Azealia Banks’ name stayed in the head­lines in 2016, but not for her music. The tal­ent­ed rap­per seems to always have back-to-back dra­mas unfold­ing, from sell­ing infant bleach­ing kits to taunt­ing Brazil­ians. As a result, Banks often finds her­self the tar­get of ridicule, with a com­mon refrain being that she is ‘crazy’ and needs to leave the pub­lic eye, get med­ica­tion or both. But in a Decem­ber 22 post Banks made clear that she is aware of her men­tal health issues and has tried psy­chi­atric med­ica­tion. The screen­shot was caught by on Banks’ now-sus­pend­ed Face­book page;

“When you’ve been try­ing to engage the pub­lic with music and share with via music them your per­son­al strug­gles with men­tal ill­ness but they just refuse to pay atten­tion

Instead they joke and prad at you and say you need a doc­tor yet have no idea about the type of uncon­trol­lable chaos that goes on inside your head.

On top of arro­gant­ly sug­gest­ing you need to be med­icat­ed, these peo­ple
Have no idea how gnarly psych-drugs are.
All the tri­al and error of find­ing some­thing that works.
No idea about the sleep­less nights, the per­sis­tent para­noia, the loss of
appetite, the dull — delayed orgasms, the cys­tic acne, the skin dis­col­orations,
the weight loss, inabil­i­ty to emote, hair loss, the self loathing and thoughts of
sui­cide that come along with psych-drugs.

It’s already in the music”

Banks then includ­ed a link to the lyrics off her song Soda off of her 2014 album Broke With Expen­sive Taste.

I tried to hide behind tired eyes, I sigh
I’m tired of try­ing to try not to cry and
I say soda, soda
Tye dye O’er
I roll the dye
I coast, I dose, I
A smile a guise
I’m try­ing to hide behind tired eyes, I sigh
I might sur­vive the night­time, I might die
I say soda soda, I’m a high roller
Yo sir I pose for the poster yep 

Banks isn’t the only high pro­file Black Amer­i­can to strug­gle with men­tal health this year, Kanye West, Kid Cudi and SZA have all grap­pled in the pub­lic eye. It is easy to loathe Banks for the many, many fool­ish, prob­lem­at­ic and down­right nasty things she says and does. But behind the scenes, there is a woman strug­gling to find her cen­ter. All we can do is wish her well on that jour­ney.

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She tries to hide behind her diag­no­sis. She uses the men­tal ill­ness as an excuse while doing noth­ing to address the pathol­o­gy.


She is gross.

Ayria L'Miau

If this is the expla­na­tion for the hate­ful prob­lem­at­ic things she’s said then…yeah it makes sense. It doesn’t excuse the behav­ior, but it excus­es the per­son — espe­cial­ly if she’s com­ing to terms with it. Good for her. Cause if you have ugly­ness with­in, it comes out loud and clear when the men­tal crap hits the fan. Hope she’s able to work out her inner demons and also treat her men­tal con­di­tion. It’s both.


It’s a fine line between san­i­ty and insan­i­ty. Most of the time, a per­son doesn’t even know they have a men­tal issue unless it’s point­ed out to them. Some things are beyond friends, fam­i­ly, and social media. If NOW SHE real­izes, she needs men­tal ill­ness HELP, GO GET IT NOW AND LIVE A HAPPIER, HEALTHIER LIFE MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY, AND EMOTIONALLY.


Not every­one with men­tal prob­lems is being errat­ic, mean and dis­re­spect­ful. This girl clear­ly has issues but what she needs is help from sup­port from her fam­i­ly and friends. She needs to stay off social media !

Daddii Bell

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Marvellous Marv

Was she real­ly mak­ing music or argu­ing with peo­ple via social media? Is she seek­ing sym­pa­thy? I wish her well also

Yeah, but what I don’t see here is account­abil­i­ty. I real­ly do feel for her because I also have a few men­tal health issues and decide not to chem­i­cal­ly med­icate. But I do med­icate by med­i­ta­tion, prayer, con­vers­ing with friends (haven’t got­ten to the point where I need pro­fes­sion­al coun­sel­ing). It almost seems as if her response is a “shrug” to all of her recent out­burst. I’m not say­ing her out­bursts are dan­ger­ous because I don’t think she has phyis­cal­ly assault­ed any­one. But when you con­stant­ly put out neg­a­tiv­i­ty, and that’s not what you want to put out, then it’s… Read more »
The Natural Haven
Vee you are com­plete­ly right about every­thing and I am glad you have a path that works for you. I do total­ly agree that account­abil­i­ty is miss­ing as far as Azealia, she know her ill­ness, she needs to take the cor­rect steps to avoid the trig­gers for her.  I do just want to add that med­i­cines are impor­tant par­tic­u­lar­ly with bipo­lar dis­or­der where there are peri­ods of depres­sion (lows) and peri­ods of mania (highs), There is a bio­chem­i­cal aspect that peo­ple neglect with men­tal ill­ness. It is often regard­ed as just a dis­or­der of the mind, but in real­i­ty the drugs… Read more »

Med­ica­tion ALONG with those oth­er things…