Last year visu­al artist Pierre Jean-Louis became known for his Black Girl Mag­ic series which cel­e­brat­ed nat­ur­al hair.  He dig­i­tal­ly trans­posed nature scenes, galax­ies, and gar­dens into the kinks and curls of beau­ti­ful black women and his pho­tos were shared thou­sands of times in 2016, becom­ing some of the year’s most rec­og­niz­able nat­ur­al hair art.

Jean-Louis isn’t the first artist to attempt this con­cept, and asso­ci­at­ing nat­ur­al hair with ele­ments of nature is com­mon, but his series undoubt­ed­ly pop­u­lar­ized the aes­thet­ic and made it main­stream.

John­son & John­son com­pa­ny Glade decid­ed to cre­ate their own ver­sion of the Black Girl Mag­ic series to adver­tise… scent­ed wall plug-ins. The ad, which was post­ed on Face­book Tues­day, fea­tures a black woman smil­ing with a view of the night sky and for­est in her kinky afro. It is cur­rent­ly the cov­er pho­to for the page.

We reached out to Jean-Louis to see if he was com­mis­sioned by Glade to do the ad, and will update once we hear back. 

This is not the first time icon­ic black art and imagery have been used to shill prod­ucts. In Novem­ber a UK mag­a­zine recre­at­ed Solange’s A Seat at the Table cov­er art to sell hair clips. Just days ago leg­endary rap group Run DMC sued Ama­zon and Wal Mart for trade­mark infringe­ment for sell­ing prod­ucts with their iconog­ra­phy.

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Beau­ti­ful depic­tion! I like the con­cepts!

Sabrina black

Nat­ur­al hair is art?


Idk why, but my first thought or impulse was offense, like… “Black girls cov­er the scent of their funky hair with some Glade” that, or Glade was shilling hair per­fume and Black women can be so extra with our hair we would prob­a­bly buy it. Smh lol