Astro­naut Jeanette Epps
Pho­tog­ra­ph­er: Robert Markowitz

Astro­naut Jeanette Epps is prepar­ing to make his­to­ry as the first (yes, FIRST) black space sta­tion crew mem­ber — woman or man. This endeav­or, which will take place in March 2018, will also be her first ever space­flight. She will be joined by vet­er­an astro­naut Andrew Feustel.

“Each space sta­tion crew brings some­thing dif­fer­ent to the table, and Drew and Jeanette both have a lot to offer,” said Chris Cas­sidy, chief of the Astro­naut Office at NASA’s John­son Space Cen­ter in Hous­ton. “The space sta­tion will ben­e­fit from hav­ing them on board.” — NASA Press Release

Epps brings a wealth of intel­lect and back­ground to the task at hand. Orig­i­nal­ly from Syra­cuse, New York, she earned her bachelor’s in physics from LeMoyne Col­lege. She then com­plet­ed a master’s of sci­ence and PhD in aero­space engi­neer­ing from the Uni­ver­si­ty of Mary­land in Col­lege Park. After grad­u­ate school, she went on to work for Ford and then the Cen­tral Intel­li­gence Agency (CIA) where she received “mul­ti­ple per­for­mance awards” as a tech­ni­cal intel­li­gence offi­cer.
While Epps is her own per­son and this is a unique mis­sion, we can­not help but com­pare this moment to the time the first black female astro­naut — Mae Jemi­son — entered space.
Black woman engi­neers rock!


Empow­er­ing women of col­or to break bar­ri­ers. Cherish.Thy.Melanin.

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Amayesn May

Intel­li­gent love­ly woman! Def­i­nite­ly a role mod­el:)


You also might want to check out Stephanie Wil­son (3 mis­sions) and Joan Hig­gin­both­am (1 mis­sion) both AA women who have trav­eled on the Space Shut­tle. Mae Jemi­son wasn’t the only one.




This is great!