A wom­an named Ange­la Cren­shaw is spark­ing fierce online debate after going pub­lic with her choice to renounce her mem­ber­ship with the Delta Sig­ma Theta soror­i­ty on the basis that it con­flicts with her Chris­tian faith. In a post titled Denounc­ing Delta: A Sto­ry of Reflec­tion from For­mer Soror­i­ty Mem­ber, Cren­shaw says the sym­bol­ism and prac­tices of the orga­ni­za­tion are cultish and amount to idol­a­try.

“When I first joined, I was so blind­ed by my desires to be a part of the orga­ni­za­tion and didn’t focus on God’s will. Dif­fer­ent pas­tors and min­is­ters would speak on the Chris­tian prin­ci­ples of the orga­ni­za­tion, but I real­ized how can you be a Chris­tian orga­ni­za­tion and not men­tion Jesus Christ?”

Cren­shaw went on to explain that, although the rit­u­als of the orga­ni­za­tion men­tion God, they make no men­tion of Jesus Christ. She also ques­tioned why a Roman God­dess, Min­er­va, was being used as a sym­bol, in place of a cross.

“The rit­u­als men­tion God but in order to get to God you must first go through the son, Jesus Christ.  (John 14:6) Also if the orga­ni­za­tion is found­ed on Chris­tian prin­ci­ples why did the founders think it was okay to place Min­er­va (Roman God­dess) on the shield that I wore across my heart? I thought what if my church placed her as a rep­re­sen­ta­tion, do you know how many peo­ple would have an issue, or out­siders call us hyp­ocrites. How­ev­er, in Delta why do the Chris­tians find it okay?

So if the founders were Chris­tians why didn’t they place a cross to rep­re­sent our Sav­ior? Oh because they may offend oth­er reli­gions, but at the same time you com­pro­mise the Chris­tian belief and place a God­dess? But God does not agree with com­pro­mise, he spits out the luke­warm. (Rev­e­la­tions 3:16)”

Cren­shaw also took issue with what she described as the mis­use of scrip­ture.

“A nation­al pres­i­dent took the entire 1 Corinthi­ans 13 and changed the bib­li­cal scrip­ture around to glo­ri­fy Delta. I had a tug in my heart like “umm can we do that?”  No, that is dis­re­spect­ful to God and his Word. You are mis­us­ing the word to glo­ri­fy the orga­ni­za­tion which comes off very pride­ful and blas­phe­my. It takes the focus on God and places the focus on Delta. There are oth­er find­ing where scrip­ture is mis­used.”

The for­mer Delta Sig­ma Theta mem­ber explained that although oth­er Chris­tian mem­bers have rec­og­nized sim­i­lar dis­crep­an­cies, they don’t believe it to be a seri­ous issue. How­ev­er, Cren­shaw argues that because the mem­bers hold the rit­u­als as sacred and secret, and have a mar­riage-like com­mit­ment to the orga­ni­za­tion, it is indeed seri­ous.

At the end of the let­ter, Cren­shaw encour­aged oth­er Chris­tians who are mem­bers of fra­ter­ni­ties and soror­i­ties to walk away from such orga­ni­za­tions.

“Was it hard for me to step out at first? Yes, but I had to remind myself that this life is tem­po­rary and every­thing here on Earth will fade away. I love God and want to fol­low His word. I also didn’t want to hes­i­tate when life is over and I am stand­ing before God as he ques­tions me about being a part of this and recit­ing and rep­re­sent­ing Min­er­va. Jesus loves us so much He wants us to in his light, not Satan’s dark­ness. When we serve the com­mu­ni­ty, He wants us to do it in His name, not in the name of DELTA. He wants our sis­ter­hood and bond to be holy and with Jesus Christ at the cen­ter of it all!”

Need­less to say the article’s com­ment sec­tion is very active, with some applaud­ing Cren­shaw and oth­ers find­ing her pub­lic renounce­ment unnec­es­sary.

Ladies, are you apart of a Greek orga­ni­za­tion? What are your thoughts?

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Both orga­ni­za­tions are dumb.


For those not liv­ing in the US, who don’t have soror­i­ties in college/University it makes for fas­ci­nat­ing read­ing.

How do peo­ple, who have nev­er been a mem­ber of BGLOs, know so much about that world? Being in a soror­i­ty or fra­ter­ni­ty is just like being mar­ried, you just do not know until you have been in it. My orga­ni­za­tion was orig­i­nal­ly found­ed as a Chris­tian-based orga­ni­za­tion, which is one of the rea­sons why I chose it, and it chose me. My sorors con­stant­ly amaze me with their self­less­ness and love for oth­ers. This young wom­an pub­licly exposed infor­ma­tion about her orga­ni­za­tion that was sacred to that orga­ni­za­tion, If you want to denounce, fine, denounce, but do not betray… Read more »
The Truth

Sor­ry to say but Chris­tian­i­ty is very “cultish and idol­a­try” as well. So all her points are invalid.


…that’s why she has a prob­lem with it. To her, the only thing that should be cultish and idol­a­try is wor­ship­ping God, not her soror­i­ty and their god­dess. Not that hard to get.


Same thing I was think­ing…

I com­plete­ly agree with EVERYTHING Miss Cren­shaw has spo­ken about in her arti­cle. I am not a mem­ber of a BGLO, but I seri­ous­ly con­sid­ered join­ing one when I was in col­lege. I did not join, because as I matured in my walk with Jesus Christ I start­ed to rec­og­nize that the prin­ci­ples the soror­i­ty was found­ed on were def­i­nite­ly far from Chris­tian. She’s 100% cor­rect. There is a deep spir­i­tu­al world that you are exposed to in any type of Greek let­ter orga­ni­za­tion. Aside from the vio­lence, haz­ing, and men­tal tor­ment that pledges go thor­ough, much of what soror­i­ties… Read more »