Remember when Peaches Monroee (aka Kayla Lewis) said “eyebrows on fleek” in a Vine and the internet blew up? Lewis did not trademark the term, and has received absolutely no compensation for coining it. Meanwhile brands and influencers — from Buzzfeed to Ariana Grande — have adapted it, and businesses have cashed in. People online sell “on fleek” t-shirts, by the thousands. And while I do not believe that slang and culture should have a monetary value, the blatant theft and profit off the term cannot be denied.

I remember years ago people were making up clever terms and titles for the sake of creativity, but eventually the cold, hard truth became, “If you don’t sell it, someone else will.” And it’s unfortunate, because there was a time when virality was organic and information was shared simply because it was valued. Lately, everything seems to be planned, from viral dances to the next “it” product. Is nothing real in this online age?

Now, Peaches is back with her own venture, starting a GoFundMe to support the development of a cosmetics and hair care line.

The page currently shows a support of $4,020 of her $100k goal from 255 people. Now, while I wish she had been more detailed in outlining what the money will go towards and more information on her line, I can’t knock her hustle after being denied any type of compensation for creating a term that has even made it to CNN (which was totally cringe-worthy). After all, if people can ask for money for their honeymoons and vacations, I think she can.

What do you think of her online campaign?


Elle is the editor and creative director of the YouTube channel and blog, Quest for the Perfect Curl at Her channel focuses on natural hair, beauty, and fitness. She loves products that smell like dessert, yoga, and glitter. Follow her @qftpc.

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3 Comments on "The Woman Who Created “On Fleek” is Trying to Raise $100,000 — And I’m Not Mad at Her"

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I just checked her GoFundme page and she has raised almost $9k. I agree though there is no detail about what the money is for exactly. Is it for research for the hair/cosmetics line or to do test products? Or is it for school which she is completing? She is all over the place.


I know a guy trademarked the Make America Great Again and is now getting paid. I feel bad, but this happens all the time. I think people need to be more informed about stuff like this.

This article makes no sense. She’s not doing it in spite of not trademarking “on fleek”, she’s creating a completely separate venture that has nothing to do with “on fleek”. Whoever wrote this is trying to paint her as a victim as if she was complaining or speaking out on it. She’s not. Furthermore, “the blatant theft and profit off the term cannot be denied.”. Um, how is it theft if she didn’t trademark the term? Just like everyone else she could’ve put it on t-shirts and sold it, but obviously didn’t want to. I see her new venture as… Read more »