At 22 years old, Tiera Guinn is a Rock­et Struc­tur­al Design and Analy­sis Engi­neer for Boe­ing, work­ing in con­junc­tion with NASA to cre­ate a space launch sys­tem. Let that sink in… Here are 5 things to know about this black genius.

1 Guinn has a hefty role regard­ing the project she’s work­ing on for NASA. Accord­ing to NASA’s web­site, she’s work­ing on a “space launch sys­tem for a new era of explo­ration beyond Earth’s orbit into deep space.” The space launch sys­tem will be the world’s most pow­er­ful rock­et and Tiera is cur­rent­ly design­ing and ana­lyz­ing por­tions of the rock­et.

2. Guinn honed her math skills at… the gro­cery sto­ry! Her moth­er rec­og­nized her daughter’s tal­ent for solv­ing dif­fi­cult math­e­mat­i­cal equa­tions when she was fair­ly young. As a result, every time Guinn went to the gro­cery store with her moth­er, she was respon­si­ble for orga­niz­ing coupons and cal­cu­lat­ing the total of all items, includ­ing tax. Did I men­tion that she was doing this at 6 years old?

3. Guinn is cur­rent­ly a stu­dent at Mass­a­chu­setts Insti­tute of Tech­nol­o­gy (MIT) and she will be grad­u­at­ing soon with a 5.0 GPA.


4. This isn’t just a job for Guinn. She’s known she want­ed to be an aero­space engi­neer as a child.

“One day I saw a plane fly by and I just had this real­iza­tion, ’ I can design planes. I’m going to bean aero­space engi­neer.’ So every mid­dle school class that I chose, it was direct­ed toward that goal. The high school that I chose, that took me an hour to get to every day, it was because I want­ed to be an aero­space engi­neer.” — Tiera Guinn for The Huff­in­g­ton Post

5. Tiera is a nat­u­ral­ista and rocks her fro and pro­tec­tive styles at work. Peep her in cute braids!

Tiera Guinn, 22, on the left.

Tiera’s words of advice for young women who would like to fol­low the path she’s on? Take chances and remain focused.

“You have to look for­ward to your dream and you can’t let any­body get in the way of it,” she said. “No mat­ter how tough it may be, no mat­ter how many tears you might cry, you have to keep push­ing. And you have to under­stand that noth­ing comes easy. Keep­ing your eyes on the prize, you can suc­ceed.” — Tiera Guinn for the Huff­in­g­ton Post

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I agree. The nur­tur­ing in those ear­ly years can result in a child pur­su­ing their nat­ur­al tal­ents and inter­ests. It makes a big dif­fer­ence lat­er on when their peers pres­sure them to fol­low the pop­u­lar crowd.

The Natural Haven

Love this, I am old­er than her but she is very inspi­ra­tional to me. I love that her moth­er rec­og­nized and nur­tured her tal­ent. I love that she is focused on and achiev­ing her dream.