‘Colorism Activist’ Plans to Launch Magazine That Will Only Feature Dark-Skinned Women

A self-described “colorism activist” who posts online under the moniker Chrissie is planning to launch a magazine featuring only dark-skinned women. Chrissie is currently raising money for the magazine, to be named Divine Dark Skin, and is at $1300 of her $15,000 goal. From her GoFundMe page;


“Are you ready for a [sic] online AND print magazine that is never short of dark skinned models and talent?

Are you excited to finally flip through a publication or go on a site that has chocolate and mahogany colored skin on nearly every page, a magazine that is TRULY exclusive for black women?

What about an authentic safe space for our stories, our triumphs and our pain as black women and girls?

Well, your wishes have come true and DDS online and print magazine are coming soon! BUT we need your help to make it possible. It’s time to put our money where our mouths are and create the change that we want to see! Let’s finally stop supporting publications that don’t support us.”

Chrissie’s YouTube channel is full of videos on the topic of colorism, many of which have a controversial take on the subject, including Did Biracials ‘Hijack’ the Natural Hair Movement?, Black VS Biracial Beauty – A Fair Assessment, Simone Biles & her ‘Zendaya Complex’ and Black Women – Stop Letting White/Biracial Women Outshine You.

Chrissie, whose real life identity is unknown, is often attacked online. Many have criticized her for being divisive and antagonistic to lighter-skinned women. Others feel she is shining a light on an issue that is often ignored, and being an advocate for a group of women who are often overlooked.

Ladies, what are your thoughts?

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36 thoughts on “‘Colorism Activist’ Plans to Launch Magazine That Will Only Feature Dark-Skinned Women

  1. Good for her, just as black people as a whole need more widespread, positive representation in beauty, magazines, culture, etc, so do dark skinned black women in particular, esp since they are often overlooked in favor of lighter skinned black women or biracial women. I have no issue with the aggressive push for that.

    • Me either, I always say if you want something done do it yourself lOl They are doing the damn thing.

      Love it?

  2. Wow, see I’m a brown girl. I’m not light and I’m not dark, I really have no stake in the light vs dark debate. I feel all shades of black are beautiful, but I can’t claim to know the issues of colorism on either side of the spectrum personally.

    Did I find Simone wanting Zendaya to portray her funny? Yes, but I just figured she’s really young and doesn’t seem aware of the colorism issues some black women face. She’s just a fan of Zendaya and we need more brown and dark brown girls at the forefront, so that every little black girl is represented.

    Also, I’m not shocked she hasn’t raised the money yet for this magazine. It really does seem divisive. I’ve seen two dark parents give birth to a light child on more than one occasion. It would be ridiculous to exclude a shade of people when 9 times out of 10 we can’t even agree on who is dark and who is light.

    My sister thinks Lil Kim was always light, even back in the 90s and I think she was a slightly brighter dark.

  3. We are beautiful in ALL shades…no matter what socitey or social media says. I think she is stepping out in an area that is long over do and needs addressing. I hope she will embrace all of our shades and colors very dark to bright light. Not glorifing. One shade over another is one way of combating colorisim. We are all beautiful no matter what shade of black or brown or tan to passing white!

    • I agree but I don’t think Chrissie is about divisiveness its a simple reality that colorism exists and the sooner it is done with the better for all black people of all shades. I listen to her vids and they are good though controversial. She recently talked about skin bleaching which is quite popular in the US though under wraps, it’s sad that so many black girls are picked on for their natural skin, and its true that dark women are not represented in the mainstream as beautiful so I take from her videos that she is making this publication not to shame lighter skin but as a platform for the lack of representation of dark black girls

      • Excellent! Every shade of brown is beautiful. I am not naive. We need to embrace even celebrate the skin we are in from light to dark…we are beautiful…not over glamorous one shade over the other.

  4. White people: Largely excludes black people from a thing
    Black people: Makes their own thing
    White people: That’s divisive!
    Black people: Largely excludes dark skin people a thing
    Dark skin people: Makes their own thing
    Black people: That’s divisive!

    S— rolls down hill.

    • This is everything, it’s always the light skinned black people that say that we;re being divisive when all we want is equal rep.

  5. Chrisse is always on point never misses a step. Always real with her commentary and insight on the issue of corlorism and the experience of black women in general. I love her channel and SUPPORT DDS also SUPPORT blaqspot.com (go join our black social network site for only black folks) I’m not all for inclusion while we are steady being excluded. We are going to have our spaces too. I love the proprosal of DDS magazine and eagerly await for when I’ll have my subcription. I support you, Chrisse.

