With more and more black busi­ness­es pop­ping up online, it’s eas­i­er than every to buy black. And while black-owned hair­care and cos­met­ics com­pa­nies tend to get a lot of atten­tion, there is a grow­ing num­ber of black-owned com­pa­nies spe­cial­iz­ing in every­day items. Here are 6 black-owned com­pa­nies sell­ing every­day items. 

Maple Syrup: Michele’s Syrup

Pho­to: MichelesFoods.com

Who doesn’t love warm maple syrup on pan­cakes and waf­fles. But Michele’s pro­vides syrup that can also dou­ble as mari­nade for beef, fish, and chick­en. She also has recipes on her web­site using her syrups for col­lard greens, cook­ies, fried chick­en and more! The com­pa­ny is also involved with the Gary Com­er Youth Cen­ter which pro­vides extracur­ric­u­lar edu­ca­tion to youth on Chicago’s south side. You can find her prod­ucts in Ralph’s and Pub­lix. They will also be in select Wal­mart loca­tions soon.

Bar Soap: Harlem Soap 

Pho­to: HarlemSoap.bigcartel.com

Harlem Soap is an all-nat­ur­al soap brand based out of Harlem, New York. The soap is a cold processed goat’s milk bar soap that comes in won­der­ful scent includ­ing orange and lemon­grass, spearmint and orange, and laven­der and oat­meal. The brand was cre­at­ed by Jam­mie Wal­dron, who con­ceived the prod­uct to relieve his eczema. Harlem Soap’s ingre­di­ents are sourced from sus­tain­able com­pa­nies that are locat­ed in the USA. You can pur­chase the soap through Waldron’s online shop.

Sta­tionery: Effie’s Paper 

Pho­to: EffiesPaper.com

This company’s sta­tionery is so cute and quirky that I may or may not have binge-shopped on their web­site. From reusable cof­fee cups to chic make­up bags, Effie’s Paper meets all of your sta­tionery needs. The com­pa­ny, found­ed by Kay­lyn Chan­dler, was inspired by Kaylyn’s grand­moth­er, Effie. She was a fire­crack­er who wore the per­fect shade of red lip­stick and always car­ried a han­kie in her purse. Her vibrant per­son­al­i­ty def­i­nite­ly shows up and shows out in this brand.

Clean­ing Prod­ucts: The Hoot All Nat­ur­al Clean­ing Prod­ucts 

Pho­to: HootAllNatural.com

Clean­li­ness is next to god­li­ness and The Hoot has got you cov­ered. The brand’s all-nat­ur­al, all-pur­pose clean­ers will not only leave your home smelling fresh, but all prod­ucts are made in the USA. Their mis­sion is to bring aware­ness to the harm­ful chem­i­cals that are in our clean­ing prod­ucts, by pro­vid­ing non­tox­ic and chem­i­cal-free clean­ing prod­ucts. Let their pep­per­mint and laven­der scent­ed clean­ers fill the air of your home this spring sea­son.

Tooth­paste: Garner’s Gar­den Tooth Pow­der


This com­pa­ny pro­duces hand­made, nat­ur­al skin care prod­ucts. But the most inter­est­ing item on their prod­uct list has to be their tooth pow­der. The pow­der is a rem­iner­al­iz­ing tooth pow­der that dou­bles as a nat­ur­al teeth whiten­er and deodor­iz­er. Be care­ful, there are very spe­cif­ic direc­tions on how to get the full ben­e­fits of this prod­uct.

Tooth­brush­es: Coral Oral 

Pho­to: WeBuyBlack.com

Coral Oral is the first black-owned tooth­brush com­pa­ny. Accord­ing to the com­pa­ny, they rec­og­nize the impor­tance of his­to­ry and rep­re­sen­ta­tion. The tooth­brush­es are just five bucks for a pack of four and they come in a sleek­ly designed pack­age. The com­pa­ny has attract­ed over a mil­lion con­sumers thus far and plans on expand­ing in the near future.

Do you know of any black-owned com­pa­nies of every­day items to add to this list?

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Adriane Vincent

Melis­sa Odum of Queen­dom Aes­thet­ics has the best nat­ur­al, home­made skin care prod­ucts out there. She should def­i­nite­ly be on this list! It is most def­i­nite­ly an every­day prod­uct!
Insta­gram: @queendom_aesthetics

Face­book: Queen­dom Aes­thet­ics



Great, infor­ma­tive arti­cle. Real­ly appre­ci­ate the info. How­ev­er, there is one edit I would add, under the infor­ma­tion for “The Hoot”, you say, “by pro­vid­ing non-tox­ic and chem­i­cal-free clean­ing prod­ucts”. How­ev­er, noth­ing that exists can be chem­i­cal free, since air, water, fruits, veg­eta­bles, etc. all are or are made up of chem­i­cals. So maybe you could say, “by pro­vid­ing non-tox­ic, syn­thet­ic-chem­i­cal free clean­ing prod­ucts” instead?

Great list! I love buy­ing black so I’ll be sav­ing this for future ref­er­ence. As a den­tist though, I’m oblig­at­ed to point out that the tooth­pow­der is bogus. It adver­tis­es rem­iner­al­iza­tion but con­tains no rem­iner­al­iza­tion prod­ucts that I’m aware of. It def­i­nite­ly doesn’t con­tain flu­o­ride which is nec­es­sary for cav­i­ty pre­ven­tion. The descrip­tion on the web­site makes an umbrel­la state­ment about tooth­paste being poi­so­nous which I would hope most peo­ple do not agree with con­sid­er­ing its wide­spread use and sci­en­tif­ic ben­e­fit. Added to that, bak­ing soda used on teeth long term is abra­sive. Please go to your den­tist at least… Read more »

It has ben­tonite clay, which I have been using to rem­iner­al­ize my teeth.

Black Girl With Long Hair

Thank you for this!


I love Free­dom Paper Com­pa­ny in Bal­ti­more, MD — Nap­kins, TP, Paper Tow­els, Tissues…you NAME it!! lol


I had no idea! GOOD arti­cle!