A couple weeks ago I wrote about how my experience as a fine-haired natural has shaped how I see #hairgoals and who I consider my hair goals to be. In the article comments (here on BGLH and on Facebook) emerged a familiar topic: the lack of fine natural hair inspiration. And it’s true. It can be hard to find natural vloggers and IG personalities who identify as fine or thin-haired, but I’ve rounded up seven who use their platforms to inform and inspire. Check it out;

Kurly Kichana
Instagram: @kurlykichana

Instagram: @adedelifestyle
Youtube: /theterracles
Blog: www.adedelifestyle.com

Instagram: @josiphiarizado1
YouTube: /josiphiarizado

Instagram: @jumokeofficial
YouTube: /Jumoke

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW3E5BMYq-OdHfyQVfG_6Gg

Fine Natural Hair and Faith
Instagram: @fnhairnfaith/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6zz69ZilZqs2eeEMZpnzUg
Website: http://finenaturalhairandfaith.com/

Fiona Kolade
Instagram: @itsfinallyfiona/

Although these women are not hair vloggers, they provide plenty of fine haired inspo.



Who are your fine-haired natural inspirations?

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Oh my goodness. I was googling myself to see what Google decided to show in the search and here I am! Thank you so much for the love 🙂


Kimmaytube her hair yes she has thin hair but it is also course that means it will always appear thicker then 3c hair or finer.

Yes, my hair has managed to grow to mid back length but then it stopped. i agree some of the you tube videos, i found claims they had thin hair and then it grew thick but what i feel is their hair was always thick just they didn’t know until they were able to grow it out. my hair is a combination between 4c and 3c hair fine but grows. i do agree with crystal they do not show women with thin or fine hair with soft texture and how to take care of it i believe we should use… Read more »

yes me too on the hair getting thicker

Hadassah Agbaps

These styles are beautiful. I have fine natural hair with medium density . I realise that manipulating and picking my fine hair to make it bigger only leads to lots of tangles and breakage and if care isn’t taken, some styles could look scalpy too. I had to find ways to work with my hair type. One trick is not making defined parts when I’m styling…that way less scalp shows. Another trick is styling on day 2 hair…less frizz, less breakage and more volume.


YES! FINALLY! I’m so glad this is being discussed because for a long time I felt disillusioned when I went natural and kept waiting and waiting and WAITING for my hair to look like the naturalistas I would always see on Youtube. But…. 6 years later…it never happened. Eventually I just had to suck it up and realize that my hair was never thick/coarse/high-density, so it will NEVER look like some of the youtube gurus who have thick, luscious, BIG, voluminous hair. 🙁 I would like to see more LONG hair inspiration from fine/low and medium density haired ladies like… Read more »


honestly, a lot of the curly girls have fine and non-thick hair. you can tell esp if they do a wash day routine video (when the scalp is clear as a midsummer day sky) they just don’t talk about it or ppl don’t notice bc they are disillusioned by the volume. hair volume doesn’t equal hair density nor does it mean your hair strands are thick/coarse. it simply means your hair can balloon up lol many ppl with the thickest strands/dense-ist hair lack volume sometimes bc the hair is soooo compact. in the end, just love it and it will… Read more »

I think KimmayTube has fine natural hair even though she hasn’t really identified it as such. Does anyone else believe she does?

Nadege Juste

Yes she does have fine hair. And not a lot of volume either. the texture of of hair just give the illusion of volume


And just for clarification- there’s a difference between thin and fine. Thin is the number of follicles of hair you have on your head (someone can have thin, coarse hair). Fine is the circumference of the hair shaft (someone can have fine, thick hair). I have a video on my channel about that if anyone is interested. In my opinion, fine hair is respresented but thin hair is not.


Omg mama I made it!! ?? never thought the day I’D see myself on BGLH lol

Nsanzimana Regin

Please check out my YouTube channel NaturallyRegi i have a TWA and I just did a protective style


Wow! Too hard to pick just one..all are so beautiful!


