Shortly after getting married RHOA alum Peter Thomas’ daughter Porsche became pregnant with twin boys. Since then the actress and model has been excitedly sharing her pregnancy progress on Instagram.

But criticism of her darkened stomach became so common that Thomas spoke out about it in a January 2 post.

“While some of y’all been in my comments criticizing the blackness that is my belly and me during what shoulda been your holiday cheer, I been over here enjoying life, growing tiny humans, performing miracles and hopefully getting even blacker ??#justsaying #melaninpoppin #twins #babybump #noairbrushneeded #love and be #loved”

Darkened skin is a common side effect of pregnancy due to hormonal change. Kudos to Porsche for refusing to let the BS slide.

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26 Comments on "Peter Thomas’ Daughter Porsche Speaks Out After Critics Blast Her Pregnancy Belly For Being ‘Too Black’"

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“…and hopefully, getting even blacker?!?!” this heifa (and I mean it in the most endearing way which only your Auntie Doll has mastered) set the tone for me in 2017! Ha, wordplay, I can’t even stop smiling. Let me go. I’m in SFL, with the sun so many others pray for, better put it to use 😉



YEEESSS YOU BETTER SAY THAT AGAIN,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Sabrina black

Dark skin is beneficial. She has been gifted with two boys. Leave her stomach alone.

Shauntae Britt

I think she is beautiful and to be carrying twin smh her body is insane right now…Ive seen mom with twin and trust they look like they were having triplets,lol…just saying


Black people still hate themselves??? When does this stop? Get over it. She is absolutely the epitome of real beauty!!!!


What a beautiful black pearl belly!! And, I mean just that!

Ayria L'Miau

Critics or internet assholes?


Of course her belly is black, dah, she’s black.. ..These people are ludicrous!…Unfortunately, when we put it out there for social media, be ready for ANYTHING. GIRL, enjoy your pregnancy and ignore the nay-sayers!


I hate when struggle gene folk (white supremacists) who burn up in the sun can’t find anything to do but hate on genetically superior people


OhMyDamn,, Struggle Gene Folk,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I’m so done kmsl

Gothé Labb

I am willing to bet that it is only black people who made fun of her too. I’m not really a fan of white people but I can say with reasonable conviction that the majority of them don’t spend their time wondering why dark skinned people are dark skinned.


there were A LOT of black people also making fun of her so just stop it. I hate when people make it seem like there aren’t some black people saying racist and colorist shit to other black people.


What you’re saying is true, but you’re ignoring the source. Who STARTED the self-hate?


For pity’s sake, some people just need to go and work on their inferiority complexes.


*sigh*…I swear black people get on my dayum nerves with this ignorant b.s. sometimes! Hating on our own & then having the nerve to get all “outraged” when someone else disrespects us…GTFOH.

Timisha Melton

Ase sister!

Purple Sound

“Too black”? How, Sway? But if a White person said something, they’d be up in arms with rebuttals celebrating her “beautiful dark skin”. Another example of some Blacks hypocrisy: we can go in on each other and tear down each other for things we can’t control like our skin colour, our hair, body shape, etc., but it’s only considered an issue when non-Blacks do it.

Strawberry Shortcake

I thought it looked beautiful and the pic made me smile because her belly looks so round while she’s relaxing in her bikini..she looks happy and has some lovely melanin.


Some people really have no life and/or too much time on their hands! The self-loathing is REAL!


It’s just plain ignorant!

Riak Mary

People are so stupid and dumb. I honestly have lost faith in most of society. We’re still saying you’re too black or that’s too black. Dumbass people with their colorist and racist asses. Shouda left your ass in 2016.


Naw, 1916!




How is her tummy not beautiful!?


It’s beautiful that’s the problem. 🙂


Lol! Too black!? People are really this dumb.