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LaKeith Stanfield, who stars as Darius in Atlanta (and has appeared in a string of critically acclaimed films including Selma, Straight Outta Compton, Miles Ahead, War Machine and Crown Heights) took to Snapchat to recall a conversation he had with a driver who called black women “the most f*cked up version of a woman.”

“Some dude, one of the drivers who takes us from point A to point B on this project that I’m working on and he’s like, ‘Yo black women they’re the hardest to deal with man. They’re the most f*cked up version of a woman you could…’ I say ‘Whoa, whoa, wait , you talking to the wrong person man because as far as I’m concerned it’s the most beautiful aspect of black woman is that they’ve been through the most sh*t you could go through in this country, you know what I mean, they really have been through the most sh*t and that’s a beautiful thing.’ That’s something that should empower you to be a better version than what the f”ck you are. Instead of having you feel beat down by it it empowers you to be better. So the woman that’s been through the most that’s the one I want on my side. Because she understands when I go through some sh*t she knows how to deal with the sh*t because she don been through it all. And that’s a beautiful thing. Don’t ever throw em on the back burner like they f*cked up because you don’t understand what the f*ck they went through. That’s b*tch n*gga sh*t.”

25-year-old Stanfield is no stranger to “go(ing) through some sh*t.” Before becoming one of Hollywood’s hottest young talents, he endured a childhood of poverty and abuse, which he discussed with Complex in September.

In San Bernardino, Stanfield’s childhood was marked by poverty and violence, which he discusses candidly. “I was used to being hungry after a while.” he says. “Baloney sandwiches with no mayo and no cheese. And that was it, but it was cool. I learned to be strong. I learned to be a hustler, a fighter. I learned to never give up.”

When he was barely a teenager, Stanfield saw his mother’s boyfriend at the time beating her. “At the time I didn’t have anything to compare it to,” Stanfield says. “It’s like, ‘This is happening right now.’ I couldn’t be like, ‘This is horrible.’ It was just like, ‘What is happening?’”

Stanfield is currently dating Mindy Project and Precious actress Xosha Roquemore.

What are your thoughts ladies? what do you think of his reasoning for why black women should be valued?

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Good for him!


This is beautiful. Black people as a whole have been through so much trauma in this country. Before people, like this driver, talk mess about Black women… should watch Dr. Joy Degruy’s presentation on Post-Traumatic Slave Syndrome.

Sylvia Jackson

Today is Valentine’s Day and though in reality it is simply a day for whites to make more money, Black Love can and has endured so much from slavery to hip hop denigration of black femaleness, yet we stand strong.

Marquita S.

Look at who he’s loving up on. This is what we need to see more of. Genuine love and respect admiration. This is what truly matters. Black love.


I love him! Yas wwe need more men standing up for us black women ^^

Youngin girl

Worth a share.


I honestly get his reasoning about black women going through the most and handling it throughout the years, because we really have. However, I do not think that we should only be viewed as pillars of strength or very tough to the point where it becomes difficult not become the typical strong black woman. Some of us do not know how to emulate the black female figure as well as the next person and that doesn’t make us lesser. Black women should be respected regardless of what we can or cannot do.


Tired of hearing the same ol’ nonsense about black women. Props to this man for setting that coon straight.


I wish more black men stood up for black women like this instead of the usual dehumanisation, slander, belittlement and comparison to other woman of different races. As long as this hate that BM have for BW continues, black people as a whole will never advance and change for better. This is mostly to black men in the western world, ya’ll so brainwashed.

La Bandita

That’s White Supremacy 101. The thinking is that women civilized a race. As long as Black women are put down, or kept out of the pic Black people as a race will never be equal. Good think 80% of Asian are marrying White men.