For some people cosplay — dressing up as characters from books, movies and video games — is a lifestyle, and on Instagram there is an entire world of black women who cosplay. The detail that goes into their looks is tremendous, with many doing their own makeup, costume design and creation, and photography. There are dozens of black women cosplaying on Instagram, but here are a few of the definite standouts.

Kiera Please
IG Followers: 355K

IG Followers: 13.9K

Kay Bear
IG Followers: 102K

Black Krystel
IG Followers: 24K

IG followers: 32.4K

IG followers: 86.5K

IG followers: 992

Veronica Sherie
IG followers: 1K

IG followers: 16.9K

Francesca Taylor
IG followers: 1.8K

Who are some of your favorite black woman cosplayers on Instagram?

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Too cool!! And they are all so beautiful! These gave me halloween ideas for years to come. Thanks ladies!


I love all of these–except for Moana. As the cosplayer is not Polynesian, she shouldn’t be cosplaying a Polynesian character in cultural garments, and many Polynesians have said that non-Polynesians should not as it’s disrespectful to their culture. Just last year you wrote an article on why non-Native POC/black women should not dress up as Native Americans/Pocahontas/etc, why is Moana/Indigenous/Polynesian culture any different?

Ashley Perry

These are all so cool. :3

Ashley Perry

Canary from HunterxHunter <3


My favorite cosplayer is @nalytia on instagram!!


AMAZING!!! I love seeing cosplayers with great costumes and makeup 🙂 It’s even more interesting when they don’t limit themselves to characters with the same skin complexion and/or ethnicity 😀 . I’m not a cosplayer but I think it would be super fun to try 😉

Guest Writer

This is so cool! These ladies are fierce!


Effin awesome!! All of them!


I was hoping for at least one plus size cosplayer… Sigh.


Oh sorry 🙁 Maybe, you can suggest one and ask BGLH to update the article afterwards? It’s just a randam idea, I really don’t know if that’s possible but that would be nice 🙂


Wish they added the cosplayer sora kitsune!


Nice cosplay! They all look good!

Locs Girl

Can’t just pick one, they’re all good!


damn she killed this, especially the Hermoine one