*Warn­ing: graph­ic video*

After see­ing the ini­tial pho­tos, I didn’t think that it would be pos­si­ble for this styl­ist to save any of her client’s hair after remov­ing a 9-mon­th-old weave. A bro­ken arm ini­tial­ly pre­vent­ed the client from tak­ing her weave out, but it was appar­ent­ly left it in even after the arm had healed. 

Although most of the clients hair had to be cut off, New Jer­sey styl­ist Boni­ta Abakah-Koran­teng was able to save a good amount of the woman’s hair. The client’s scalp was treat­ed and she was given a silk press with no added hair. After work­ing her mag­ic, Boni­ta stressed the impor­tance of prop­er weave main­te­nance and know­ing when its time to remove your install. She rec­om­mends leav­ing your weave in no longer than 3 months, with prop­er wash­ing and dry­ing until it’s unin­stalled.

Take a look at her work in action, below.

More footage of my work yes­ter­day. I took out a sew-in that was left in for NINE months. This client had a bro­ken arm. I treat­ed the hair and gave her a silk press. I’ll get back to mes­sages & com­ments and calls lat­er 🙂 . No hair was added in the end! It’s a silk press. #styled­by­boni­ta #njhair­styl­ist #healthy_hair_jour­ney #relaxed_­nat­u­ral #4chairchick #the­cut­life #the­mane­choice #voice­ofhair #desig­nessen­tials #nore­lax­er #nychair­styl­ist #silk­press #nat­u­ral­hair #the­shade­room #balleralert #world­star #world­starhiphop #wshh #hair­in­bk #behindthechair #mod­ern­sa­lon #hair.videos #nat­u­ral­hair­dai­ly #curl­box #black­girl­mag­ic #essencemagazine #rihan­na

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This client had a bro­ken arm, please be care­ful when com­ment­ing.


This is Boni­ta , the styl­ist , Thanky­ou! It wasn’t a rough process but a bless­ing in dis­guise.

Miss T

I would lovvvve to know how much the styl­ist charged her for this. I would’ve told her $499 start­ing for a “health and safe­ty” fee…


With any man­age­ment of nat­u­ral hair, whether cleans­ing, prep­ping or styling, you have to take it one sec­tion at a time. May­be one small improve­ment can boost your con­fi­dence. I’m try­ing to come back from a year of stag­nant growth and hair loss. You can do it.


Usu­al­ly in sit­u­a­tions like this wher­er peo­ple leave their weave in for so long is a case of men­tal ill­ness. Peo­ple with con­di­tions such as depres­sion some­times have a hard time car­ing for them­selves (only SOME peo­ple though)


You just described me. Although, I don’t have a weave, I haven’t tak­en care of my nat­u­ral hair at all. It isn’t grow­ing and I’m just mak­ing myself more self-con­cious, but I can’t seem to help myself. My Mum’s given up. I’m 15


Per­haps, it’s usu­al­ly do to lack of mak­ing time and edu­ca­tion on how long to let the weave stay in two or three months MAX ..illness…i.e. bro­ken arm… lack of time, and lack of mon­ey is usu­al­ly the key rea­sons.


I’m sur­prised she had ANY hair left on her head. This is the bad­dest styl­ist I’ve EVER seen in my life. To take mold­ed, jacked up hair like that and then do what she did? She’s the BADDEST styl­ist on this earth! She did an excel­lent job!


Short of doing a TWA or one inch style, the styl­ist rocked it!


.….why would you leave a weave in that long…? Well any­way the styl­ist is awe­some her hair came out beau­ti­ful.


I’m not a weave/sew-in fan, one of the rea­sons is hygiene. Even when I’ve worn exten­sions my hair doesn’t feel like it’s had a prop­er clean when washed, so I strug­gle to see how that can be achieved with the­se things.

Pre­pared to be enlight­ened.

ticha st.fleur

Im just visu­al­ly pic­tur­ing the bac­te­ria and mold in the fol­li­cles of her hair.…just ewwww and the dan­druff that falls out of her weave every­time she pats it when its ITCHY.Wasnt it ever itchy????




Is hav­ing long hair REALLY that seri­ous?


When it comes to fun­gus I just can’t. Who in their right mind would let it get this bad? In my case I can’t do more then 4 days with­out my scalp being washed because the salt buildup makes it too itchy so I can’t imag­ine what her head must have felt like with green sit­ting under­neath. I’m glad it could be fixed but I won­der how many peo­ple out there actu­al­ly have this type of prob­lem.


Same-the most I can go is 2 weeks with­out wash­ing my hair and I strug­gle hard lol..I love my hair clean and like to wash my twice every week.
I can’t under­stand black wom­en who don’t wash their hair fre­quent­ly and feel no way but the rest of the body is clean and preened to per­fec­tion.

Its tru­ly revolt­ing how some black wom­en out there walk around with this mold and fun­gus in their hair. It must stink like some­thing awful. I can’t imag­ine going a week with­out wash­ing my hair, let alone 3 months or 9! Even on kids by the 5th day after wash­ing there is a slight whiff that means its time to wash it. Sure­ly peo­ple around her, her man, col­leagues or the gen­er­al pub­lic could smell it on her, YUCK! Its a huge mis­con­cep­tion that not wash­ing nat­u­ral hair will make it grow. I deep con­di­tion and sit under a steam­er every week­end.… Read more »

This client had a bro­ken arm.


Wow, her hair looks great! NEVER go past 3 months with a weave..trust me, two months is push­ing it!!!


I would shave it at that point SMH


I’m sur­prised she was able to save that much hair, prob­a­bly took more time ’cause she was try­ing to leave the client with some hair.


Wow that was dis­gust­ing and just pure lack of hygiene. How could that wom­an walk around like that?? I’ve seen home­less peo­ple with bet­ter hair. You know her hair had to smell foul too. I would have been too embar­rassed to go to a salon and just shaved my head at home. Great job to the styl­ist.



LaShon Renee

That is absolute­ly dis­gust­ing. Did she not care for her­self at all? Because basic self care is miss­ing from this whole sce­nar­io.


That was just nasty! How in the hell was her scalp not just one big open sore after 9 months under weave like that? And all that hair she lost; just a damn shame. I have two week old twists with my own hair, and my scalp is MAD at me right now.