Bey­on­ce is an inter­na­tion­al super­star. One of the most pow­er­ful wom­en in the world. And that friend who couldn’t wait to get preg­nant so she could pose in front of a bag of props she had stashed in her clos­et. She’s that friend who made a ‘preg­nan­cy mood board’ months (pos­si­bly years) before she got preg­nant. She ain’t even include Jay-Z because — as she like­ly told him — ‘This isn’t about you. It’s about me.’ 

At least that’s the vibe we’re get­ting with the lat­est slew of mater­ni­ty pho­tos that hit Beyonce’s web­site. They include Bey pos­ing by a bust of Queen Nefer­ti­ti, Bey pos­ing mer­maid-like under­wa­ter, Bey chan­nel­ing the Vir­gin Mary in front of a flo­ral arch, Bey pos­ing on top of a red car, all while rock­ing a super long weave that is meant to say, ‘I am super fer­tile and abun­dant with life’.

And, as no mater­ni­ty shoot would be com­plete with­out spo­ken word, Bey includes some in her pho­to col­lage, includ­ing text like

“girl turn­ing into wom­an
wom­an turn­ing into moth­er
moth­er turn­ing into venus”

All jokes aside, we’re not mad at Bey. She is quite obvi­ous­ly over the moon. Ladies, what do you think of the pho­to­shoot? Go to to see the full shoot.

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I don’t care what nobody say the­se are THEE most taste­less pho­tos… I’m sor­ry, naked mater­ni­ty pho­tos should be pri­vate. If my bff,sister, old HS bud­dy or cowork­er post­ed the­se, i will think to myself how inap­pro­pri­ate. It is no dif­fer­ent with Bey­on­ce. Tbh I feel she doesn’t teach girls to be sexy & con­fi­dent, she pro­motes, trashy and slut­ty. Bring classy back! TRUE QUEEN STATUS.

Cindy H.
I like Bey­on­ce’, I don’t love her or hate her. I enjoy some of her music and I don’t like some of her music. I do, how­ev­er, think she is an awe­some artist. With that being said I do think per­haps to include in an arti­cle title regard­ing her preg­nan­cy pho­tos that they are “kin­da sor­ta cheesy” was a bit much. I don’t think that because she is Bey­on­ce”, but because she is appar­ent­ly proud to be expect­ing again. I love the pic­tures and think they are beau­ti­ful. And then to insin­u­ate “She ain’t even include Jay-Z because — as… Read more »
I thought the exact same thing. Some of them are cheesy like the red car pho­to. Some are beau­ti­ful like the under­wa­ter shots.  I am how­ev­er shocked to see such seri­ous­ness in the com­ments sec­tion by peo­ple who do not PERSONALLY know Bey­on­cé. Espe­cial­ly con­sid­er­ing what has hap­pened in our coun­try in the last two weeks. I hope those same peo­ple have a sim­i­lar lev­el of pas­sion for con­se­quen­tial mat­ters that will even­tu­al­ly affect them per­son­al­ly. Per­haps Beyonce’s own moth­er or sis­ter are sit­ting with her laugh­ing over the cheesi­ness of some of the­se pic­tures too. Either way, there should be… Read more »

Bey­on­cé always be doing the most

But con­grat­u­la­tions I guess.


I think it was a bit much… I have always admire her love Jay…that school girl, first love type of love … but when I saw the pics I was like, Jay done final­ly made that girl crazy!!! LOL
c’mon haters.…


I love a few of the shots, and a few were not to my lik­ing. Either way I’m hap­py for her.

I feel that moth­er­hood is an under explored the­me in art so may­be that’s why it seems cheesy. The pic­tures in the water look like Klimt paint­ings, which are icon­ic to the point of being cliché. They are still epic sights to behold, if you look past that. We need more art about moth­er­hood and fem­i­nin­i­ty from a female gaze, and that’s just gonna come with time. I’m so glad Bey­on­ce post­ed the­se pic­tures because unfor­tu­nate­ly, the ques­tion of whether or not wom­en can be suc­cess­ful pro­fes­sion­als and moth­ers is still up for debate in many indus­tries. Bey’s break­ing bar­ri­ers… Read more »

the last pic­ture was very nice the full body shot with wavy hair the oth­er ones was not

Not a big of hers cause I find her over the top. I usu­al­ly I like preg­go shoots but … not this one! I feel like it screams look at me! This bel­ly is NOT fake! I feel like on set the art Direc­tor said: Oh don’t for­get to put some fresh flow­er so we relate to being “nat­u­ral” like moth­er nature. Don’t for­get the Nefer­ti­ti bust because I like that too! Let’s have you on top of the car like in the For­ma­tion video. You get side boobs, and you get side boobs… SIDEBOOBS FOR EVERYONE!!! May­be if she looked more relaxed or… Read more »

I agree. And where is Jay-Z? Lol you didn’t make the­se babies by your­self. I don’t mind when wom­en have their lit­tle “preg­nan­cy pho­to shoots” but you didn’t a$eXually repro­duce. Show your man some love


Even blue looks over­whelmed lol


Nice Fam­i­ly Photos..Curious would the sen­ti­ment be the same if Jane Doe pub­lished sim­i­lar pho­tos?


