Glade Just Used Viral Natural Hair Art to Promote Its Latest Product

Last year visual artist Pierre Jean-Louis became known for his Black Girl Magic series which celebrated natural hair.  He digitally transposed nature scenes, galaxies, and gardens into the kinks and curls of beautiful black women and his photos were shared thousands of times in 2016, becoming some of the year’s most recognizable natural hair art.

Jean-Louis isn’t the first artist to attempt this concept, and associating natural hair with elements of nature is common, but his series undoubtedly popularized the aesthetic and made it mainstream.

Johnson & Johnson company Glade decided to create their own version of the Black Girl Magic series to advertise… scented wall plug-ins. The ad, which was posted on Facebook Tuesday, features a black woman smiling with a view of the night sky and forest in her kinky afro. It is currently the cover photo for the page.

We reached out to Jean-Louis to see if he was commissioned by Glade to do the ad, and will update once we hear back.

This is not the first time iconic black art and imagery have been used to shill products. In November a UK magazine recreated Solange’s A Seat at the Table cover art to sell hair clips. Just days ago legendary rap group Run DMC sued Amazon and Wal Mart for trademark infringement for selling products with their iconography.


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3 thoughts on “Glade Just Used Viral Natural Hair Art to Promote Its Latest Product

  1. Idk why, but my first thought or impulse was offense, like… “Black girls cover the scent of their funky hair with some Glade” that, or Glade was shilling hair perfume and Black women can be so extra with our hair we would probably buy it. Smh lol

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