For some peo­ple cos­play — dress­ing up as char­ac­ters from books, movies and video games — is a lifestyle, and on Insta­gram there is an entire world of black women who cos­play. The detail that goes into their looks is tremen­dous, with many doing their own make­up, cos­tume design and cre­ation, and pho­tog­ra­phy. There are dozens of black women cos­play­ing on Insta­gram, but here are a few of the def­i­nite stand­outs.

Kiera Please
IG Fol­low­ers: 355K

IG Fol­low­ers: 13.9K

Kay Bear
IG Fol­low­ers: 102K

Black Krys­tel
IG Fol­low­ers: 24K

IG fol­low­ers: 32.4K

IG fol­low­ers: 86.5K

IG fol­low­ers: 992

Veron­i­ca Sherie
IG fol­low­ers: 1K

IG fol­low­ers: 16.9K

Francesca Tay­lor
IG fol­low­ers: 1.8K

Who are some of your favorite black woman cos­play­ers on Insta­gram?

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Too cool!! And they are all so beau­ti­ful! These gave me hal­loween ideas for years to come. Thanks ladies!


I love all of these–except for Moana. As the cos­play­er is not Poly­ne­sian, she shouldn’t be cos­play­ing a Poly­ne­sian char­ac­ter in cul­tur­al gar­ments, and many Poly­ne­sians have said that non-Poly­ne­sians should not as it’s dis­re­spect­ful to their cul­ture. Just last year you wrote an arti­cle on why non-Native POC/black women should not dress up as Native Americans/Pocahontas/etc, why is Moana/Indigenous/Polynesian cul­ture any dif­fer­ent?

Ashley Perry

These are all so cool. :3

Ashley Perry

Canary from Hunterx­Hunter <3


My favorite cos­play­er is @nalytia on insta­gram!!


AMAZING!!! I love see­ing cos­play­ers with great cos­tumes and make­up :-) It’s even more inter­est­ing when they don’t lim­it them­selves to char­ac­ters with the same skin com­plex­ion and/or eth­nic­i­ty :-D . I’m not a cos­play­er but I think it would be super fun to try ;-)

Guest Writer

This is so cool! These ladies are fierce!


Effin awe­some!! All of them!


I was hop­ing for at least one plus size cos­play­er… Sigh.


Oh sor­ry :-( Maybe, you can sug­gest one and ask BGLH to update the arti­cle after­wards? It’s just a ran­dam idea, I real­ly don’t know if that’s pos­si­ble but that would be nice :-)


Wish they added the cos­play­er sora kit­sune!


Nice cos­play! They all look good!

Locs Girl

Can’t just pick one, they’re all good!


damn she killed this, espe­cial­ly the Her­moine one