  6. I’m a light skinned black woman, not bi-racial. Should black women have a platform like this? Most definitely. I’m not downing this in any way. But I will say that colorism affects light skinned black women in a way that many don’t want to talk about. As a black woman of lighter skin its sad but I’ve been treated unfairly by other black people and whites. As a child and even now, light skinned black women a lot of times are treated as if they are not a part of the black race. To some black people you’re not black enough, and to some white people you are still a n word. There are light skinned women who have experienced negativity, unfair treatment and exclusion just like dark skinned women have. As a light skinned black woman I know some will argue that women who have lighter skin are “privileged” in some way or another. Well, if being “privileged” means being more acceptable to racist white folks then I could care less about them and nor do I strive to be acceptable to white people and want nothing to do with individuals like that. I just hope for the day when colorism no longer exist. No black woman dark or light should be concerned about people who don’t accept them period. No black woman dark or light should be concerned about a man who doesn’t accept her skin color, because I personally don’t want no man that don’t want me.

    • I appreciated your comment because it wasn’t much like the typical shallow/white responses I see from some light skin people regarding colorism; and I think many black folks are aware of the struggles light skin people have because they are the ones creating them. But as you mentioned the bad treatment of some light skin blacks is not unique. A lot of blacks do not like or accept dark skin and, yeah, to some whites as a dark skin you are just another n word. But to a great majority of other whites (and individuals like them) dark black people are the worst and unacceptable. You may not care about them but I do. Because a lot of them decide whether this dark skin is acceptable to hire, or deserves a longer jail sentence, or only qualifies for predator loans, Or that dark skin doesn’t deserve representation. In fact their very life is of less value. Some may want to say that’s the hardship of all black people existing through white supremacy. And I can only agree. But light skin people are given more air to breath. And it irritates me when some try to deny it or minimize it. (Not saying you did. Again I really liked your comment.) Black people as a collective are not denouncing light skin. Light skin people are not denouncing light skin. Light skin people don’t carry hate for their lightness. Light people aren’t being robbed of their black image. (And we all can see that in the media whether presented by whites or blacks) I don’t strive to be acceptable to whites (or self-hating blacks) just like you. It’s just my misfortune that I don’t have the skin color that does it for me. That privilage is not about liking those who force it upon you; instead it directly effects your very quality of life. Your fortune or misfortune. Your place in the world. And this is the case everywhere. Dark skin people collectively around the world are not preferred and treated more harshly. Light skin people whether you like it or not can’t–and would not want to–say the same.

      Colorism isn’t a made up thing. And Representation is important. The media we all consume affects us. As a light person your image has favor. And I don’t mean it in a shallow “You can’t get a man because you’re dark and ugly” or “You just lack self-confidence” Or “Oh my god, loooove yourseeeelf!” way. Your image is validated, uplifted. Sure, SOME other black people may feel you don’t belong in the black race. But YOU DO. And then a tremedous amount of dark skin people feel as they, THEMSELVES, don’t belong in the black race (whether they verbally spew hate for dark skin or try to marry/socialize/and reproduce the dark out) but YOU do. Our image is not celebrated. Dark skin people are not validated. We’re the villain. We’re the suspect. We’re the enemy. If we’re not simply excluded all together.

      Most light skin people don’t grow up having their self-worth and value attacked from inside the home and out. Light skin people are not running to tanning salons en masse to darken their skin to be more black. But bleaching creams fly off the shelves to be more white. I’m not saying that this is the fault of light skin people. As some of them bleach too and no one has any control over how god made them. But, I don’t excuse (feigned) ignorance of privilege from light black people. Or their attempts to diminish dark black people’s plights with their own negative experiences. I don’t wanna hear you say “I’m getting knocked around pretty hard by these waves too” and you’re the only 1 with a life vest. In reality, I know we are both lost at sea in a shit storm of white supremacy, and the burden of combating colorism is largely on dark skin peoples shoulders. So I don’t expect you to give me your “life preserver” but at least stop pretending that bright orange vest isn’t there. Again I am not blaming light skin people for colorism. And don’t think I make excuses for dark people, especially dark men, who try to spread their self-hatred. Colorism is a sickness and it infects us all. Too long, we have let self-hatred and white supremacy mind-sets fester through our community and culture distorting the perception of our people. Damaging our children. We all need each other. Awareness is key and once black people collectively start calling out colorism we can fix ourselves to view BLACK in a better light. To me, we are all black and no one needs to take a backseat on that. Don’t perpetuate colorism and don’t be complacent to it.

      I know I rambled and this may not make sense to any1 reading. To the author of this post, I hope you don’t feel I attacked you. It was not my intent. I simply wanted to add another dialogue to the very good points you made.

    • Yes, i whole heartedly agree, my sister. As black people, we all have struggles, be we, blue black or all most white looking. We should not be acting as if one skin tone struggles more than he other, hell, lighter skinned black people are often time hated by both black peolle and white people.

    • It’s about promoting Black beauty when no one else will. I understand and have experienced all of what you said with the exclusion of racism from Whites but Light skin Blacks and Biracial’s are already being heavily promoted while darker skin Blacks aren’t.

      That is what I took from this

  7. I support Chrissies platform wholeheartedly, I already donated also :) I’m in the middle spectrum, but I see myself as dark skinned if I simply had to ‘pick a side’. But you don’t have to be dark skinned to recognize that black women of darker hue are largely invisible in mainstream spaces and often even inside our ‘own’. Dark skinned to medium brown toned women make up the MAJORITY skin tone for black women worldwide and in the United States, so no, light skinned women should not be given preference, because they are nowhere near the majority in hue. Representation that is accurate and truthful MATTERS. I deplore whitewashing, especially when it’s committed by us. Also, Chrissie says she WILL feature lighter skinned BLACK women. She just won’t feature biracial and mixed and nonblack women, particularly if they are not black passing, from what I understand.

