Short­ly after get­ting mar­ried RHOA alum Peter Thomas’ daugh­ter Porsche became preg­nant with twin boys. Since then the actress and mod­el has been excit­ed­ly shar­ing her preg­nan­cy progress on Insta­gram.

But crit­i­cism of her dark­ened stom­ach became so com­mon that Thomas spoke out about it in a Jan­u­ary 2 post. 

“While some of y’all been in my com­ments crit­i­ciz­ing the black­ness that is my bel­ly and me dur­ing what shoul­da been your hol­i­day cheer, I been over here enjoy­ing life, grow­ing tiny humans, per­form­ing mir­a­cles and hope­ful­ly get­ting even black­er ??#just­say­ing #melan­in­pop­pin #twins #baby­bump #noair­brush­need­ed #love and be #loved”

Dark­ened skin is a com­mon side effect of preg­nan­cy due to hor­mon­al change. Kudos to Porsche for refus­ing to let the BS slide. 

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­liste, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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“…and hope­ful­ly, get­ting even black­er?!?!” this heifa (and I mean it in the most endear­ing way which only your Aun­tie Doll has mas­tered) set the tone for me in 2017! Ha, word­play, I can’t even stop smil­ing. Let me go. I’m in SFL, with the sun so many oth­ers pray for, bet­ter put it to use ;)




Sabrina black

Dark skin is ben­e­fi­cial. She has been gift­ed with two boys. Leave her stom­ach alone.

Shauntae Britt

I think she is beau­ti­ful and to be car­ry­ing twin smh her body is insane right now…Ive seen mom with twin and trust they look like they were hav­ing triplets,lol…just say­ing


Black peo­ple still hate them­selves??? When does this stop? Get over it. She is absolute­ly the epit­o­me of real beau­ty!!!!


What a beau­ti­ful black pearl bel­ly!! And, I mean just that!

Ayria L'Miau

Crit­ics or inter­net ass­holes?


Of course her bel­ly is black, dah, she’s black.. ..These peo­ple are ludicrous!…Unfortunately, when we put it out there for social media, be ready for ANYTHING. GIRL, enjoy your preg­nan­cy and ignore the nay-say­ers!


I hate when strug­gle gene folk (white suprema­cists) who burn up in the sun can’t find any­thing to do but hate on genet­i­cal­ly supe­ri­or peo­ple


OhMy­Damn„ Strug­gle Gene Folk„„„„„„„„, I’m so done kmsl

Gothé Labb

I am will­ing to bet that it is only black peo­ple who made fun of her too. I’m not real­ly a fan of white peo­ple but I can say with rea­son­able con­vic­tion that the major­i­ty of them don’t spend their time won­der­ing why dark skinned peo­ple are dark skinned.


there were A LOT of black peo­ple also mak­ing fun of her so just stop it. I hate when peo­ple make it seem like there aren’t some black peo­ple say­ing racist and col­orist shit to oth­er black peo­ple.


What you’re say­ing is true, but you’re ignor­ing the source. Who STARTED the self-hate?


For pity’s sake, some peo­ple just need to go and work on their infe­ri­or­i­ty com­plex­es.


*sigh*…I swear black peo­ple get on my dayum nerves with this igno­rant b.s. some­times! Hat­ing on our own & then hav­ing the nerve to get all “out­raged” when some­one else dis­re­spects us…GTFOH.

Timisha Melton

Ase sis­ter!

Purple Sound

“Too black”? How, Sway? But if a White per­son said some­thing, they’d be up in arms with rebut­tals cel­e­brat­ing her “beau­ti­ful dark skin”. Anoth­er exam­ple of some Blacks hypocrisy: we can go in on each oth­er and tear down each oth­er for things we can’t con­trol like our skin colour, our hair, body shape, etc., but it’s only con­sid­ered an issue when non-Blacks do it.

Strawberry Shortcake

I thought it looked beau­ti­ful and the pic made me smile because her bel­ly looks so round while she’s relax­ing in her bikini..she looks hap­py and has some love­ly melanin.


Some peo­ple real­ly have no life and/or too much time on their hands! The self-loathing is REAL!


It’s just plain igno­rant!

Riak Mary

Peo­ple are so stu­pid and dumb. I hon­est­ly have lost faith in most of soci­ety. We’re still say­ing you’re too black or that’s too black. Dum­b­ass peo­ple with their col­orist and racist ass­es. Shou­da left your ass in 2016.


Naw, 1916!




How is her tum­my not beau­ti­ful!?


It’s beau­ti­ful that’s the prob­lem. :)


Lol! Too black!? Peo­ple are real­ly this dumb.