Beau­ty vlog­ger Jaz­lyn Allure’s make­up tuto­r­i­al is going viral not for its instruc­tions, but the hilar­i­ous voiceover pro­vid­ed by her father. The Cana­di­an vlog­ger nev­er says which coun­try her father is from but she post­ed the video with the cap­tion;

“HY MY LOVES! Here’s a video of not my boyfriend doing my voiceover, but my RUDE, African Dad doing my voiceover. He real­ly went in on me but I hope you all enjoy this video!”

The video is absolute­ly hilar­i­ous as Jaz­lyn Allure’s father pro­vides run­ning com­men­tary, often express­ing increduli­ty or con­fu­sion at what his daugh­ter is doing. His com­ments include;

“Is this what they taught you at school? To use pen­cils and all this kind of stuff to reshape your face? Oh come on.”

“She doesn’t like the beau­ty that I gave her and she wants it more.”

“Are you try­ing to redesign your face like a wood pol­ish?”

And sim­ply

“Oh my good­ness baby girl what are you doing?”

At one point the video he bemoans the time spent on make­up appli­ca­tion because it only lasts a day.

The video is absolute­ly hilar­i­ous. I dare you to get through it all with­out laugh­ing.

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Tahtahme Nehandas; Lion Oracle
Tahtahme Nehandas; Lion Oracle

Awe, at the end “Is that YOU? No.…” lol


@ 4:50 “Are you try­ing to redesign your face like a wood pol­ish?” I’m dead.



Marvellous Marv

Fun­ny, but that looks tir­ing. Too much work man

Susie White

He’s from Ghana