Lol the pics are cute, con­grats to her…but it it kin­da cheesy XD just chill bey­hive, bey­on­ce is human too, and humans get cheesy some­times. lol!


BGLH the pho­to shot IS cheesy! Fel­low com­men­ta­tors are bor­der­ing along the lines of idol­a­try with no notion of how to relax and see anoth­er point of view.


Exact­ly. The­se wor­ship­pers are cray cray!!! Every­one has their opin­ion. Let peo­ple live. It has noth­ing to do with race, lol! I have all Bey’s music with the excep­tion of Lemon­ade bc I don’t enjoy it. I think the­se pics are cheesy too.


Espe­cial­ly that “Tamey” chick foam­ing at the mouth, right (LOL)?


Wor­ship­ping Bey­on­cé has not a damn thing to do with it. I enjoy a lot of her music and some I don’t. The arti­cle was done in bad taste.


Just my two cents:

If your title was
‘Bey­on­ce Releas­es a Slew of Addi­tion­al Mater­ni­ty Pho­tos, And They’re Kin­da Sor­ta Cheesy — AND WE LOVE IT!’
It would read dif­fer­ent­ly.

With your cur­rent title, it seems like you are either being unnec­es­sar­i­ly sil­ly (inter­pret as rude)or try­ing to get attention/go viral by writ­ing some­thing qua­si-mean about Bey (and we know stuff like that always gets loads of atten­tion and not real­ly BLGH’s style — I think).

Yes, said shoot is cheesy but very appro­pri­ate and in good taste. 



Let her have her fun. Things have been way too tense late­ly. I do wor­ry about those under­wa­ter pho­tos though because you’re not sup­posed to hold your breath for long peri­ods.

Maura Spires
I think the pho­tos are beau­ti­ful. From a fem­i­nist per­spec­tive, I am old enough to remem­ber when preg­nan­cy was like “a nec­es­sary evil”, wom­en felt bad­ly about their expand­ing bod­ies. The­se pho­tos remind us of the utter mir­a­cle of life and the abil­i­ty of a woman’s body to expand to cradle that life, nour­ish that life, and bring that life into the world. If men had wombs there would be tick­er tape parades for them, and they would get a year or two of paid leave no ques­tions asked. ? If men car­ried babies I think would be con­sid­ered their… Read more »

It’s in a 1960’s pop pho­tog­ra­phy style with a moth­er god­dess the­me.
I don’t find that style of art to be cheesy


Inter­est­ing obser­va­tion.


Noth­ing Cheesy at all just a wom­an cel­e­brat­ing her chance to give life and grow her fam­i­ly. Beau­ti­ful.

Tabitha J

I agree with Tam­ra. Who­ev­er thought of this as in fun should look at them­selves and decide why instead of cel­e­brat­ing a black wom­an you choose to make fun. Very poor choice.


How was kin­da sor­ta cheesy?

Chioma Oben

Yup, cheesy, but do you!


Amaz­ing. The wom­an just released the pic­tures of her hap­pi­ness and BGLH has the audac­i­ty to write this crap about her. Bey­on­cé looks beau­ti­ful in her pic­tures and she should be over the moon and stars right now. Have some class next time BGLH.

The Natural Haven

lol Tamey, come on now, many of us real­ly do think the­se pho­tos are cheese upon cheese upon cheese. This does not mean that Bey­on­ce should not have tak­en them or expressed her­self as she did but when you release it in the pub­lic domain, peo­ple equal­ly are free to say what they think. 

Now my finest preg­nan­cy pho­to was smil­ing in a field next to a preg­nant mini horse lol. I love that pic­ture but it is also cheese upon cheese upon cheese.

Per­son­al­ly too, refer­ring to your­self as the god­dess of fer­til­i­ty is a bit much, but each to their own.


Right, I agree with you Tamey. I’m not even in the Bey­Hive and I think this was unnec­es­sary. Stop tear­ing peo­ple down. It’s not need­ed BGLH