One of the fallouts of Donald Trump’s election is the violence he has incited among emboldened white racists. This seems to be the case in Mishawaka Indiana, where a black girl was placed in a headlock by a heavy set white male JC Penny employee. Local station WNDU reports that the man wrestled the girl down when she knocked over a promotional display after he told her family they didn’t belong in the store. In a disturbing video, the man can be seen refusing to let the girl go as her family pleads for him to “get off of her” and offers to pay for the promotional display she knocked down.

When mall security arrived the girl was placed in handcuffs and released shortly after. The mall has refused comment, and the girl’s family is not speaking publicly as they pursue legal action.

Although this video is absolutely disgusting, it’s more important than ever that incidents like these be reported. This kind of spineless race-based violence — a grown man harassing a family and then assaulting a child, followed by the child being placed in handcuffs — cannot become normalized in the age of Trump.

The mall in the video is the University Park Mall in Mishawka, Indiana. And this is the JC Penney.

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10 Comments on "White Male JC Penney Employee Puts Black Girl in Headlock After Telling Her Family They ‘Didn’t Belong There’"

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Johnnie Babe

This is disgusting.


This is uncalled for! This is NOT the way to make America great again!!!! I hope the family receives justice. No, she shouldn’t have knocked over the display but was a choke hold REALLY necessary especially if she’s a minor! Come on! Rrrrrrroar!


No, she shouldn’t have knocked over the display, but I’m sure it was an accident. However, what this over zealous racist did was not. I’m sure they will go through the regular, “he’s fired” routine, only to sneak him back in the door in a few weeks. These abusive displays of entitlement
only further serve to fan the flames of racism in this country.


There are BETTER Aways to respond accident or NOT.


Why was her family told they didn’t belong there!? That’s the confusing part to me. Either way, once place in the choke hold she needs to sue the hell out of JCPenny. Don’t worry a payment is coming.


Clearly a payment is one thing, but only part of the things that need to be repaid to not only this family, but all families who suffer similar circumstances. When people feel they not only have the right to abuse someone, but the money to pay for it. It will never stop. Respect……….is gonna come.

Janet Holmes

This shit can’t be real… Sorry, I just don’t believe this


It is all too real and is increasing as others believe they can make America great again by putting others down and over-powering them…mainly us as black folks…so sad. We have to do better as Americans and the human race!


this couldn’t be my family,he would be punched!


This was honestly what I was thinking. He isn’t an officer or security personnel. Talking about some “back up and I’ll let go” Nah, back up or you going to get bust in the face and made to let go. He had no right to put his hands on her.