As a woman with dark skin, a “nude” lip­stick that may work on some­one with a lighter com­plex­ion may leave me look­ing as though my lips are chapped and dry. Kind of like Tyrone:

Okay, maybe not as bad as Tyrone’s but close enough. That was until I real­ized that “nude” lip­stick on women with dark skin has a whole oth­er mean­ing. Nude typ­i­cal­ly involves shades of brown or, at the very least, a brown liplin­er to give a more nat­ur­al appear­ance. Check out these love­ly exam­ples for inspi­ra­tion:
1. NYX Cos­met­ics Liq­uid Suede — Down­town Beau­ty


2. Milani Cov­et Lip Creme, NYX Lip Pen­cil in Urban Cafe

3. Melt­ed Cos­met­ics: Ment­ed 5

For How to Get Lighter Nudes on Dark Lips
4. Colour­pop Ultra Mat­te Lip­stick — Lim­bo

For the Best Nude Lip­sticks for Dark Skin
5. MAC Taupe Lip­stick

For More Nude Lip­sticks for Dark Skin
6. Vio­let Voss “Shade” Liq­uid Mat­te Lip­stick

7. Illa­masqua Naked Lip­stick

8. Essence pen­cil — Hot Choco­late; Colour­pop — Lim­bo; Colour­pop — Plat­form
Chloé Kitem­bo

9. Colour Pop DM

10. NYX Soft Mat­te Lip Cream — Abu Dhabi

Have you tried any of these lip­sticks?


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oth­ers to try
mai­son by NYX mat­te lip­stick
bond girl by Char­lotte Tils­bury


The lip­sticks are great. Mov­ing for­ward, can we kill the “high­light bright as head­lights” trend? It’s only cute on Rudolph.


Now THIS is news I can use. Thanks so much! :)

Christina J

Very beau­ti­ful!


I’m lov­ing it! The lip­stick shades blend in per­fect­ly! Very nice indeed!

Queen Mennon

these women are soo beau­ti­ful. they real­ly have not got­ten the atten­tion they deserve.


The lady with the nat­ur­al hair(pic 5) looks real­ly good. She looks fresh, easy breezy and authen­tic.
Sec­ond best is the lady with the faux locs, the specs real­ly suit her and she has a gor­geous smile. Beau­ti­ful indeed :)


This makes me so hap­py!


These col­ors look great on these ladies, espe­cial­ly 1,5, and 10. I’m real­ly lov­ing the first one!