A self-described “col­orism activist” who posts online under the moniker Chrissie is plan­ning to launch a mag­a­zine fea­tur­ing only dark-skinned women. Chrissie is cur­rent­ly rais­ing mon­ey for the mag­a­zine, to be named Divine Dark Skin, and is at $1300 of her $15,000 goal. From her GoFundMe page;


“Are you ready for a [sic] online AND print mag­a­zine that is nev­er short of dark skinned mod­els and tal­ent?

Are you excit­ed to final­ly flip through a pub­li­ca­tion or go on a site that has choco­late and mahogany col­ored skin on near­ly every page, a mag­a­zine that is TRULY exclu­sive for black women? 

What about an authen­tic safe space for our sto­ries, our tri­umphs and our pain as black women and girls? 

Well, your wish­es have come true and DDS online and print mag­a­zine are com­ing soon! BUT we need your help to make it pos­si­ble. It’s time to put our mon­ey where our mouths are and cre­ate the change that we want to see! Let’s final­ly stop sup­port­ing pub­li­ca­tions that don’t sup­port us.”

Chrissie’s YouTube chan­nel is full of videos on the top­ic of col­orism, many of which have a con­tro­ver­sial take on the sub­ject, includ­ing Did Bira­cials ‘Hijack’ the Nat­ur­al Hair Move­ment?, Black VS Bira­cial Beau­ty — A Fair Assess­ment, Simone Biles & her ‘Zen­daya Com­plex’ and Black Women — Stop Let­ting White/Biracial Women Out­shine You.

Chrissie, whose real life iden­ti­ty is unknown, is often attacked online. Many have crit­i­cized her for being divi­sive and antag­o­nis­tic to lighter-skinned women. Oth­ers feel she is shin­ing a light on an issue that is often ignored, and being an advo­cate for a group of women who are often over­looked.

Ladies, what are your thoughts?

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­liste, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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Only Love Black People
Only Love Black People

I’m with it and sup­port it! I am sub­scribed to her and love her con­tent and agree with most I’ve it and will make sure to use my mon­ey to sup­port this mag­a­zine!!


This is won­der­ful!!

This is awe­some. I ful­ly sup­port this. As oth­ers have said on this thread, there is a “scale” in soci­ety of what’s an attrac­tive black woman and it’s almost always lighter hued. Even when you look at ads with chil­dren. I’m an actor and I’ve booked com­mer­cials as a “mom”. I am medi­um com­plex­ion. I am always paired with the stereo­typ­i­cal dark black man, and then they stick a bira­cial lit­tle girl with us as our child. Seri­ous­ly? You’d be hard-pressed to see a black child in an ad that actu­al­ly looks black. I always ask the art direc­tors, “So… Read more »

If you have a prob­lem with this mag­a­zine… Turn on the tv and count how many dark com­plex­ion girls you can find.… now count the fair com­plex­ioned girls… then give me a call me back. 

There’s noth­ing wrong with a plat­form for dark­er com­plex­ions that have been ignored by main­stream media for a mil­len­nia in both White AND Black pop cul­ture. Peri­od. smh


Good for her.

Depths Of My Soul!

Chrissie’s YouTube chan­nel is ight, But the Dark Skin Activist Rashee­da now she got issue’s.


Good for her!


Yes, please do it, Chrissie.

Erin Scott
Just want­ed to point out that this arti­cle all though it means well is incor­rect. Chrissie said the mag­a­zine will fea­ture all black woman but their phe­no­type has to be black (if you fol­low chrissie you should know what that means by now) Mean­ing no bira­cial or racial­ly ambigu­ous woman. Also she wants to major­i­ty use dark skin woman but like I said before brown and light skin woman will be used. She also said that she will be review­ing pic­tures of woman fea­tured to make sure they meet this stan­dard. She also said that she will be includ­ing weaves… Read more »
Smh, does it real­ly have to come to this? As a cop­per skinned mixed race black girl who has watched a few of Chrissie’s videos, I am sad­dened. WHY IS EVERYTHING ABOUT SKIN COLOR IN THE BLACK COMMUNITY. I MEAN DAMN, CAN WE ALL JUST GET OVER WHO’S DARK, WHOSE LIGHT, WHO’S YELLOW, WHOSE RED, WHOSE MIXED, WHATEVER, AND JUST COME TOGETHER AS BLACK BROHERS AND SISTERS. WE ARE ALL BLACK TO THE WHITE MAN AT THE END OF THE DAY, WHICH IS WHY THIS PETTINESS NEEDS TO STOP. But watch, this is accept­able to some, but i bet if… Read more »

So what do you sug­gest black women and girls who have dark­er skin tones do, just sit in a cor­ner and cry. You sound like some­one who says “why do we need BET or black hair mag­a­zines”. If some­one wants to do some­thing pos­i­tive for dark skinned women and girls I think peo­ple should be sup­port­ive.

