It’s the pregnancy photo seen around the world. Ciara, holding a nude Baby Future while hubby Russell Wilson holds her pregnant belly from behind, his face hidden for some reason.

Ciara for Harper’s Bazaar

When we first encountered the photo we had four completely different reactions. Since we couldn’t decide on an angle, we’re just going to throw our thoughts out there.


I got semi-dragged for calling Beyonce’s maternity photos cheesy, and I might get dragged for this, but Ciara is doing the most with this picture! But I say that with love. ‘Doing the most’ is hardwired into the brain of many a black woman, myself included! Just last night I had my husband bring an extension cord into the bathroom so that I could pump breastmilk while taking a bubble bath while watching Golden Girls on my cell phone through a clear plastic bag. So yeh, I’m no stranger to the extra.

Honestly I am happy for Ciara, and she is so damn happy right now. I would be too if my boo was a handsome, devoted black professional athlete. The universe is clearly making up for the fuckery she endured dating 50 Cent, and Bow Wow, and Amar’e Stoudemire, and Future. *Shudders* Give her all the photoshoots, she deserves them! I must say too I am a fan of black woman celebrities stylizing their pregnancies for the public. More of this please!


I’ve always supported Ciara and Russell’s relationship. I was ecstatic when I learned she was preggo. I just knew she would slay her maternity pictures, and I screamed “yaaassss!” as I scrolled through the Harper’s Bazaar maternity shoot….until I got to this photo. I totally see where Ciara was going with this pose…however, it wasn’t executed very well. I mean, you’ve got a naked toddler, a topless momma, and random hands holding a belly. Tenderly holding on to yesterday while embracing the future? Is that what we are looking at here? I know most aren’t into the naked mom and toddler photo thing, but I would have actually liked this photo if Russell was standing up. Him being headless is extremely creepy and has a ‘headless horseman’ vibe.


I’m not going to lie … I actually like this photo!! Yes, it is slightly weird, but I like it. There is something endearing about it. Russell connecting with his child in Ciara’s womb. Ciara connecting with Zahir, who is nude like an unborn baby … his unborn sibling. The family blended. Mother, stepfather, stepson, and baby soon to come. I don’t know, maybe it’s not that deep it all. Maybe I simply like the photo because I’m team Ciara and her family. LOL!


First, I don’t think that my opinion of another woman’s pregnancy photos matters in the least, but since you asked…honestly, I simply think it looks strange. Perhaps it’s my lack of maternal nature or the fact that I don’t have any children of my own, but I’m just seeing limbs all over the place! And I’m just not seeing these deep analyses regarding Russell’s position – he just looks like he got lost. Regardless, it’s her shoot and they have a lovely family. So hey, if it works for them, no qualms here.

Ladies, what do you think of the photo?

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P R Taylor

I tweeted to Ciara and Russell that her family rocked the photo shoot.


Haha. No way to fix my typos. “tighty-whities”, “their” and “distracts”.

Looking at this as art and not a magnet for social commentary and expressing individual morals, there are three things that interrupt the photo for me. The rings; hers especially is chunky, the tighty-wighties, and the way his arms are lit. I like the rings as a sign of there bond, but the cold metal destracts from the life of the flesh and hair; and hers is so large it acts to stop the flow. The white underwear seems to scream, “the human body is dirty, cover it up.” I’m not sure of the ideal way to handle it. Angling… Read more »

Looks like a classic art photo to me. The only revealed face is Ciara’s, centering just a few of her many layers; from sensuality and desire to fertility, motherhood, and nurturing. It puts motherhood on a pedestal, if only for a well deserved moment. Everyone in the family is clearly and boldly represented, and motherhood gets its moment to shine.

Caring, parental hands are a major theme; as in all hands have a nurturing, bonding role to play holding this family together. And together they form a seemless landscape.

It’s a deep and emotional photo.


I think its a beautiful picture, it shows that even celebrity with plenty of money and wealth, can still share special family bonds, and they are normal people.


It’s a beautiful picture and all I see is positivity and the deep bond of family.


The position of the man’s hands looks like he’s holding up his family; that they are his responsibility and he is committed to that role and embracing it…..or maybe that’s I want it to mean.


You’re on point.
Dramatic fokes always have negative things to say about people trying to put their best foot forward.


It’s a beautiful picture. She is sharing herself and life with us.


It’s a nice photo…tender endearing. I wish the dad would have stood up and embraced them all.


These pics should have stayed in her personal family stash. The innocence would have been preserved. Anywho, Ciara’s family is beautiful.

Susie White

Is it just me or do people just pick on black women like a lot? It’s like we can’t just live or even be mothers in peace without a big hullaballoo being made about everything we do. Reminds me of how many critics complained about Michelle Obama wearing sleeveless dresses but suddenly we have a first lady who posed nude & refuses to live in the White House & crickets.



Erin Scott

I might be in the minority her but I love how they are all roughly the same skin complexion in this photo it (to me) symbolizes unity and their skin is just so beautiful and has that golden glow. That was my first thought they look like a beautiful golden family 🙂


There is a need for more of these images. It is appalling how many people would try to sexual the black body at every turn, even when there is an expression of love and devotion clearly being depicted in this image.


I doubt many people notice that little Future is only two years old. It would be less shocking to a lot of folks if they didn’t assume an age from his size because he appears older than his age?


The fact that her sons penis is pressed against her and her bare breasts are on him is the only thing that bothers me to be honest. It makes me very uncomfortable. He’s a big boy now, it’s not like he’s an infant. If she had on a bra and if he had on a diaper I would honestly love this picture.

Say what you want about my opinion but if a man was holding his naked daughter who was the same size y’all would also feel uncomfortable. Just saying. She looks beautiful though!


I understand you’re uncomfortable, but he was born May 2014, he’s almost three. I don’t think a big boy, I could understand if he was six, but the’s still a toddler. I’ve never raised a boy, in fact I don’t have any children yet, but are their penis’ even developed yet? he may look long, but he’s still only two.


Thank you! People talk about these kids like they’re supposed to be moving out soon and paying taxes! Don’t even have their adult teeth yet and talking about “too old”, “big boy”….I think it’s still the residual effects of our race having to take on a lot and be burdened at such young ages. Let that boy be a toddler, and stop sexualizing what is not sexualized.

FYI, I love the picture. I agree it probably would’ve been even better had Russell been standing up.


…why are you commenting on a 2 year old penis so fiercely…?


I know this is serious but I burst out laughing at your question. For some weird reason I felt like I could see the expression on your face as you try to figure out the answer yourself!


This comment made me laugh aloud, I wondered the same thing!