Over the weekend Gabrielle Union posted a flashback photo of herself on the red carpet for the September 2016 LA premiere of Birth of a Nation, rocking her natural hair in a stunning, intricate updo. These kinds of updos can be difficult to achieve with natural hair due to the volume needed to perfect the look.

Photo: Instagram.com/GabUnion

Here is the look from a few more angles.

I’d seen Gabby rock this look but didn’t know it was created with just her natural hair. It makes me wonder how many other times we’ve seen ‘natural Gabrielle’ on the red carpet, and didn’t know it.

She then explained that she stopped using relaxers at 25 and slowly grew her natural hair out.

When you take care of your own natural hair when you wear wigs, weaves and extensions… Around 25 years old, I stopped using relaxers and slowly grew my natural hair out. It’s been a helluva hair journey. We are all on a hair journey. I created #Flawless for all of us on this journey of having healthy, nourished and nurtured hair. This is for those curious about my natural hair and needed proof it actually existed

Photo: Instagram.com/GabUnion

Granted she is sharing this to push her new hair line (black celebrity hair lines seem to be trending) but this is still pretty cool.

What do you think of Gabrielle’s updo?

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Loved. It

Andrea C
Despite the negative comments I see posted here, I think Gabrielle’s updo is simply “flawless” and it inspires me to do more with natural hair. We all know that each sista out there gets her “grind for success” on at some point or another; so what if she’s promoting a new hair line. We either buy her products or someone else’s. Obviously she cares about her natural hair or it wouldn’t be so healthy and well kept. Most stars could care less about the hair that we don’t see; they’re all about appearances. Lastly, the movie industry demands a certain… Read more »
Shannan Baker

uggg anything to stay in the spotlight. Some celebrities act like when theydo something it’s so groundbreaking. Why didn’t she say anything at 25
about rocking natural hair? Because it wasn’t popular then that’s why!


Hi! So I honestly don’t think she is posting for popularity reasons but to be actually comfortable with rocking your natural hair. I struggle with confidence daily including wearing my real hair – mainly because I rather cover it up with weave or wigs. Yes, natural hair is becoming a “thing” but it has always been there. Even if she was posting it for that reason , she is probably also posting to encourage other women to do the same and to be comfortable rocking what God has already blessed them with so I think this is amazing!


I think it’s pitiful that some black women where waiting until it was popular to wear the hair that grows out of your head


Wow! She ROCKED IT! #blackgirlmagic


Is stealth her last name?????

Black Girl With Long Hair

No, I meant ‘stealth’ as in ‘without anybody knowing’

Priscilla Holmes


Gina spence

As a licensed cosmetologist of 25 years experience and a natural hair wearer of over 20 years it is indeed my pleasure to assist and educate women who want to wear their hair natural .


Hi there,

I am from south africa, cape town. I have had my natural hair for about 12 years now and I have not been retaining length. I have been super embarassed to tell anyone how long I ahve been grow my haor naturally because it doesnt look like it. Currently my hair breakage is scary! My breaks with just the wind blowing on it(tad bit exaggerated but still its bad) tried Mizani products but it has just gotten worse.

Juicy Curls

I have tried just about every product on the market as well as created endless concoctions. Just passing through but wanted to say that the only things so far that has worked for me is Bentonite clay, apple cider vinegar and world of curls activator.


Hi Lungiswa. Capetonion here currently residing in Europe. Check out a YouTube channel called MyFroandITV. I’ve been following her for a while and seen great results. Her routines are simple and quick. She is South African. I can’t find the products she uses in my area but found raw shea butter yesterday! YAAAS! Goodluck skat.


Hey Lungi! Fellow Cape Town girl here! I’ve found what helps is to keep your hair moisturised with water, then seal in moisture with a cream or a butter like shea butter. Also protective styling. It also helps to eat well – lots of veggies and protein and water-and take your vitamins. Check out what products are available at clicks and dischem. And well done one being 12 years natural – nothing to be embarrassed about, it’s a journey and sometimes there’s setbacks.


Hey Hannah!
Thanks for the encouragement girl!?wow its amazing how much what one eats matters in terms of our hair, nails etc. I will check out clicks and dischem.


