Having not watched the Oscars last night I woke up this morning to a lot of exciting news: Viola Davis won (finally), Moonlight (amidst some white tears) won for Best Picture, Katherine Johnson (on whom Hidden Figures is based) graced the Oscars stage, Janelle Monae’s gown was epic and…. Halle Berry’s hair was terrible.

I saw the pictures and I was confused. I checked them twice and I still didn’t get it. I searched “Halle Berry Oscar Hair” on Twitter to get a gist of the insults and it seemed to be, “the hair looks like a beauty supply store wig” (it’s been confirmed that it is her real hair) and “the hair is too big.”

So, a few things… I guess we’re going to just ignore the fact that naturals be spending hours with some Curlformers and a hooded dryer to get curls like this. And had the same head of hair been transported to the YouTube faves, folks would be screaming YAAAAS!

Taren Guy



I mean, are these looks not similar? Cuz these are the natural hair gurus folks stan hard for, and frankly I think they all look cute.

And also… Halle is 50. She has passed into universal black auntie territory along with Mary J. and the rest which means, when it comes to style, she can pretty much act with impunity. If she wants to rock some big curls — hell if she wants to rock a beauty supply store wig — she should be able to do so without it making the HuffingtonPost.

Why do you think Halle’s hair caused so much hype? Was it justified? Why or why not?

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love it, she is 50 yet she looks younger and the hair suits her perfectly. she is stunning to me. love it

Sharon Robinson

For me Halle wearing the natural look and representing was fabulous! However, shape on natural hair is crucial and unfortunately it was the shape that was unflattering on her. As beautiful as Halle is even she can’t pull that look off if the shape of the hair isn’t right. She needs to fire that stylist.

ThisMuchI Know

I had/have no problems with that hairstyle on Halle. A flashback to the 70s. What i am having more of a problem with is the hoopla about the la la land movie. Do not understand the attraction to this movie at all


I don’t understand the issue with her hair either. It truly complements her beauty. I think people need to get back to the adage of “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”


White people complaining about her hair. Her hair is beautiful, I hope she knows that.


Nope! It was the ignorant, self-hating, ultra critical (even to a child as young as Blue Ivy) black folk! I swear, we are going to be the death of ourselves one day!


Sorry, No more Candy for you, I don’t agree, I am white and I think she totally rocked it!


Her hair looks OK to me. I don’t see what is the real issue.


I think Halle Berry has always conformed to the European standard of beautiful. Last night she stood for not conforming with straight hair or a weave. I was extremely proud of her.


Her hair looks beautiful. I saw a video of some black guy bashing her hair and saying that it looked like a mop and I immediately disliked the video on youtube because I disagreed with it. There is nothing ugly about her hair. It looks like a silkier and longer version of the bomb bantu knot out that I am rocking right now.


Not sure which is sadder, the fact that her hair made the news or the fact that she was being publicly torn down, mostly by her own. Never mind the fact that she was the first Black woman to win an Oscar and looks darn good for 50 with a healthy head of hair. #priorities


Hattie McDaniel was actually the first black woman to win an oscar for ‘Gone with the wind’ back in 1939!


She was giving me Foxy Brown realness. I guess too many people just found out she’s black.


Thanks for raising this. ….Hmmm….”Auntie territory”??? wtf …… Spoiled reading this for me… smacks of ageism, which is ironic given the apparent intended tone/aim of this article. Please don’t even imply that she’s past it because she’s not 38!


I personally don’t think her style of hair was very flattering.


I love her hair. I wish woman would stop tearing each others down. Halle love what god gave you! It’s healthy and beautiful!


I loved her hair!