One of the fall­outs of Don­ald Trump’s elec­tion is the vio­lence he has incit­ed among embold­ened white racists. This seems to be the case in Mishawa­ka Indi­ana, where a black girl was placed in a head­lock by a heavy set white male JC Pen­ny employ­ee. Local sta­tion WNDU reports that the man wres­tled the girl down when she knocked over a pro­mo­tion­al dis­play after he told her fam­i­ly they didn’t belong in the store. In a dis­turb­ing video, the man can be seen refus­ing to let the girl go as her fam­i­ly pleads for him to “get off of her” and offers to pay for the pro­mo­tion­al dis­play she knocked down.

When mall secu­ri­ty arrived the girl was placed in hand­cuffs and released short­ly after. The mall has refused com­ment, and the girl’s fam­i­ly is not speak­ing pub­licly as they pur­sue legal action.

Although this video is absolute­ly dis­gust­ing, it’s more impor­tant than ever that inci­dents like these be report­ed. This kind of spine­less race-based vio­lence — a grown man harass­ing a fam­i­ly and then assault­ing a child, fol­lowed by the child being placed in hand­cuffs — can­not become nor­mal­ized in the age of Trump.

The mall in the video is the Uni­ver­si­ty Park Mall in Mishawka, Indi­ana. And this is the JC Pen­ney.

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10 Comments on "White Male JC Penney Employee Puts Black Girl in Headlock After Telling Her Family They ‘Didn’t Belong There’"

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Johnnie Babe

This is dis­gust­ing.


This is uncalled for! This is NOT the way to make Amer­i­ca great again!!!! I hope the fam­i­ly receives jus­tice. No, she shouldn’t have knocked over the dis­play but was a choke hold REALLY nec­es­sary espe­cial­ly if she’s a minor! Come on! Rrrrrrroar!


No, she shouldn’t have knocked over the dis­play, but I’m sure it was an acci­dent. How­ev­er, what this over zeal­ous racist did was not. I’m sure they will go through the reg­u­lar, “he’s fired” rou­tine, only to sneak him back in the door in a few weeks. These abu­sive dis­plays of enti­tle­ment
only fur­ther serve to fan the flames of racism in this coun­try.


There are BETTER Aways to respond acci­dent or NOT.


Why was her fam­i­ly told they didn’t belong there!? That’s the con­fus­ing part to me. Either way, once place in the choke hold she needs to sue the hell out of JCPen­ny. Don’t wor­ry a pay­ment is com­ing.


Clear­ly a pay­ment is one thing, but only part of the things that need to be repaid to not only this fam­i­ly, but all fam­i­lies who suf­fer sim­i­lar cir­cum­stances. When peo­ple feel they not only have the right to abuse some­one, but the mon­ey to pay for it. It will nev­er stop. Respect.….… gonna come.

Janet Holmes

This shit can’t be real… Sor­ry, I just don’t believe this


It is all too real and is increas­ing as oth­ers believe they can make Amer­i­ca great again by putting oth­ers down and over-pow­er­ing them…mainly us as black folks…so sad. We have to do bet­ter as Amer­i­cans and the human race!


this couldn’t be my family,he would be punched!


This was hon­est­ly what I was think­ing. He isn’t an offi­cer or secu­ri­ty per­son­nel. Talk­ing about some “back up and I’ll let go” Nah, back up or you going to get bust in the face and made to let go. He had no right to put his hands on her.