Extreme “snap­back” pho­tos may be all the rage on social media, but one group of women is show­ing the real-life hard work that goes into post-baby bod­ies. These fit­ness moms are your every­day moth­ers who are doc­u­ment­ing their indi­vid­ual preg­nan­cy and post-baby health jour­neys on Insta­gram. From nutri­tious food choic­es to exer­cis­ing, these moms are show­ing that holis­tic health dur­ing (or even before) preg­nan­cy is where it all begins.
1. Chelseapb
She’s a mom­my of two who has put her time in the gym before, dur­ing, and after preg­nan­cy.



2 babies…4 months post­par­tum and 100% hap­py with my physique. I work­out con­sis­tent­ly, eat a bal­anced diet with­out restrict­ing myself and I have no con­cern with the num­bers on the scale. My goal is to main­tain a healthy lifestyle with­out feel­ing like I am bound by restric­tions.

2. Fit_­su­per­mom­my_esq
She is a moth­er of three who is all about the healthy lifestyle.


It’s so impor­tant to try to main­tain a fit and healthy preg­nan­cy. Not just for you, but for your baby .Don’t fall too hard for the “eat­ing for two”? . Empha­sis on “too hard”, trust me, I had days when I indulged in the tub of ice cream ‚or craved a bak­ers dozen donuts. But, I was still mind­ful to keep a con­sis­tent healthy preg­nan­cy. Dur­ing all my preg­nan­cies I stayed fit by keep­ing up with good pro­tein( salmon, chick­en,) lots of veg­eta­bles for good vit­a­mins , lots of water( got­ta stay hydrat­ed).

3. Fit­food­iele
Two boys and a girl lat­er, and she is still work­ing out.


the grind… pays back?! snap­ping back is a pret­ty amaz­ing ben­e­fit but it has always been the extra icing on the cake to me after 3 preg­nan­cies. exer­cis­ing while preg­go kept my body FEELING strong, ener­getic, and capa­ble of man­ag­ing all the curve balls preg­nan­cy can throw while grow­ing anoth­er human being. that is so much more impor­tant to me than just look­ing the part.

4. Momwearsheels
Two babies and a fit­ness com­pe­ti­tion to go with her lifestyle.


I’m tired of hear­ing neg­a­tive peo­ple say “your body is nev­er going to be the same!” to women want­i­ng chil­dren. And they’re right– with dis­ci­pline, con­sis­ten­cy and the right plan you will look and feel even MORE amaz­ing after kids! ?.

5. Mrs­B­fit
She is a mom of one plus anoth­er on the way.



I took my time and decid­ed to research eat­ing clean and focus­ing on mak­ing this a lifestyle NOT a diet. It took me about a year to lose over 70 pounds, got preg­nant and gained 40 and lost it again. Take time and focus on lifestyle changes not diet­ing.
6. Msboston
This mom­my is all about being active!

Inspiring fit moms!


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The Real

Yeah, they look great and inspir­ing but, I don’t see near­ly enough wed­ding rings. Get rings ladies. Be smart. Pro­tect your kids and your inter­ests. Get wed­ding bands before you make babies.

Snap back isn’t going to pro­vide for you should your man die unex­pect­ed­ly. Poli­cies don’t recog­nise “baby mama” sta­tus.

Marvellous Marv

These women just made me say get off your lazy der­rière and do some­thing! Very inspir­ing


These women are amaz­ing and inspir­ing. What I find inter­est­ing is that it appears that most, if not all of these women are not rais­ing their chil­dren alone. I do think hav­ing a sup­port­ive part­ner can go miles towards a woman hav­ing the time and ener­gy for self-care.


Agreed. Two are clear­ly bet­ter than one!

Smarty Pants

Got­ta pick a good man before hav­ing kids, I think that’s the les­son right up there with get­ting abs


Wow! They all look great! I need to step it up.