What I hate about you and peo­ple like you is that although it isn’t the light skinned women’s fault … I STILL WANT TO SEE PEOPLE WHO LOOK LIKE ME REPRESENTED IN THE MEDIA. IF THAT MEANS THAT I WILL HAVE TO ONLY SUPPORT PRODUCTS BY OR FOR PEOPLE WHO LOOK LIKE ME TO MAKE A STATEMENT I WILL. now you may say it’s white peo­ple try­ing to keep us apart idc. Where are the leagues of light skinned women stand­ing up for the fact that we dark skinned women are not rep­re­sent­ed as com­pared to them? INACTION IS A… Read more »
Depths Of My Soul!
“Our lighter skinned black sis­ters should not be exclud­ed just because of their skin tone, that is pet­ty. And even in white mag­a­zines when all they put to rep­re­sent black women are lighter skinned black women” This. That is why this mag­a­zine is need­ed. Although some may think that Whites view all “Blacks” the same they do not. They use their accept­able ver­sion of “Black” which is not Black but Bira­cials who they are pro­mot­ing and have accept­ed in Favor of Blacks as a Rep­re­sen­ta­tive of Black ..Which is not right. But it is their Plat­form, to do as they please. This… Read more »

Boo hoo. Dark skin tears. Smh. This is sad and unfair to our light skinned sis­ters. Twit­ter wrong doesn’t make it write. The exclud­ing of light skinned women is still wrong and igno­rant.


the poster you replied to is bira­cial … you’re the only igno­rant per­son. I still don’t get why these basic con­cepts are hard for you to com­pre­hend. light skinned or bira­cial women col­lec­tive­ly are nev­er exclud­ed when it comes to beau­ty. go to the many plat­forms that show­case them rather than try to take away from one of the few promis­ing plat­forms dark skinned women will or may have

Riak Mary
From Purp­N­Gold, scroll down and you’ll find her com­ment. White peo­ple: Large­ly excludes black peo­ple from a thing Black peo­ple: Makes their own thing White peo­ple: That’s divi­sive! Black peo­ple: Large­ly excludes dark skin peo­ple a thing Dark skin peo­ple: Makes their own thing Black peo­ple: That’s divi­sive! What’s wrong with us want­i­ng our own plat­form since white pple only use light­sk­i­nend black peo­ple which leads to dark skin lit­tle girls hav­ing issues. There’s noth­ign wrong with it, col­orism is a big issue and when­ev­er us dark­skins want to do some­thing about it, ya’ll wan­na say we’re being divi­sive. STFU if your not gonna… Read more »
Taylor Brune Siri

Well said. black peo­ple some­time can act like the oppres­sor. I hate it. And it’s not all Black peo­ple are against this mag­a­zine, it’s col­orist Black Men, and Main­ly Light­skin Blacks Men and women. and Mixed race peo­ple.

Depths Of My Soul!

Thank you

Depths Of My Soul!


Riak Mary

what’s the point of hav­ing an all only light­skinned girls mag­a­zine when their the stan­dart for black women. Dark­skinned women are under rep­re­sent­ed and thats why it’d be fine to do it. You just sound like a white per­son say­ing if there were an all only white woman mag­a­zine, they’d be an uproar. That thing is not rare, it’s seen every­day.

LittleBabyBug Jones
I sup­port Chrissies plat­form whole­heart­ed­ly, I already donat­ed also :) I’m in the mid­dle spec­trum, but I see myself as dark skinned if I sim­ply had to ‘pick a side’. But you don’t have to be dark skinned to rec­og­nize that black women of dark­er hue are large­ly invis­i­ble in main­stream spaces and often even inside our ‘own’. Dark skinned to medi­um brown toned women make up the MAJORITY skin tone for black women world­wide and in the Unit­ed States, so no, light skinned women should not be giv­en pref­er­ence, because they are nowhere near the major­i­ty in hue. Rep­re­sen­ta­tion… Read more »
Ms. Vee

Chrissie has my sup­port 100%.


This is amaz­ing!!! I can’t wait till it comes out. Well done to Chrissie and team, it won’t be easy but it’ll be worth it xo

Miss T
I’m a light skinned black woman, not bi-racial. Should black women have a plat­form like this? Most def­i­nite­ly. I’m not down­ing this in any way. But I will say that col­orism affects light skinned black women in a way that many don’t want to talk about. As a black woman of lighter skin its sad but I’ve been treat­ed unfair­ly by oth­er black peo­ple and whites. As a child and even now, light skinned black women a lot of times are treat­ed as if they are not a part of the black race. To some black peo­ple you’re not black… Read more »
I’m sor­ry you had to grow through that. Unfor­tu­nate­ly this isn’t what this mag­a­zine is about. Per­haps the rea­son why dark skinned peo­ple felt the need to exclude you is in order to help pre­serve what lit­tle self esteem they had. Espe­cial­ly in younger stages in life. For a long time i didn’t see col­or — i did­nt have a prob­lem with light skinned blacks because my mom and two of my sis­ters are light skinned. In my com­mu­ni­ty the black men pre­ferred the span­ish women. I def­i­nite­ly sup­port this mag­a­zine and I encour­age light skinned women to con­tin­ue to… Read more »
Depths Of My Soul!

