family & friends for doing something wrong instead of sweeping it under a rug. And I am Black & I want my people to do better… Read more »
La Bandita
You do have internalized racism. 1st, you believe in the stereotypes of Black people, so you’re filled with Anti-Black thought steeped in White Supremacy. 2nd, you’re speaking about a group of Black people as if they are one person that you actually know. That’s how racism works. 3rd, you unable to see the thief as a young girl that stole, was caught and taken into police custody without it leading you to berate an entire race of people – that’s racist. If you are Black as you say and you want Black people to do right – they you go… Read more »

I’m not their mother. I’m not the police. Why do I have to be held accountable for their actions?

Lorie V.

That’s my point you’re not suppose to be held accountable but you will inherit some of the backlash that you don’t deserve from it. That’s all I hear right now, because we’re not seen as individuals like we should be. And because selfish people don’t hold themselves accountable for what bad things might happen to someone innocent. That’s what hurt me when I read what happened to those ladies, it didn’t start with racism this time… it started with someone being selfish & having no accountability for her actions.

Chocolate swirl

Only blacks are grouped. Whites are allowed to have an individuality.

Me too! I get tired of hearing about one of my people messing up. And I get a lot of stank eyes from folks for calling out someone’s BS. They look at me like i’m a snitch or unloyal to my people for speaking the truth. I want my people to do right & live right like we suppose to…what’s so bad about that? And I know it’s not just my people who shoplift etc, every color is guilty of it. But it ain’t ok for MY PEOPLE to do it because ultimately…they did wrong and it does reflect back… Read more »

How dreadful

Miss Sophia


Celia Boyd

This is why you need to buy black and stop giving your money to people that don’t respect you. Labels don’t make the woman. You can find the same or better at your black own business. Invest in yourself and stop giving your money to these people. Don’t need petitions to get someone fired just take your money out of their pockets and reinvest in your community. When will we learn. Once they miss out dollars their attitude will change.


Exactly this!




Your talking about one person who has a bigoted belief-it doesnt men the corporation or company share it.

justtwo post

doesn’t matter.


Most corporations are far removed from Black people’s feelings or racists experiences. It’s only when certain things are brought to light do they start acting like they care. As Celia stated investing in our communities is vital. Everyone else practices it so why are we still lagging.


“This is why you need to buy black and stop giving your money to people that don’t respect you”

Then it damn sure won’t be going to the black community! Black women get disrespected daily there. I guess we keep our money in our pockets!

La Bandita

That is untrue. Stop spreading lies.


This is insane. I would have asked for the employees name, then told her I was going to publish this story with her name in it, and left, never to return.


Someone has started a petition to fire the manager for racial profiling.
Here is the link if anyone would like to sign:


This is horrible. No one should have to go through this. Someone started a petition to fire the Manager fired from that store. Here is the link if everyone wants to sign

Drucilla Mcgill

The way you get mad and let them know boycott and stop buying that garbage vs undergarments don’t even fit our curvy figures I bet there are whites in that store right now getting away with the stuff they didn’t pay for cut it up please!!!!! If you feel something isn’t right trust yourself stop buying white!!!!!! Stop loving vs start your own business


Heartbreaking. But this does not surprise me. Racist retail managers have been doing ish like this for years. There is nothing in their company policies that tells them to profile and discriminate based on race but they are allowed to use their OWN discretion when dealing with theft prevention. Is sad to think of how many white women get away with shoplifting because the racist manager is all up the black woman’s ass. Then when a black girl does get caught, why would you assume all the other women were affiliated? This VS store and that manager are going down.

Janet Holmes

OOOOKAY. she lives in the deeeeep south where racism is what the cave dwellers lives and breathe and this stupid woman has the nerve to say she never would have thought that it would happen to her in America. Is she on drugs or did she just fell to earth?..The lack of education is a BI**H

La Bandita

Don’t call her stupid. She could live a protected bubble surrounded by family that love her. It wasn’t until I traveled inside of America and outside of it that I understood reality. Education in the books, but in travel and meeting different people is needed for everyone.