The Gram­mys con­tin­ued to prove its irrel­e­vance this year by giv­ing Adele’s 25 Album of the Year over Beyonce’s stun­ning con­cept album Lemon­ade. And while the award show, held Sun­day, gave us many moments to talk about (Bey­once, preg­nant with twins and killing her per­for­mance, Bus­ta Rhymes call­ing Trump ‘Agent Orange’) the NAACP Image Awards, held a day before, actu­al­ly had the supe­ri­or red car­pet. Check out these looks…

Tey­on­ah Par­ris is giv­ing us straight up glam­our and gor­geous­ness.

Janelle Mon­ae is giv­ing us futur­is­tic beau­ty.

Chloe and Halle are out here look­ing like chic, melanat­ed Dis­ney princess­es.

Issa Rae is giv­ing us col­or and side bun.

YAS Yara! Giv­ing us chic ‘Lit­tle House on the Prarie.’

Tracee Ellis Ross rarely ever miss­es on the red car­pet. She’s at it again…

We post­ed about Ta’Rhonda Jones’ glow up yes­ter­day. Just absolute gor­geous­ness.

YAAAS Andra Day! Giv­ing us that 60s real­ness.

We LOVE Octavia Spencer’s take on a tux.

Mean­while at the Gram­mys.…

Strug­gle fash­ion vs Black excel­lence…

Black Girl With Long Hair

Leila Noel­liste, founder of Black Girl with Long Hair (April 2008). Social media, pop cul­ture and black beau­ty enthu­si­ast. bell hooks’ hair twin…

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I loved see­ing the looks at the NAACP Image Awards. So many beau­ti­ful women, each wear­ing some­thing as dis­tinc­tive as their tal­ents.


Wish I could’ve seen Joy Villa’s dress on the Gram­my side… or was that not “strug­gle fash­ion”?

Am I to assume your race or gen­der by the name you penned? Should I assume you feel your­self as inad­e­quate because you failed to cap­i­tal­ize “ker­isha”? No, I won’t and I don’t. I am a black woman and proud­ly adorn my hue every­day. I would encour­age you to digest the com­ments Leila (that’s how she spells her name) and I had back and forth. We didn’t have to dis­cred­it each oth­ers opin­ions or result to name call­ing because we hap­pen to not agree on a (that’s one) sub­ject. That is the hate you brought. Is an opin­ion only valid… Read more »

exact­ly where was I name call­ing? I said what I said what I said. plen­ty of spaces where you can maybe attempt to get a cook­ie from white folks for rep­ri­mand­ing a black woman on her own God damn page. I got her name spelled cor­rect­ly. see above, thanks again you edit­ing skills are on point.I repeat you are not going to get any cook­ies from white folks stop.


Jae may be a troll. Save your breath. In one post prais­ing she and the edi­tor didn’t have to dis­cred­it each oth­er, in anoth­er claim­ing name-call­ing and act­ing butt hurt because she couldn’t com­pe­tent­ly rebut the valid­i­ty of your post.


Thank you Leila and the entire team of Black girl long hair for cen­ter­ing black­ness and doing it unapolo­get­i­cal­ly, I apol­o­gise for spelling your name incor­rect­ly, no edit options, lol.


The arti­cle has an unset­tling under­tone of hate thin­ly masked as black pride. I’m not sure why it was even nec­es­sary to dis­cred­it Adele (who praised Bey­once at the Grammy’s) as an artist when the arti­cle was about…fashion? And the con­trast in cou­ture is slant­ed so much that you fail to show Beyonce’s slayage at the Grammy’s to per­pet­u­ate the hate. The arti­cle seems rushed (includ­ing gram­mat­i­cal errors) with­out clear direc­tion. Was it racial, polit­i­cal, fash­ion, or some­thing else? I don’t know, but BGLH, this arti­cle is dis­ap­point­ing.


STOP try­ing to dic­tate what black women can talk about in OUR own spaces. Go to Jezebel or some­thing with that non­sense. That sta­tus quo uphold­ing, kum­baya garbage only works in (spoil­er alert) white people’s favor, and you KNOW that. It’s been lit­er­al­ly hun­dreds of years that black peo­ple have been made to feel like we’re sub­hu­man, and black women are STILL hav­ing to deal with those views, so we WILL cel­e­brate our­selves and you WILL deal!

Jae girl or man I don’t know you are anony­mous, white folks don’t need you cry­ing white tears for them they can do it them­selves. In case you missed it this is a black space cen­tered on black folks. And yes Bey­once was snubbed at the gram­mys, Adele bor­ing ass album wasn’t lit.Did you tip Ley­la for her labor on this piece? did you offer to edit for free since you are so con­cerned with typos? I just don’t get com­ing onto a thread to rep­ri­mand a black woman who is doing so much work for us,on her site no… Read more »

Thank you! ??????You took the damn words out my mouth.

I have to agree with Jae on this one. Why not just write an arti­cle about black excel­lence. All of the beau­ti­ful black peo­ple that you ref­er­enced in the arti­cle would still be stun­ning on their own and did not need to be jux­ta­posed with the 3 celebs that are expe­ri­enc­ing the “fash­ion strug­gle”. The prob­lem with pick­ing these celebs that you ref­er­enced from the Grammy’s is that you are cher­ry pick­ing peo­ple to prove a biased point. If you want­ed to be fair I’m sure that you could have also found 10 well dress celebs at the Grammy’s. I… Read more »
Dear Kris (Incog­ni­to Jae?), Clear­ly you’re a bit of an Adele Stan. That’s cool. But if it was “us v. them” why would Cee­lo be includ­ed in the Them Camp? Every arti­cle has a per­spec­tive, even the ones that try their hard­est to be impar­tial. What’s wrong with a lil bias when this is the per­spec­tive? Also, news flash: fash­ion taste is sub­jec­tive. there­fore inher­ent­ly biased! Same for musi­cal taste. Sin­cere­ly, Anoth­er Black woman tired of Black peo­ple cry­ing White Tears for White peo­ple p.s- I don’t know that you could prove it to me, but I side eye your “Black­ness” Fol­low-up ques­tions:… Read more »

Lmaoo at “strug­gle fash­ion.” I loved ALL the Image Awards pic­tures (*drools*). I also real­ly love Adele’s look at the Grammy’s.