Craving Yellow & Curly Bola have fine thin hair and they’ve grown it out. Try to include some long haired girls for length inspiration.


If anyone interested Naturalme4c is a great example of natural with fine hair on YouTube.

Nadege Juste

Her hair is both fine and thin


Notice how they all have short hair? :sigh:I guess my hair will never be long. I hate having thin hair


feeling the same. sign


do not be discouraged lol take a look at beautifrohair (https://m.youtube.com/user/nalia1908)


Not all. Fiona Kolade’s hair seems to have some length (looks like it may be armpit to bra strap). Jumoke is armpit length. Faith n Fine Hair.

I do think hair looks thicker when it’s shorter and compact, you can’t see through it as easily. But I’m sure you can grow your hair with super gentle handling, proper moisturization, and constant protective styling.


What constitutes long hair? Shoulder length? Armpit length? Bra strap length? Is length pass the shoulders considered long?


It’s definitely possible. Some people with fine hair just choose to keep it at a manageable length. It’s not that it can’t grow. Sometimes, it’ just becomes too much to handle.

I went from bald to waist length in about 3.5 years. However, the breakage was real from all the puffs, buns, and knots. My hair was stressing me out, so I’m back to bald again… and couldn’t be happier. I have wayyyy more important things to consume my energy than some dang hair.

Hang in there 🙂


Oh really, you think they all have short hair ? Lool, for me some of them have long hair, but it could just be my current TWA talking lol. Also, I don’t think that you hair will never be long because it’s thin (less hair density). It can be a bit difficult to retain length if your hair is fine (smaller hair strands) but definitely not impossible! 🙂


Check out Dephne Madyara, she has thin waist length 4b-c hair. You won’t be disappointed!

Nadege Juste

Yes. That is true. Even though she said her in some video that her hair is coarse, actually it is both fin and thin. She just has a 4c texture that can balloon up and shrink a lot and that give the illusion of volume and thickness

I noticed that too smh. But it’s definitely possible to retain length with thin hair of any texture, just have to baby it a bit more. Sidenote: I have a ton of really densely packed thin hair, looks like my strands are “thick/coarse” but really I just have a lot of individuals hairs that are on the thinner side and break easily. My hair as a whole is thick due to quantity of strands, but my strands themselves are not. But I didn’t understand that and used to think I had coarse hair strands, therefore I treated them as such.… Read more »
In my hair journey I realized that the worse thing thin haired naturals can do to their hair is over manipulating and applying heat. With my hair I found my go to hair style Puff/pineapple and have been styling in the same way and have not applied heat for months now and noticed my hair is longer. I struggle with breakage of my ends due to me not trimming my hair and I’m iron deficient. While my hair doesn’t ever look as good as those thick hair naturals (styles like twist out always come out looking dead) I wouldn’t go… Read more »

it may appear short in the natural state but that doesn’t mean it isn’t “long” by whatever definition you’re comparing it to. there are plenty of naturals with fine strands who have really long hair. it takes time and patience to grow bc the slightest roughness and it’ll break

The Natural Haven

I am late to the party but I come bearing gifts! Strictly speaking, I do not know if the people below have fine hair (i.e the thickness of the strand), I do know that they have low density hair (i.e low volume of hair) which is long (i.e APL or longer)

protective princess https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQR973mzkN5141v_v3W65rw
kimmaytube https://www.youtube.com/user/kimmaytube
beautifrohair https://www.youtube.com/user/nalia1908
borderhammer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6iaxeSSlUN4

Hadassah Agbaps

Don’t worry Chanela…it is possible to have long hair even if your hair is fine and/or thin. My hair is proof of that. I’ve grown it waistlength using a mix of penetrating oils applied on dry hair. It strenghtened my hair and reduced breakage. You can check this post for details http://www.nappilynigeriangirl.com/2013/10/indian-oiling-method-for-length.html . I’ve been doing it consistently for 4 years now and it is a staple cos it’s working for me and some fine haired naturals too.