Lau­ren Lon­don is known for her extreme pri­va­cy. She kept her last preg­nan­cy under wraps so well that her Sep­tem­ber birth announce­ment for son Kross Asghe­dom (with fiance Nipsey Hus­sle) was a shock to fans.

A few days ago Lon­don and Hus­sle were spot­ted court­side at a Lak­ers game. Pho­tos of the two quick­ly went viral and Lon­don, who has been a sex sym­bol since the ear­ly aughts when she appeared in music videos for Tyrese, Phar­rell and Ludacris, was blast­ed on social media for her post-preg­nan­cy weight gain.

Lon­don post­ed a state­ment on Insta­gram in response, mak­ing clear she under­stands the lim­its of pub­lic flat­tery.

“I’ve been get­ting com­pli­ments on my LOOKS for years. I nev­er let it “gas me” because I knew the endur­ing val­ue in all things is inter­nal. When I decid­ed to have my son, I knew the Inter­net would be cru­el. I knew that cast­ing direc­tors would con­sid­er me out of com­mis­sion for at least a year. I knew that MY BODY would change, but I did not let the fear of these things effect [sic] me to the point of going against my spir­it. I asked myself: would you rather be at con­flict with your­self and at peace with the world? Or at peace with your­self and at con­flict with the world? I chose the lat­ter, at that moment I was ready for what­ev­er came with it. This lil weight will get worked off and WHO I AM WILL BE UNCOMPROMISED. WIN-WIN NO?”

Pho­to: Instagram/IamLaurenLondon

Beau­ty is fleet­ing and your body is your own. All the rest is bs.

Ladies, what do you think of Lauren’s words?

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Peo­ple real­ly crit­i­cized her body POST baby? We’ve got­ta stop think­ing every woman’s snap­back is fast and easy. Not always the case. She’ll work it off so it’s not an issue.


Between this and Halle Berry’s hair…I think I’m done. Just like you said: BS…


Mic drop!