Cook­ing Sun­day din­ner will nev­er be the same. Fold­ing laun­dry will be dread­ful, and I won’t be able to fall asleep at night to the sound of their voic­es. I knew the day would come. I was warned and even giv­en an exact date. But I con­tin­ued with my life try­ing to ignore it. Now I sit here heart­bro­ken, numb, and unable to enjoy some­thing that was once a part of my dai­ly life.

All this dra­ma is because the Net­flix license agree­ment for A Dif­fer­ent World expired on March 15, 2017. The show now rests in the abyss of series and movies that have had the same fate. And it wasn’t even giv­en a prop­er send­off. Enter­tain­ment Week­ly men­tioned the Nan­ny Diaries in their ‘good­bye’ arti­cle, but not A Dif­fer­ent World. Like how? It was an incred­i­ble ground­break­ing show that (accord­ing to direc­tor Deb­bie Allen) increased his­tor­i­cal­ly black col­lege enroll­ment by 40 per cent dur­ing the 90s.

I didn’t even get any REAL notice of the show’s demise! I mean, you can’t tell a diehard fan their favorite sit­com of all time will leave Net­flix in two weeks. That’s bare­ly enough to binge watch all six sea­sons. It’s just not right!

A Dif­fer­ent World gave me my first child­hood crush, Dwayne Wayne, but more impor­tant­ly it gave me a strong desire to fur­ther my edu­ca­tion. Kim gave me hope that I could embark on any career I want­ed, Whit­ley gave me life in every way, and Fred­dy was so full of whim­sy that I want­ed to find a friend just like her. 

Fans peti­tioned to keep A Dif­fer­ent World on Net­flix by call­ing the com­pa­ny and bom­bard­ing their Insta­gram account with the hash­tag #KeepAD­if­fer­ent­World. But to no avail. Net­flix reps told fans that there was noth­ing they could do and the beloved show would have to go.

The real­ly sad part is that A Dif­fer­ent World doesn’t even have a DVD box set. You can find sea­son one on Ama­zon, but sea­sons two through six still haven’t been released. So not only do fans not have their fave show, they can’t even pur­chase it on DVD. It’s been 30 years since the air­ing of the first episode of A Dif­fer­ent World in 1987. Can we, at the very least, get a cou­ple sea­sons on DVD? 

If you want to get a quick fix of the 90s show, you can find episodes on Bounce TV at 8 a.m. EST. You can also fol­low this amaz­ing Insta­gram account which is a gath­er­ing ground for A Dif­fer­ent World stans. Sign this peti­tion to encour­age Carsey Wern­er (the com­pa­ny that pro­duced the show) to release A Dif­fer­ent World on DVD. 

If you need me, I’ll be dig­ging through YouTube chan­nels hop­ing to catch a full unedit­ed episode of the show for some quick relief. *Sigh*

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7 Comments on "I’m Not Giving Up on ‘A Different World’ and Neither Should You"

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maria joseph

I grew up on this show in Britain.


I loved that show! So sor­ry to see it go.…..forever! :(


Hum…Bounce Tv shows a Dif­fer­ent World…

Racial Luther Queen

That’s great for the peo­ple who have cable, the chan­nel, the time or a DVR. 

Hum…everybody else is out of a great black show. Relax.


I called them and asked to bring it back. My life hasn’t been the same.


Some­times we are just forced to use stream­ing…

Sheila G.

WOW!!!! Real­ly.… I love that show. Grew up on that show…they are the rea­son why I want­ed to go to col­lege and be some­thing in my life. Im gonna miss that show. Im on the hunt for the dvd’s too.