The Grammys continued to prove its irrelevance this year by giving Adele’s 25 Album of the Year over Beyonce’s stunning concept album Lemonade. And while the award show, held Sunday, gave us many moments to talk about (Beyonce, pregnant with twins and killing her performance, Busta Rhymes calling Trump ‘Agent Orange’) the NAACP Image Awards, held a day before, actually had the superior red carpet. Check out these looks…

Teyonah Parris is giving us straight up glamour and gorgeousness.

Janelle Monae is giving us futuristic beauty.

Chloe and Halle are out here looking like chic, melanated Disney princesses.

Issa Rae is giving us color and side bun.

YAS Yara! Giving us chic ‘Little House on the Prarie.’

Tracee Ellis Ross rarely ever misses on the red carpet. She’s at it again…

We posted about Ta’Rhonda Jones’ glow up yesterday. Just absolute gorgeousness.

YAAAS Andra Day! Giving us that 60s realness.

We LOVE Octavia Spencer’s take on a tux.

Meanwhile at the Grammys….

Struggle fashion vs Black excellence…

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I loved seeing the looks at the NAACP Image Awards. So many beautiful women, each wearing something as distinctive as their talents.


Wish I could’ve seen Joy Villa’s dress on the Grammy side… or was that not “struggle fashion”?

Am I to assume your race or gender by the name you penned? Should I assume you feel yourself as inadequate because you failed to capitalize “kerisha”? No, I won’t and I don’t. I am a black woman and proudly adorn my hue everyday. I would encourage you to digest the comments Leila (that’s how she spells her name) and I had back and forth. We didn’t have to discredit each others opinions or result to name calling because we happen to not agree on a (that’s one) subject. That is the hate you brought. Is an opinion only valid… Read more »

exactly where was I name calling? I said what I said what I said. plenty of spaces where you can maybe attempt to get a cookie from white folks for reprimanding a black woman on her own God damn page. I got her name spelled correctly. see above, thanks again you editing skills are on point.I repeat you are not going to get any cookies from white folks stop.


Jae may be a troll. Save your breath. In one post praising she and the editor didn’t have to discredit each other, in another claiming name-calling and acting butt hurt because she couldn’t competently rebut the validity of your post.


Thank you Leila and the entire team of Black girl long hair for centering blackness and doing it unapologetically, I apologise for spelling your name incorrectly, no edit options, lol.


The article has an unsettling undertone of hate thinly masked as black pride. I’m not sure why it was even necessary to discredit Adele (who praised Beyonce at the Grammy’s) as an artist when the article was about…fashion? And the contrast in couture is slanted so much that you fail to show Beyonce’s slayage at the Grammy’s to perpetuate the hate. The article seems rushed (including grammatical errors) without clear direction. Was it racial, political, fashion, or something else? I don’t know, but BGLH, this article is disappointing.

Jae girl or man I don’t know you are anonymous, white folks don’t need you crying white tears for them they can do it themselves. In case you missed it this is a black space centered on black folks. And yes Beyonce was snubbed at the grammys, Adele boring ass album wasn’t lit.Did you tip Leyla for her labor on this piece? did you offer to edit for free since you are so concerned with typos? I just don’t get coming onto a thread to reprimand a black woman who is doing so much work for us,on her site no… Read more »

Thank you! ??????You took the damn words out my mouth.

I have to agree with Jae on this one. Why not just write an article about black excellence. All of the beautiful black people that you referenced in the article would still be stunning on their own and did not need to be juxtaposed with the 3 celebs that are experiencing the “fashion struggle”. The problem with picking these celebs that you referenced from the Grammy’s is that you are cherry picking people to prove a biased point. If you wanted to be fair I’m sure that you could have also found 10 well dress celebs at the Grammy’s. I… Read more »
Dear Kris (Incognito Jae?), Clearly you’re a bit of an Adele Stan. That’s cool. But if it was “us v. them” why would Ceelo be included in the Them Camp? Every article has a perspective, even the ones that try their hardest to be impartial. What’s wrong with a lil bias when this is the perspective? Also, news flash: fashion taste is subjective. therefore inherently biased! Same for musical taste. Sincerely, Another Black woman tired of Black people crying White Tears for White people p.s- I don’t know that you could prove it to me, but I side eye your… Read more »

STOP trying to dictate what black women can talk about in OUR own spaces. Go to Jezebel or something with that nonsense. That status quo upholding, kumbaya garbage only works in (spoiler alert) white people’s favor, and you KNOW that. It’s been literally hundreds of years that black people have been made to feel like we’re subhuman, and black women are STILL having to deal with those views, so we WILL celebrate ourselves and you WILL deal!


Lmaoo at “struggle fashion.” I loved ALL the Image Awards pictures (*drools*). I also really love Adele’s look at the Grammy’s.