I am out of creative titles for the predictable string of celebrity natural hair reveals that happens every year. This is… a picture of K. Michelle’s natural hair she posted on Instagram a few days ago. As you can see it is beautiful, as is she.

Caption: Kimberly. Loving my natural self right now

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I understand the celebrity life can take its toll on one’s hair but be that as it may….at least once in a while display your natural beauty to project that sense of afro pride to the world.


She looks beautiful! Her hair is gorgeous!


Beautiful! I wish more would wear their natural hair!

She’s pretty. Her hair looks healthy and plentiful. I totally understand and agree with the point this article is trying to make. Why do black women not ever wear their natural hair (or even relaxed hair for that matter) on the red carpet, going to events, etc. Anytime you see them photographed (unless annual IG shot between weave), it’s always under a weave. Why are we the only race that does this? Do we feel that something is really wrong with our hair? We can’t in one breath say that we love natural and then always wear weaves to cover… Read more »
lindy arter
But so, so many non black women wear extensions and weaves. I think the difference is that since we expect that those women will have long, luxurious locks, we don’t necessarily notice what they are doing. A perfect example is Ivanka Trump. I saw a photo of her the other day and realized that I was seeing her actual (thin, somewhat damaged) hair when previously I’d seen her with extensions. Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and so many more celebrity women wear extensions all of the time. I think that if I were a model… Read more »

That’s the thing, we’re NOT the only race that does this, though. (Why do we always say “only we do…”?)
All celebs, black, white, etc. constantly wear wigs, pieces, etc. to protect their own hair from all the constant, harsh styling they deal with on sets, for events, etc. Can’t say I blame them–why put your own hair through all that 24-7? I seriously doubt her own hair would still be that thick & healthy if it constantly went through all the styling that celebrity demands.

Crystal Coleman

Thank you!!! If I want to switch my hair up all the time I am going to wear a wig to protect my real hair. I


To be fair, I know I lot of black women in the entertainment industry have stated that stylists still have a WAYYY to go in caring for and styling natural hair, so they wear wigs and weaves to protect it, lest it be damaged by poor care. However, with all the strides made within the last few years and popular natural stylist that have made names for themselves, I do too believe they can afford to wear their natural hair in the state as others have and do (Teyonah Paris(?), etc.)


Honestly speaking I can’t tell if her hair is beautiful because she used those stupid IG filters that in my opinion distorts your photo, so you can’t really see the real person in their natural state.


lol I’m sorry but I had to laugh when I saw K. Michelle and ‘Natural’ in the same sentence.

Julia W

For real!! Lol


What color is she? I’ve seen her has everything from white to chocolate. I’m just curious


Her hair is beautiful, isn’t it?


African American


Thanks! After Rachel Dolezal I’m curious about certain people in the public eye.


Wow! She looks absolutely beautiful!

A. Matt

How can you call yourself natural when you’ve undergone the knife on your face? The hair may be natural, but the caption is misleading. I think K was more beautiful before she botched her face. Many celebrities are posting similar so-called natural pics, but it’s still fake if they’ve had surgeries to manipulate their God given beauty. I only hope young girls aren’t deceived by this.


That’s a good point. It’s not seeing realistic expectations. Just like women wearing wigs with perfectly curly hair. I think that parents should be a buffer and let girls know they should look at home for the standard of beauty.