  8. Smh, does it really have to come to this? As a copper skinned mixed race black girl who has watched a few of Chrissie’s videos, I am saddened. WHY IS EVERYTHING ABOUT SKIN COLOR IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. I MEAN DAMN, CAN WE ALL JUST GET OVER WHO’S DARK, WHOSE LIGHT, WHO’S YELLOW, WHOSE RED, WHOSE MIXED, WHATEVER, AND JUST COME TOGETHER AS BLACK BROHERS AND SISTERS. WE ARE ALL BLACK TO THE WHITE MAN AT THE END OF THE DAY, WHICH IS WHY THIS PETTINESS NEEDS TO STOP. But watch, this is acceptable to some, but i bet if someone was to come out with a magazine featuring only light skinned women, darker toned women would have a monkey cow fit, the world would come to a screeching hault and all hell would break loose. Neither one is exceptable. Our lighter skinned black sisters should not be excluded just because of their skin tone, that is petty. And even in white magazines when all they put to represent black women are lighter skinned black women, IT IS NOT THE FAULT OF LIGHT SKINNED WOMEN. CANT YOU ALL SEE, WHITE PEOPLE ARE DOING THIS ON PURPOSE TO TURN DARKSKINNED WOMEN AGAINST LIGHTSKINNED WOMEN TO STOP US FROM COMING TOGETHER. STOP FALLING FOR IT.

    • what’s the point of having an all only lightskinned girls magazine when their the standart for black women. Darkskinned women are under represented and thats why it’d be fine to do it. You just sound like a white person saying if there were an all only white woman magazine, they’d be an uproar. That thing is not rare, it’s seen everyday.

    • From PurpNGold, scroll down and you’ll find her comment.

      White people: Largely excludes black people from a thing
      Black people: Makes their own thing
      White people: That’s divisive!
      Black people: Largely excludes dark skin people a thing
      Dark skin people: Makes their own thing
      Black people: That’s divisive!

      What’s wrong with us wanting our own platform since white pple only use lightskinend black people which leads to dark skin little girls having issues. There’s nothign wrong with it, colorism is a big issue and whenever us darkskins want to do something about it, ya’ll wanna say we’re being divisive. STFU if your not gonna support us. It wouldn’t be unsual to have a magazine with a lot of ligthsknned pple in it coz it already happens, they rep for all black people while darkskins are at the back.

    • “Our lighter skinned black sisters should not be excluded just because of their skin tone, that is petty. And even in white magazines when all they put to represent black women are lighter skinned black women”


      That is why this magazine is needed. Although some may think that Whites view all “Blacks” the same they do not. They use their acceptable version of “Black” which is not Black but Biracials who they are promoting and have accepted in Favor of Blacks as a Representative of Black ..Which is not right.

      But it is their Platform, to do as they please.

      This is why I understand as a Biracial that it’s not a stab at us but if No One Else will Promote Black Beauty ..Who better than themselves to do so is how I see it.

      • Boo hoo. Dark skin tears. Smh. This is sad and unfair to our light skinned sisters. Twitter wrong doesn’t make it write. The excluding of light skinned women is still wrong and ignorant.

  9. Just wanted to point out that this article all though it means well is incorrect. Chrissie said the magazine will feature all black woman but their phenotype has to be black (if you follow chrissie you should know what that means by now) Meaning no biracial or racially ambiguous woman. Also she wants to majority use dark skin woman but like I said before brown and light skin woman will be used. She also said that she will be reviewing pictures of woman featured to make sure they meet this standard. She also said that she will be including weaves but would like to use majority natural hair dark skin woman. I can’t wait I’m all here !!!!

  10. If you have a problem with this magazine… Turn on the tv and count how many dark complexion girls you can find…. now count the fair complexioned girls… then give me a call me back.

    There’s nothing wrong with a platform for darker complexions that have been ignored by mainstream media for a millennia in both White AND Black pop culture. Period. smh

  11. This is awesome. I fully support this. As others have said on this thread, there is a “scale” in society of what’s an attractive black woman and it’s almost always lighter hued. Even when you look at ads with children. I’m an actor and I’ve booked commercials as a “mom”. I am medium complexion. I am always paired with the stereotypical dark black man, and then they stick a biracial little girl with us as our child. Seriously? You’d be hard-pressed to see a black child in an ad that actually looks black. I always ask the art directors, “So how did we, as a black couple, end up with a little yellow girl with wavy hair down her back?” They laugh it off, but it’s offensive because the male actor/model and I would NEVER have a child who looks like that. But that’s what the white art directors consider a cute “black” child. So tired.

  12. I’m with it and support it! I am subscribed to her and love her content and agree with most I’ve it and will make sure to use my money to support this magazine!!

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