Beauty vlogger Jazlyn Allure’s makeup tutorial is going viral not for its instructions, but the hilarious voiceover provided by her father. The Canadian vlogger never says which country her father is from but she posted the video with the caption;

“HY MY LOVES! Here’s a video of not my boyfriend doing my voiceover, but my RUDE, African Dad doing my voiceover. He really went in on me but I hope you all enjoy this video!”

The video is absolutely hilarious as Jazlyn Allure’s father provides running commentary, often expressing incredulity or confusion at what his daughter is doing. His comments include;

“Is this what they taught you at school? To use pencils and all this kind of stuff to reshape your face? Oh come on.”

“She doesn’t like the beauty that I gave her and she wants it more.”

“Are you trying to redesign your face like a wood polish?”

And simply

“Oh my goodness baby girl what are you doing?”

At one point the video he bemoans the time spent on makeup application because it only lasts a day.

The video is absolutely hilarious. I dare you to get through it all without laughing.

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5 Comments on "Beauty Vlogger Has Her African Father Do Voiceover For Her Makeup Tutorial and the Result is Hilarious"

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Tahtahme Nehandas; Lion Oracle
Tahtahme Nehandas; Lion Oracle

Awe, at the end “Is that YOU? No….” lol


@ 4:50 “Are you trying to redesign your face like a wood polish?” I’m dead.



Marvellous Marv

Funny, but that looks tiring. Too much work man

Susie White

He’s from Ghana