The water in Flint, Michi­gan is still poi­soned with tox­ic lev­els of lead, and has been since April 2014 fol­low­ing the local government’s deci­sion to change the water sup­ply. It took the coun­try years to care or even notice, and crim­i­nal charges against the involved offi­cials were only filed in 2016 (none of the cas­es have yet gone to court.) The gov­ern­ment of Michi­gan has claimed ‘offi­cial immu­ni­ty’ to deter law­suits, despite its gross neg­li­gence. In ear­ly Decem­ber 2016 Con­gress approved a $170 mil­lion spend­ing bill to repair and upgrade Flint’s water sys­tem and help with health­care costs. But many pub­lic health experts esti­mate the true cost of fix­ing the sys­tem and its result­ing fall­out will be much, much high­er.

Up to 12,000 chil­dren have had con­sis­tent expo­sure to Flint’s water and the detri­men­tal effects — includ­ing slowed growth, low­er IQ and learn­ing prob­lems — will last a life­time.

Sib­lings Julie, Anto­nio, and India Abram col­lect their dai­ly allowance of bot­tled water from Fire Sta­tion #3. Locat­ed on Mar­tin Luther King Avenue, it is one of five fire­hous­es that have become water resource sites in Flint, Michi­gan.

And yet, Life­time has opt­ed to cash in on the tragedy with a film star­ring… Cher. Vari­ety reports that the network’s plan has been in the works at least since last Spring.

“In addi­tion to star­ring, Cher will also serve as exec­u­tive pro­duc­er with Craig Zadan, Neil Meron, and Katie Couric, who are all pro­duc­ing. Bruce Beres­ford will direct, and Bar­bara Stepan­sky is writ­ing. The telepic — which was first announced last spring — has not been offi­cial­ly green­lit yet, but is expect­ed to begin pro­duc­tion this spring, accord­ing to Dead­line, which first broke news of Cher’s cast­ing. Sony Tele­vi­sion is the stu­dio.

Unlike oth­er Life­time TV movies, the project is expect­ed to be a hard-hit­ting fact-based dra­ma. It will explore the events that led to the tox­ic crime and will shed light on pol­i­tics of the poor man­age­ment and the human ele­ment of res­i­dents who suf­fered and were ignored. Cher will play a local Flint res­i­dent whose fam­i­ly is impact­ed by the water cri­sis.”

For the record, Flint’s racial make­up is 57% African Amer­i­can and 37% white.

Many Black Amer­i­cans on Twit­ter were incred­u­lous as we are, ques­tion­ing why Life­time would seek to cash in on a tragedy that is still ongo­ing, and cast a white woman in the lead to depict a cri­sis that has dis­pro­por­tion­ate­ly affect­ed black lives.

Even non-blacks chimed in to express con­fu­sion.


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.…OMG! …one per­son nailed it by stat­ing vice a movie, take the mon­ey and fix…ACTUALLY fix the prob­lem for good! Greed, pol­i­tics, cap­i­tal­ism, we CERTAINLY do not mat­ter, and the old IDGAF atti­tude just make it out of a movie. I do hope the movie sheds more light on the sit­u­a­tion and MORE ACTION TO CORRECT THE WATER SITUATION. HECK, Any city could suf­fer with that! #dosome­thingaboutit­now


idk why every­body so sur­prised i saw this com­ing you expect these thing once you lose all hope in man kind




Wow! Greed at its finest. When humans become the most impor­tant resource on this plan­et, this kind of garbage will nev­er cease.