Biotin, 5,000 daily, everyday. Along with this wash your scalp with a non sulfate shampoo. After, apply natural 100% Aloe Vera gel to your scalp let it sit for 1 half hour. Rinse, shampoo and, apply jamacian black castor oil to your scalp, massage for two-three minutes. Do not use any hair attachments. Find a cornrows style that allows your scalp to breathe. Good luck, but, in this case, with this procedure, I don’t think you’ll need it.


Biotin is very upsetting to the stomachs lining and 5000 mg daily is very excessive.


Hey Deborah
Yoh!??aloe vera? Directly on the scalp? Shoo! Okay am willing! Am willing! However it is so impossible to find pure black castor oil – where can find it, either in a south african based store or online…?


YouTube is a great place to go for all your questions and it has step by step visuals

Have you tried ordering products online? Mielle organics and TGIN are great all natural products and i think they ship world wide. Dont worry about how long you’ve been growing your hair. Every one has a different terminal length (max length your hair will grow) not varying is going to have bra length hair or waist length hair and thats ok. My hair goes passed my collarbone. I use to wish it was longer but ive grown to love what ive even blessed with and im still learn what works for my hair and what doesn’t. Ive been naturals 6… Read more »

Another product to try is SOULTANICALS.COM, there products are awesome. Try them, yes I have tried Mielle and her products are awesome too. But it is awesome to at least have 3 great products for hair.


Thanks Oops! Will do!?


Hey Jasmin,
Thanks so much for the awesome advice! Makes alot of sense. I will also certainly look into Mielle organics and TGIN and hope it won’t cost me an arm, a leg and a foot! Hahaha


I’d second what Jasmin’s said to you. Great advice; I’d only add also check out YouTube for some ideas on how to make your own (DIY) hair staples; they could help supplement whatever you decide to buy online. Wishing all the best of luck to you on your hair journey. 🙂


Maybe try less OR MORE protein
Moisture moisture moisture
Wear braids or buns or a wig for a while to let your hair rest


Hi Krys,
Thanks for responding. Where I am we have a very limited selection of natural hair products – are Dark &Loveare products advisable? Also what sort of protective styles do you recommend I should wear under wigs?


Hi Lungiswa!
I’m from round your parts. You might want to look into organic products with fewer ingredients. Look up Pinke Cube, you don’t have to follow the Max Hydration Method, but a version of it would be good. Right now I use many homemade brews and products I get from “faithful to nature” online. It’s a south african company. Try Simply Bee conditioner. for leave ins try natural butters using LCO methods. Also find out about the kind of water you’re dealing with. Hard water will wreak havoc on natural hair.




Hey Neo!
Thanks for replying! I will definitely look into those right away! Wow! Water? Really? Shoo! I had no idea of the type of water(in this context) we have here and how it could have been affecting my hair – thanks for that


I’ve learned the less you do witg your natural hair the more it will grow ie wigs, braids ect less tension. Also dont watch it as frequently maybe once a month. Stay away from sulfate products and products with alcohols. Remember just because it says organic or natural doesn’t mean its good. I personally use Taliya Waajid products and and its working great just April 2016 i had a low boy cut and now my hair is just below my cheek bone. Ive been doing protective styles. Oh yeah and once you find that brand stick to it.


Hey, Erica, not to cause drama but where Lungiswa is, it’s very dry. Her hair needs more moisture and washing more regularly. Otherwise it will be dry, brittle and tangle and break easily.


Hey Erica,
Thanks a mil! Wow!! April last year?? That is awesome! I will be careful to check the ingredients on each product I buy.


Hi Krys,
Thanks for responding. Where I am we have a very limited selection of natural hair products – are Dark &Loveare products advisable? Also what sort of protective styles do you recommend I should wear under wigs?

Chanel James-Dixon
I have been a cosmetologist for over 22 years. I am a personal hair stylist who specializes in hair growth and cut. What I have learned is, every persons hair curl patterns may look different and yet similar in some areas. Everyone has at least two different curl patterns in there hair. You need to hydrate your hair daily. One product line may not work. You have to make concoctions that blend a variety of oils and hair hydrating conditioners that will strengthen and build elasticity from hydrating your hair, at least when you initially do your wash and condition.… Read more »

Hi Chanel,
Thanks so much for reply. I will certainly, undertake those methods. Please advise if those products are available in South africa.