It’s about pro­mot­ing Black beau­ty when no one else will. I under­stand and have expe­ri­enced all of what you said with the exclu­sion of racism from Whites but Light skin Blacks and Biracial’s are already being heav­i­ly pro­mot­ed while dark­er skin Blacks aren’t.

That is what I took from this


Yes, i whole heart­ed­ly agree, my sis­ter. As black peo­ple, we all have strug­gles, be we, blue black or all most white look­ing. We should not be act­ing as if one skin tone strug­gles more than he oth­er, hell, lighter skinned black peo­ple are often time hat­ed by both black peolle and white peo­ple.

Tyriesa Malone
I appre­ci­at­ed your com­ment because it wasn’t much like the typ­i­cal shallow/white respons­es I see from some light skin peo­ple regard­ing col­orism; and I think many black folks are aware of the strug­gles light skin peo­ple have because they are the ones cre­at­ing them. But as you men­tioned the bad treat­ment of some light skin blacks is not unique. A lot of blacks do not like or accept dark skin and, yeah, to some whites as a dark skin you are just anoth­er n word. But to a great major­i­ty of oth­er whites (and indi­vid­u­als like them) dark black peo­ple… Read more »
Only Love Black People
Only Love Black People

Amen ????????

Esha Fowlin

Your com­ment is lit­er­al­ly #every­thing thank you for tak­ing the time to write it ???

Tyriesa Malone

Chrisse is always on point nev­er miss­es a step. Always real with her com­men­tary and insight on the issue of cor­lorism and the expe­ri­ence of black women in gen­er­al. I love her chan­nel and SUPPORT DDS also SUPPORT blaqspot.com (go join our black social net­work site for only black folks) I’m not all for inclu­sion while we are steady being exclud­ed. We are going to have our spaces too. I love the pro­pros­al of DDS mag­a­zine and eager­ly await for when I’ll have my sub­crip­tion. I sup­port you, Chrisse.


White peo­ple: Large­ly excludes black peo­ple from a thing
Black peo­ple: Makes their own thing
White peo­ple: That’s divi­sive!
Black peo­ple: Large­ly excludes dark skin peo­ple a thing
Dark skin peo­ple: Makes their own thing
Black peo­ple: That’s divi­sive!

S— rolls down hill.

Riak Mary

This is every­thing, it’s always the light skinned black peo­ple that say that we;re being divi­sive when all we want is equal rep.


We are beau­ti­ful in ALL shades…no mat­ter what socitey or social media says. I think she is step­ping out in an area that is long over do and needs address­ing. I hope she will embrace all of our shades and col­ors very dark to bright light. Not glo­rif­ing. One shade over anoth­er is one way of com­bat­ing col­orisim. We are all beau­ti­ful no mat­ter what shade of black or brown or tan to pass­ing white!


You’re doing the all lives mat­ter thing. If you want to look a light beau­ty go to every oth­er plat­form. Let us have our own thing!

I agree but I don’t think Chrissie is about divi­sive­ness its a sim­ple real­i­ty that col­orism exists and the soon­er it is done with the bet­ter for all black peo­ple of all shades. I lis­ten to her vids and they are good though con­tro­ver­sial. She recent­ly talked about skin bleach­ing which is quite pop­u­lar in the US though under wraps, it’s sad that so many black girls are picked on for their nat­ur­al skin, and its true that dark women are not rep­re­sent­ed in the main­stream as beau­ti­ful so I take from her videos that she is mak­ing this pub­li­ca­tion… Read more »

Black is beau­ti­ful in all shades. I hope what she does is pos­i­tive for us all.


Excel­lent! Every shade of brown is beau­ti­ful. I am not naive. We need to embrace even cel­e­brate the skin we are in from light to dark…we are beautiful…not over glam­orous one shade over the oth­er.

Wow, see I’m a brown girl. I’m not light and I’m not dark, I real­ly have no stake in the light vs dark debate. I feel all shades of black are beau­ti­ful, but I can’t claim to know the issues of col­orism on either side of the spec­trum per­son­al­ly. Did I find Simone want­i­ng Zen­daya to por­tray her fun­ny? Yes, but I just fig­ured she’s real­ly young and doesn’t seem aware of the col­orism issues some black women face. She’s just a fan of Zen­daya and we need more brown and dark brown girls at the fore­front, so that every… Read more »

Good for her, just as black peo­ple as a whole need more wide­spread, pos­i­tive rep­re­sen­ta­tion in beau­ty, mag­a­zines, cul­ture, etc, so do dark skinned black women in par­tic­u­lar, esp since they are often over­looked in favor of lighter skinned black women or bira­cial women. I have no issue with the aggres­sive push for that.

Depths Of My Soul!

Me either, I always say if you want some­thing done do it your­self lOl They are doing the damn thing.

Love it?