Hav­ing not watched the Oscars last night I woke up this morn­ing to a lot of excit­ing news: Vio­la Davis won (final­ly), Moon­light (amid­st some white tears) won for Best Pic­ture, Kather­ine John­son (on whom Hid­den Fig­ures is based) graced the Oscars stage, Janelle Monae’s gown was epic and.… Halle Berry’s hair was ter­ri­ble.

I saw the pic­tures and I was con­fused. I checked them twice and I still didn’t get it. I searched “Halle Berry Oscar Hair” on Twit­ter to get a gist of the insults and it seemed to be, “the hair looks like a beau­ty sup­ply store wig” (it’s been con­firmed that it is her real hair) and “the hair is too big.”

So, a few things… I guess we’re going to just ignore the fact that nat­u­rals be spend­ing hours with some Curl­form­ers and a hood­ed dry­er to get curls like this. And had the same head of hair been trans­port­ed to the YouTube faves, folks would be scream­ing YAAAAS!

Taren Guy



I mean, are the­se looks not sim­i­lar? Cuz the­se are the nat­u­ral hair gurus folks stan hard for, and frankly I think they all look cute.

And also… Halle is 50. She has passed into uni­ver­sal black aun­tie ter­ri­to­ry along with Mary J. and the rest which means, when it comes to style, she can pret­ty much act with impuni­ty. If she wants to rock some big curls — hell if she wants to rock a beau­ty sup­ply store wig — she should be able to do so with­out it mak­ing the Huff­in­g­ton­Post.

Why do you think Halle’s hair caused so much hype? Was it jus­ti­fied? Why or why not? 

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love it, she is 50 yet she looks younger and the hair suits her per­fect­ly. she is stun­ning to me. love it

Sharon Robinson

For me Halle wear­ing the nat­u­ral look and rep­re­sent­ing was fab­u­lous! How­ev­er, shape on nat­u­ral hair is cru­cial and unfor­tu­nate­ly it was the shape that was unflat­ter­ing on her. As beau­ti­ful as Halle is even she can’t pull that look off if the shape of the hair isn’t right. She needs to fire that styl­ist.

ThisMuchI Know

I had/have no prob­lems with that hair­style on Halle. A flash­back to the 70s. What i am hav­ing more of a prob­lem with is the hoopla about the la la land movie. Do not under­stand the attrac­tion to this movie at all


I don’t under­stand the issue with her hair either. It tru­ly com­ple­ments her beau­ty. I think peo­ple need to get back to the adage of “If you can’t say some­thing nice, don’t say any­thing at all.”


White peo­ple com­plain­ing about her hair. Her hair is beau­ti­ful, I hope she knows that.


Nope! It was the igno­rant, self-hat­ing, ultra crit­i­cal (even to a child as young as Blue Ivy) black folk! I swear, we are going to be the death of our­selves one day!


Sor­ry, No more Can­dy for you, I don’t agree, I am white and I think she total­ly rocked it!


Her hair looks OK to me. I don’t see what is the real issue.


I think Halle Berry has always con­formed to the Euro­pean stan­dard of beau­ti­ful. Last night she stood for not con­form­ing with straight hair or a weave. I was extreme­ly proud of her.


Her hair looks beau­ti­ful. I saw a video of some black guy bash­ing her hair and say­ing that it looked like a mop and I imme­di­ate­ly dis­liked the video on youtube because I dis­agreed with it. There is noth­ing ugly about her hair. It looks like a silkier and longer ver­sion of the bomb ban­tu knot out that I am rock­ing right now.


Not sure which is sad­der, the fact that her hair made the news or the fact that she was being pub­licly torn down, most­ly by her own. Nev­er mind the fact that she was the first Black wom­an to win an Oscar and looks darn good for 50 with a healthy head of hair. #pri­or­i­ties


Hat­tie McDaniel was actu­al­ly the first black wom­an to win an oscar for ‘Gone with the wind’ back in 1939!


She was giv­ing me Foxy Brown real­ness. I guess too many peo­ple just found out she’s black.


Thanks for rais­ing this. .…Hmmm.…“Auntie ter­ri­to­ry”??? wtf .….. Spoiled read­ing this for me… smacks of ageism, which is iron­ic given the appar­ent intend­ed tone/aim of this arti­cle. Please don’t even imply that she’s past it because she’s not 38!


I per­son­al­ly don’t think her style of hair was very flat­ter­ing.


I love her hair. I wish wom­an would stop tear­ing each oth­ers down. Halle love what god gave you! It’s healthy and beau­ti­ful!


I loved her hair!