ABC Casts Rachel Lindsay as its First Black Bachelorette

ABC has announced the first black bachelorette in the show’s 15-year history. Every season the leading lady for The Bachelorette is chosen based on the runner-up or fan favorite from The Bachelor. This time 31 year-old Texas lawyer Rachel Lindsey won viewers’ hearts and the coveted spot as bachelorette for season 13.

The Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss teased for weeks that the next bachelorette choice would be “historic”. According to, ABC has been under pressure for the past several years due to their lack of diversity with casting for both the Bachelor and Bachelorette.

ABC’s entertainment chief and first African American to head programming at a major broadcast network, Channing Dungey, has wanted to diversify the leading roles of both shows for quite some time.

“I would very much like to see some changes there. And I think one of the biggest changes that we need to do is … increase the pool of diverse candidates in the beginning, because part of what ends up happening as we go along is there just aren’t as many candidates to ultimately end up in the role of the next Bachelor or Bachelorette,” – Dungey –

Most are excited about Lindsay being announced as the new bachelorette, but some are annoyed with the moment being framed as historical. ABC might have a tough time convincing non-viewers that they aren’t just throwing in a black girl to solely gain viewers.

Lindsay, however, is thrilled to take the lead.

Now that Rachel Lindsay has been cast as the new bachelorette will you be watching?


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8 thoughts on “ABC Casts Rachel Lindsay as its First Black Bachelorette

  1. No I won’t be watching. I didn’t like the show when white people were on it I won’t be watching now they finally put a sister on it. Women are treated like trash on this show; so I’m surprised so many people of color wanted to see a black woman.

  2. We already have our own versions of the bachelorette and bachelor. Who cares about this. What’s next? Asian bachelorette! The show is terrible anyway.

    • There are some things we need to leave to white people and this show is one of them. and no you won’t see an Asian Bachelorette because other people of color aren’t trying to get on crap like this.

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